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welcome to viv fanclub

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miss m: hello oomfs

miss m: are you all free on friday

miss m: afternoon

nov a: well i have a shit ton of schoolwork to do

nov a: so yeah

hulk: wouldnt it be oomves

hulk: and yup 

webs: i am 

vivian: i am as well

vivian: why?

miss m: well i was thinking

miss m: maybe we could watch something 2gether

miss m: team bonding!! 

webs: lets watch jjk

webs: or moonlight

n ova:

hulk: oh damn a whole list

miss m: making a wheel of names rn 💪

vivian: could you add legally blonde

vivian: <3

hulk: add hotel transylvania

webs: ????????


miss m: ok any more suggestions

miss m: im goingto spin the wheel

miss m: btw i was too lazy to add all the films in novas list

miss m: so i just added the first one i saw

miss m: ok here we gooooo

miss m: alright kiddos we're watching hotel transylvania

n ova: ...

n ova: haha champions we are watching hotel transylvania