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welcome to viv fanclub

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vivian just landed

a wild g8erboi appeared

Glad you're here, hulk

Yay you made it, webs!

miss m: hi everyone :DD

g8erboi: hell yeah

hulk: who are you

g8erboi: dude.

g8erboi: wtf

g8erboi: it's me...nova...your buddy...your pal...your friend

g8erboi: at least i thought i was your friend 😔

webs: HELP???


miss m: you should probably change your nicknames just to not be confusing 

nov a: aight

nov a: still mad at the big green though

vivian: hello everyone :)

nov a: VIVVV

miss m: hi viv!

webs: hey viv

hulk: hiya vivvvv

nov a: champs gc i have been waiting for this forever

hulk: it's been like 3 weeks since we were formed???

nov a: forever.

miss m: should i add slim

miss m: does he even have discord

webs: does he even know how to use discord

nov a: probably not

nov a: if the x men have a group chat they probably use

nov a: hangouts or something

miss m: HANGOUTS

webs: i completely forgot about the existence of hangouts.....

hulk: . is hangouts still up

nov a: 8th smartest man on earth folks

vivian: yes, hangouts is still up

nov a: is there no server icon or is my wifi just horrible

miss m: theres non

miss m: i couldnt find anythgignii

miss m: :(

vivian: here are a couple of photos of us that may be suitable!

miss m: VIVVVV

miss m: if nobody got me i know viv got me

webs: ^

nov a: ^

hulk: ^

nov a: that photos so cute :hikarihug:

nov a: FUCK i forgot i don't have nitro anymore

nov a: whatever. nitro is a state of mind

webs: true

vivian: i could give you all nitro :D

webs: VIV

webs: viv i love you

hulk: viv i love you (2)

miss m: viv i love you (3)

n ova: viv i love you (4)

vivian: i love you all as well :TouYuuHug:

n ova: criteria for joining the champs: must love viv

webs: champions of loving viv

hulk: champions more like viv fanclub

miss m: brb changing the server name