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Eames’ banana brings all the boys to the yard

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“Eames, the movie’s about to start!” Arthur bellows from the living room. He’s tucked himself into the couch, quilt thrown over his legs, waiting not so patiently on Eames.

“Do you want whipped cream, or chocolate sauce, or sprinkles, or marshmallows, or caramel sauce?” Eames yells from the kitchen.

“Just chocolate sauce,” Arthur answers fondly.

A few minutes later Eames flounces in with two bowls in tow; he cuddles in next to Arthur, handing him his bowl. Arthur looks down at his bowl first, then Eames’. “You can’t even see your banana past all the crap you put on it.”

“Don’t you worry, darling, you will surely get a good look at my banana later,” Eames says, handing Arthur a spoon.

Arthur snorts. “We’re watching The Bourne Ultimatum by the way, you know how I feel about Matt Damon.” Arthur scoops up a bit of chocolate ice cream, banana, and chocolate sauce, smiling as he spoons it into his mouth. “Mmm, this is good.”

“Are you talking about my banana, Arthur?” Eames mumbles over a huge chunk of ice cream.

“If you refer to your penis as a banana one more time we are never pairing action movie night with banana splits ever again,” Arthur threatens.

Eames grins, “Well hit play then, even though I wanted to watch S.W.A.T. Jeremy Renner is far superior to Matt Damon.”

Arthur rolls his eyes. “Well he’s in the new one so whatever.” Arthur presses his thigh to Eames’ and smiles, “Thanks for the banana split.”

Eames grins and cuddles up next to Arthur, and that’s how they spend the evening eating banana splits and watching action movies and being in love.