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[MHA x Reader] Nightmare Comfort Series

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You bolted upright, tears clouding your vision as you tried to catch your breath. How long has it been since you had that nightmare? You couldn’t recall exactly. Before you had any time to do the math in your head, you became acutely aware of a pair of tired ruby eyes peering at you from the doorway in the darkness. You jumped, squeezing your eyes shut in fear and throwing your hands up defensively.

Warm and familiar calloused hands wrapped around your wrists, pulling your arms away from your face. “It’s just me, dumbass.” You blinked a few times, the tears that were once welling in your eyes now sliding down your cheeks, clearing your vision. Sitting at the edge of the bed, still holding your wrists, was your roommate Pro Hero Dynamight.

“S-sorry.” You mumbled. You must have woken him up. 

“Shut up. ‘Nothing to be sorry for.” Those red eyes flickered from yours to your cheeks. Letting your wrists go, he held your face in his hands and used his thumbs to wipe away your tears. For someone so rough and brash, Bakugou could be surprisingly gentle when he wanted to be.

“I woke you up though. Don’t you have patrol in the morning?”You halfheartedly argued.

“Yeah, in about 3 hours.” He grunted. “Are you going to go back to sleep or are you planning to keep me awake until then?” He asked, a soft smirk playing on his lips.

“Um…” You trailed off. You weren’t sure if you could fall back asleep now. Not with those images still playing in your head, but you had no intention of keeping your roommate up for a moment longer if you could help it.

Without waiting another second, Bakugou lifted your covers. “Scoot over.” While the words were said as a demand, his prodding was almost sweet.

“What?” You weren’t entirely sure you heard him right.

“Scoot over, and let me in.” Instead of responding to the command, your body moved on its own. You moved closer to the wall, leaving a space for him to crawl into bed beside you. It seemed like it was way too small for someone built like Bakugou, but he settled in without complaining. Now this wouldn’t be the first time he slept next to you, but it would be the first time he had been this close.

You turned on your side, facing the wall, and closed your eyes. Maybe you could will yourself to sleep if you tried hard enough. Your heart was still racing though, and no matter how hard you squeezed your eyes shut, those nightmarish images were still there. You let out an audible sigh and adjusted your pillow.

As you laid back down onto the cool pillow and tried to calm your breathing, you felt a large hand begin to caress your back. Bakugou had rolled onto his side, playing the big spoon, to rub gentle circles into your back. Knowing that he only had three hours until he had to be up and out on the streets, you felt a pang of guilt in your heart. “You don’t have to–”

He quickly cut you off. “I know I don’t, but I’m gonna. So just go to sleep.” His voice was soft and his hand never paused.

You smiled. Soft Bakugou was always a treat even though he struggled with it sometimes. “...thank you.” You murmured.

Your body finally started to relax against his touch. As if sensing the tension leaving you, Bakugou carefully pulled you into his arms. He kept one hand on your side, tracing circles with his fingertips into your hip, while he nuzzled your neck. Smiling, you let out a slow breath and closed your eyes, drifting off into a deep and quiet sleep.