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[MHA x Reader] Nightmare Comfort Series

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The sound of glass breaking in the kitchen jolted you awake. You blinked the sleep from your eyes, trying to reorient yourself as the familiar surroundings of your bedroom came into view. Slinging your covers to the side, you slid out of bed with a soft sigh, your bare feet hitting the cool wood floor of your shared apartment.

You already knew who was fumbling around in the kitchen even before you heard the low mutter of gruff curses. You squinted against the yellow glow of the lights as you shuffled into the kitchen, eyeing the small pile of porcelain shards of what used to be a coffee mug in front of the kitchen sink. The perpetrator was nowhere to be seen, but you knew he was close by. Without a word, you went to the pantry to grab a small dustpan and brush to sweep up the broken mug. 

As you were tossing the jagged shards into the trash can, you heard a huff from behind you. “I was trying to find a broom. You didn’t have to clean up my mess, ya know.”

You turned to meet the exhausted, red gaze of your roommate Pro Hero Dynamight. The tenseness in his shoulders wasn’t meant for you. You gave him a soft smile before shrugging half-heartedly. “I don’t mind.” You replied honestly. As you put the dustpan back, you saw the electric kettle set out along with the jar of tea bags that you kept stocked for the household. “Were you trying to make some tea?” You asked.

Bakugou scratched at the back of his neck, avoiding your eyes as he answered. “…Y-yeah.” He answered hesitantly.

If he was making hot tea this late at night, it could only mean one thing. “I’ll make it for you.” You said simply, grabbing another mug from the upper cabinet and filling the kettle with water.

He moved forward, trying to block you from setting the kettle into its base.  “I don’t need you to make it for me. I can do it myself.” Most of the usual roughness in his voice was canceled out by how tired he sounded. It was definitely one of those nights.

Your heart ached knowingingly, and you couldn’t help but lay a hand on his bicep gently. “I know you can. Sit down. Please.” He didn’t pull away from your touch. Instead, he surprisingly obeyed you, plopping down on one of the barstools so he could prop his chin in his hand and watch you turn the kettle on and prepare two cups of tea.

Ruby eyes followed you around the kitchen as you filled the two cups with hot water, dipped in the teabags, and then added a bit of sugar and milk. You slid a hot mug towards the blond before sitting down beside him at the counter, swinging your legs as you held the warm cup to your lips and blew at the steam wafting from the top.

“Thanks.” Bakugou muttered as he stared down at the light brown liquid, gripping the sides of the cup with one large, scarred hand. He seemed so far away and you couldn’t help but touch his arm again reassuringly.

You stayed that way for a little while, brushing your thumb back and forth across one of his scars as you both sipped at the still piping hot tea. “Wanna talk about it?” You asked once your cup was over halfway empty.

Bakugou set his cup down, the tea already completely gone. He put a warm hand over yours comfortingly. “S’nothing to talk about.”

“Mmm. Well, you know I’m here if you change your mind.” You said softly, giving his arm a small squeeze underneath his hand.

Bakugou got quiet, running his fingers slowly across the top of your hand as he sat in thought. You continued to sip your tea, giving him time. This was always how it went when it came to talking with Bakugou. You had to have a lot of patience if you wanted him to open up. It had been this way ever since you met and moved in together with your other roommate. After several missions together and growing closer, he let you in, bit by bit. But you still had to bide your time when something was bothering him.

“It’s just one of those nights, ya know?” He said finally, watching his hand as it enveloped yours in its warmth, threading your fingers together intimately. You nodded and waited for him to continue. After a deep sigh, he explained. “It was a pretty bad one tonight. Couldn’t fucking sleep after. Thought some tea would help since it did last time when you made it f’me.” A light blush dusted his cheeks and your own as you both recalled the last time you were in the kitchen at 2AM on a weekday after a particularly bad nightmare. “I tried to be quiet but the damn mug slipped out of my hand. Sorry for waking ya.”

You set your mug down and turned to give him your full attention. “It’s okay. I don’t mind sitting here with you until you’re ready to go back to bed.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to fall back asleep tonight.” He mumbled just loud enough for you to hear, his eyes still staring down at your intertwined hands.

“Then I’ll stay up with you.” You leaned your head against his shoulder, and he leaned back against you, his body relaxing next to yours. 

“Thank you.” He whispered.