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Wetting Warriors

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Among Chrom's army, Gangrel was a longer. For rather obvious reasons, people were less than comfortable having him around, and he didn't force it. He was a nobody now anyway; nothing he did mattered and he was content to simply do as told and fight for a cause he didn't care about until he could find something that could make his life feel worthwhile again.

The only exception to this rule was Robin. As the group's tactician, she tried to keep positive relationships with everyone, and that included Gangrel. He could tell that, initially, she did not care for him in the slightest, and yet still tried to talk with him, and this amused him to the point that he would entertain himself by being friendly with her, bothering her, and spending so much time with her that he knew it was driving her positively crazy. But then, the craziest thing happened: she began to sympathize with him, and before he knew it, the two were friends, of a strange sort.

Still, he kept mostly to himself, though if he needed a quick chat or a sparring partner or someone to battle alongside, Robin was the first (and only) person he would go to. Still, he preferred to spend most of his time alone, and that was exactly how he found himself one day while on march.

They had been at it for a few hours, and he was getting bored with it. He hoped that they would reach their destination soon, not just because the walk was becoming duller by the second, but also because he had felt a slight pressure on his bladder for quite some time and he wanted a chance to stop and relieve himself.

It had been such a long walk that it had been necessary to keep himself well-hydrated, and now all that he had had to drink was catching up to him. He wondered if he should just tell Robin that he wanted to take a break for a few minutes, but she was preoccupied with Chrom, and the thought of saying something like that in front of that blue haired brat was more than he could take. Besides, he wasn't sure if he really considered himself that close to Robin just yet.

He decided that the best course of action was to hope that they would be done soon, and he would be able to make it until then. Of course he would be able to make until then; he had once been a great king, and though he had sunken as low as he had begun, he had no intention of sinking any lower. There were some things that even the lowest of men could handle, and holding it until the proper to time to relieve themselves was one of them.

Though he was starting to get close to his limit, he knew that there was nothing that could make him give up his control. They had to be nearing their desired location, so he was completely in the clear. In a short time, he would have nothing to worry about, and it would be like this entire situation hadn't happened.

And then the Risen attacked.

They came out of the trees ahead of them, without any warning. Of course, the group had been prepared for something like this, and they quickly went into their formation for such a thing. Gangrel was meant to fight alongside Robin, and she was quick to jump by his side.

“You lead this time,” she said. He nodded, drawing his Levin sword, and the two progressed with Gangrel in the lead. He already knew that this battle would last longer than he would, and that he would have to set his pride aside (though he did that quite a bit, these days) and tell Robin what was going on.

First, though, they had to deal with several Risen attacking them at once. They seemed to always target her or Chrom, as if they knew that the army would be almost useless without them. He cut down several, and she offered great support, often finishing off those that he didn't quite manage to. Soon, they were no longer surrounded and could progress.

“Robin, I...” He trailed off, realizing that this wasn't going to be easy on him to admit to her.

“What is it? Is something wrong?” she asked, concerned.

“Nothing wrong, per say, I just...” Again, he trailed off, unable to bring himself to say it aloud.

“You're not acting like yourself at all. Tell me what's going on.”

“I...I've just...needed to relieve myself for some time now,” he muttered. “I didn't exactly plan for this ambush, so I'm not really in a good position right now.”

“Oh, I see,” she said casually, but her blush gave away the embarrassment she felt for him. “I...I'm not sure if we can afford to disappear from battle. If something were too happen...”

Of course she would feel that way. Of course she was necessary to the battle. And of course she would want to cover him if he had to run off for any reason, so she couldn't let him go because she herself couldn't. Just his luck. He knew that there was no choice but to wait, and didn't want to let on just how much this bothered him.

Instead, he let out his signature cackle and said, “Right, of course! Forget I said anything then!” But his cheerfulness sounded incredibly forced, and Robin didn't look convinced as she nodded and they continued into battle.

Each step became like torture for him, and his aim continually got worse. His bladder was achingly full, and it was taking all he had to not show it. He longed to fall back and have her handle the brunt of the attacks, but even at this desperate point, his pride wouldn't allow for something like that. He wasn't about to let her think he couldn't handle himself, even though that was what it was starting to look like.

When he felt himself leak a bit, though, there was no longer any hiding his desperation. He closed his thighs together tightly to try and stop anymore from coming out, and stopped dead in his tracks, unable to continue on. He heard Robin stop behind her, and knew that she knew what was going on. His face burned as he realized that she too knew he was on the verge of wetting himself.

“I think we should switch positions,” she said, as if it were nothing, as if it had nothing to do with what was going on with him. That was Robin, always the concerned one, always trying to do what was best for her soldiers and make it look like it was no inconvenience. Though he normally admired her greatly for her skills, right now it heavily irritated him. What was the point in trying to spare him a humiliation that had already begun?

Having her take the lead certainly helped, at least. He was able to keep his legs closed, bounce on his heels, and rock back and forth, though he still hated that even if he tried to be subtle, it didn't matter at this point. She already knew how desperate he was, and he already knew that there wasn't much time left for him.

When he leaked a second time, and then a third shortly after, it was all over. Each spurt was longer, until there was a noticeable wet patch on his pants. Even if he could stop it, there was no hiding what had happened, but even when he grabbed himself to try and regain control, the spurts kept coming until it had turned into a steady flow. The grass he stood on became shiny as he soaked through his pants and he could feel the inside of his boots grow wet as well.

His teeth were clenched and his eyes tightly shut. His face relaxed as his bladder finished emptying, and he saw, to his horror, Robin watching everything. Her cheeks were flushed- though not as flushed as his, he was sure- and she seemed to be at a loss for words. Of course, he was as well, but even in this state, he didn't like the silence that dragged out and he had to break it.

“Just further proof of how low I've sunk,” he said, with a weak, sad smile. He chuckled a shaky chuckle that sounded closer to a sob than a laugh, though he would never cry in front of her.

“It's my fault,” said Robin at last. “I should have listened to you before, and I didn't. I'm sorry.”

“It has nothing to do with you,” he said. “After all, isn't it typical of dogs to behave like that? Nothing like this ever happened when I was a king, but things are different now. I shouldn't be surprised that I've even lost control over my own body.”

“Gangrel, don't say that!” she said, shocked. “You're not a dog and I hate when you say that about yourself. It was an accident, and I shouldn't have made you keep fighting. I should have covered you while you left.”

He sighed, shaking his head. “I'm not the man I used to be, and this is only proof of it. I shouldn't have even needed to leave during battle.”

“You said it yourself! You were just waiting until we reached our next camp, and then we were ambushed out of nowhere. There isn't any way you could have planned for that, so it's not your fault.”

At the sight of her earnest face, he started to believe her. He didn't know why, but being around Robin always gave him a hopeful feeling that he could change his fate once again, and climb his way back to the top. Even in a situation like this, she managed to make him feel like it was all going to be alright.

“Perhaps,” he said slowly, “you could make it up to me by joining me as my new tactician.”

She laughed and said, “Nice try. Now, come on. Let's try and think of a way to keep everyone else from finding out about this.”