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[MHA x Reader] Nightmare Comfort Series

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“Psst… Hey, sweetheart. You awake?”

You turned over groggily, rubbing the sleep from your eyes only to be met with the familiar sight of your long, red-haired roommate. The large man loomed over you, his tall silhouette outlined by the bit of moonlight streaming through your bedroom curtains. His wide, ruby eyes were rimmed red, and you knew immediately why he had woken you up.

“Red? You okay?” You asked, your voice still scratchy with sleep. You already knew the answer, but you kept with the pretense anyway, not wanting him to know you knew he had been crying.

The corner of his lips curved up in a smile at the old nickname. “M’sorry to wake you but… I had a bad dream and you said I could wake you up next time I had one. S’that okay?” His voice was scratchy with exhaustion. He sounded completely worn out.

The last time you had found him at his office in the agency at the crack of dawn, you had told him to come to you the next time he had trouble sleeping. That morning he had looked like he hadn’t slept a wink, and after a brief conversation, he confirmed that was exactly right. Thanks to PTSD and hero work, most heroes suffered from horrific nightmares, and no one was excluded from that including cheery and charming Kirishima who took the bad dreams to heart. 

You nodded in understanding, already flipping the covers from the bed as an invitation. “Mmhm. Com’ere.” You reached up, pulling him down into bed with you. Your bed was much too small for him, let alone the both of you, but it didn’t matter. He easily scooped you up into his side and took up enough space for himself to lay down comfortably.

As you settled into his warm embrace, you began to slowly run your fingers through his hair. You knew from previous experience that the action helped relax him. Eventually, his chest began to rise and fall a little more deeply and slowly. You cleared the sleepiness from your throat and asked, “D’you wanna talk about it?”

He shook his head, his eyes dipping down to you and taking in your half-lidded, concerned gaze. “Just wanna try to go back to sleep if I can.” He answered with a whisper. “I have patrol in a few hours.”

“And you came in here to sleep in a tiny bed instead of your king-sized monstrosity?” You giggled quietly when he puffed out his cheeks at you.

His bed had been the butt of several jokes ever since he finally upgraded to something that would actually fit the 7-foot tall sturdy hero. You and your other roommate never missed a chance to poke some fun at the giant mattress that took up the majority of Kirishima’s room. The redhead never minded though no matter how much he pretended to get miffed about the silly remarks. He always hit you back with an offer to spend a night in it with him and see how nice it was for yourself which usually ended with you blushing and changing the subject.

“Hey now. That bed is comfy as hell. Besides, I came in here to be with you, silly. I don’t give a damn about how small your bed is.” He argued. “You always know how to make me feel better, ya know?” He added softly.

“I do?” You asked in the same hushed tone.

“Mmhm.” He hummed, closing his eyes. 

You could tell he was getting sleepy. But you were still confused so you pressed a little more. “But I’m not even doing anything.” You whispered back.

“Sure ya are. You’re here with me right now, aren’t cha?” He answered without opening his eyes and pulled you closer, rubbing the side of your arm gently. “This is all I need to fall back asleep.” He trailed off, his voice growing more quiet as he mumbled something else that you couldn’t quite catch.

You decided you’d ask him tomorrow about what he was trying to say. He needed to rest and so did you. You closed your eyes and listened as his breathing slowed and deepened. His heartbeat aligned with yours. You felt yourself slipping back into a familiar warmth of peaceful sleep with Kirishima snoozing beside you. As much comfort as he brought to you, you were the same for him.