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The weirdest thing you've ever read

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Godot had to admit: Prison was boring. The only thing that prevented him from going crazy were the occasional Mia's conjugal visits. Well, it was actually Maya channeling Mia. Or so he thought. He never really asked so it could have been any medium, but he wasn't going to complain.


But today was different. Something was happening. Two prison guards were dragging a blue-suited man on the dark, dirty and full of despair corridors.


"For the last time: I. Am. Phoenix. Wright!" The man yelled almost crying.


"That's what they all say." One of the guards disminished. The other one opened Godot's cell door and pushed Wright in. Then they raced out of there.


"What brings you to my lonely coffee pot?" Godot asked out of curiosity.


"They've mixed me up with Furio Tigre again!" Wright shouted in utmost wrath.


"The tiger, huh?" Godot muttered for himself. "He's a bean hard to crush. We shared this same cell, but he reduced his sentence by offering himself as a subject for some secret experiments of the govemernt. They ended up turning him into a super human being capable of living without breathing air and decide to include him in the HAT-3 expedition on the moon."


"That won't get me out of here!"


"Don't worry. I have a plan."


Meanwhile, on the moon...


"So, how did you become an astronaut?" An astronaut asked to another. They were both dining at a table and enjoying the company of a robot.


"I've told ya twenty times already!" Furio Tigre yelled. That Starbuck guy was annoying as hell. He would beat him up right there, but he was the only one who knew how to drive the ship.


"It's hard to bring up new topics for conversation after being on our own for two years, you know." Starbucks justified, and then he sighted. For a very long time. Too long time. Tigre couldn't put up with it anymore, so he threw him his fork, but it missed his face and ended in the spaceship's weak point, which caused it to explode. "Man, all of our food was there."


"That's only two options left." Tigre screamed, turning the table over Starbuck. "Eat or get eated."


"If that's hows's gonna be..." Starbuck muttered, getting up. "Ponco, activate battle mode!" The robot then tansformed into a ten-feet tall platypus and Starbuck get into the pilot's cabin. "Activating fire breath!"


Tigre dodged the flames and kicked one of the robot flames, which caused it to fall apart. But when he was ready for the finishing blow, a mysterious energy kicked his face and sent him to the sun, where he melted.


Athena knocked at the door and it didn't take more than a few seconds for Apollo to show up and open it. He was wearing a pajama that imitated exactly his work clothes, tie included.


"What are you doing here?" He asked in a confused tone. "It's over 10 PM."

"Can I sleep in your couch?" She replied, shoving him out of the way and dragging her suitcase into his apartment. "My landlord kicked me out."




"I discovered that he was uploading the footage of my bathroom's security camera to the Internet and I beat him up."


"Why do you have a security camera in your bathroom?"


"Anybody home? Think, Justice! Why do security cameras exist? For security reasons!"


"Whatever...You can't sleep in my couch. I am sleeping in my couch."


"What about your bedroom?"


"Trucy is sleeping there. He's at odds with Mr. Wright."




"He waited three years to tell us that we're siblings!" Suddenly a door slammed open and Trucy jined the conversation. "How could he be keeping it a secret!?"


"Can I sleep with you in Apollo's bed, Trucy?"


"Yay! Sleepover!"


"Just keep it quiet!" Apollo groaned, sinking on the coach.


"You're one to talk." was Athena's reply while she entered her room.


After putting on her pajamas, Athena found herself sharing a bed with Trucy. Apollo's bed was pretty small, so it was kind of uncorfotable and awkard, but definetely better than a trash bin. She knew from experience.


"So...It's my first time doing this." Trucy commented.


"Mine too. I have no idea what people do in sleepovers."


"We should share secrets!"


"Then you go first."


"I used to like Apollo."


"But he's your brother!"


"That was before I knew it. I'm over it now. Actually, I have a boyfriend and he's awesome! His name is Matt. You have to meet him one of these days."


"Then it's your secret that you liked Apollo or that you have a boyfriend?"


"None of them. My secret is bigger than that. Do you remember that date Apollo had with Junie and went horribly wrong?"


"The time they went skating and she fell into a ditch and now she's in a coma because of it?"


"Yep. It was my fault. I tampered with her skates because I was jealous. Now's your turn. Tell me a secret."


"I think I like Apollo."


"You can't copypaste my secret!"


"No! I like him, really."


"In that case...I'll take care of hooking the two of you."