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  • The Chaserslash Collection (chaserslashfics) by Sashataakheru

    Two topless men kissing with the text 'chaserslash @' superimposed over the image

    20 Aug 2016


    A collection of all the fics I wrote and submitted to the old Chaserslash community over on LJ that I ran from 2006 to 2011. I didn't want to make a series out of these fics, because they're all so very different, and don't all fit together, so instead of +elebenty million series, have a collection instead.

    I can't guarantee all these fics are GOOD fics? Some are quite terrible. I had some weird ideas about BDSM relationships back in the day and it shows. Also, some are just not my best work. But I want to archive them all anyway, as they are, just so they're all together in one place.

    If anyone else from the old chaserslash community has any fics they posted to the comm that they'd also like archived here, email me and let me know. I can post them for you if you want to remain anonymous/don't want an AO3 account, or you can post them yourself.

    The collection is open so you can submit works, but remains moderated, so if you're using a username I'm not familiar with, at least let me know who you are so I can approve it.

    (Open, Moderated)