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When Time Stops

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It seems it's written

But we can't read between the line



It's okay


Soul mate dry your eye

Dry your eye


Age: 6

Derek's had his soul mark since he was born, as most wolves did. He was six years old and at the earliest age to get a beeper. With recent developments science has made a chip that can be inserted under the skin (commonly on the inside of the wrist) that helps speed up the search. It will beep, much like a watch alarm, when in close contact with your fated one. It's safe, even for children so young but most parents like to wait until they are older.

He didn't want the beeper, but his mother was forcing him to get it. He tried to argue with her, saying that his wolf would find them or if that failed the words would do it. That's what they were for. A soul mark to find your soul mate. But that wasn't the reason he didn't want the chip. It's been romanticized that the beepers would go off and life would be happily ever after. Gumdrops and rainbows. That wasn't going to be the case with his, he could just sense it. Not with -Please Derek it's not my fault- lining his hip bone. He didn't know what his future would hold but their first meeting will not be a good one. It was too much for a six year old to take.

Talia signed the forms as Deaton sat Derek up on the table. He  slipped the chip under the skin and the cut healed in seconds. It didn't beep to life yet. Derek wasn't sure if he was relieved by that fact or more anxious. It wasn't unusual in his case. It just meant his soul mate didn't have theirs yet. Either because of parents, they aren't old enough or possibly they aren't even born yet.


Age: 12

Derek forgot about it, years passed and as he got older other children started to get their beepers. A few of the soft tones giving a steady rhythm from around him.

He was in 6th grade when his came to life. It beeped twice in quick succession then regulated out to the normal tone every few minutes or so. A wave of excitement crashed into him then swallowed him in a whirlpool of fear. His one and only got their chip. He was drowning it, all became so much more real.

When recess came he excused himself to the nurse complaining of fake stomach pains. He was afraid that if he got running around with the other kids he wouldn't stop running. The nurse called his mother and she picked him up.

They didn't talk about it in the car but his mother didn't miss the new background noise either. She’d seen his mark and got an idea about his panic. She let him be and told the pack to as well.


Age: 14

Derek knew his life would be hell, he did but knowing didn't help the hurt. He was alone, waiting for his sister to pick him up from basketball practice. She texted him earlier that she would be a few minutes later than usual.

He didn't notice it immediately  but when he did his heart fell. It was silent. Too silent, he looked at his wrist. It stopped. He held his breath counting the seconds. Maybe he was mistaken. He wasn't, it still hadn't beeped. He sat in suspense willing it to start up again.

He panicked and didn't notice Laura pulling into the parking lot. His eyes never left his wrist and his ears didn't catch Laura’s steps or how they quickened in pace when she heard his heart rate skyrocket. She crouched in front of him. He only noticed her when she grabbed his elbows. He gasped, lungs filling desperately with the air he denied the.

“What's wrong Derek?” she said in a tight voice.

Now that he let himself breathe he couldn't stop, his breath came in shallow quick gasps. he pushed his wrist into her chest as means of an answer. 

She didn't understand, but she grabbed it rubbing her thumb over his pulse. She gripped his chin, going to force him to look at her but before she could ask the question again she got her answer. It came out as a sob. " It stopped" Derek sounded so broken.

He stared at her and she realized the only sound she heard was their heart, Derek's accelerated breathes and her chip. She hugged him not sure what it meant. He started to cry and she just let him. He was only 14 for gods sake's "come on" she got him to his feet and walked him to her car.  Once situated inside she called their mother then sped out of the lot. Derek sat silently staring at his wrist lost to the rest of the world.

"Mom" Laura cried into the speaker once the call connected. "I need you now. Somethings wrong, I don't know what it is. Derek, his beeper. It stopped. I don't know what it means. 

Talia took an early lunch to tend to her children's crisis. She waited in the parking lot of her law firm and watched her daughter half haphazardly pull into a spot. Her shoes clicked as she crossed the blacktop to the passenger side and where her panicked son was. "Derek honey" she called to get his attention. She reached for his wrist, holding it gently when he let her. " what happened? Did you hit it?" 

"No it was fine then i just stopped." His voice was strained and cut off.  He knew it wasn't him, it was the other side malfunctioning. His mate, his fated one, had tried to remove the beeper.

And just as he thought it, his chip beeped to life. Much like the first time, two quick tones as if it never started in the first place. He breathed a sigh of relief. 

"It'll be okay Derek" His mother told him, but he was already emotionally wrecked.



A seed had been planted in Derek's head and time only helped it grow. After that incident Derek started to close off. The only reason he could think for it to stop was that his side doesn't want him. Thoughts of another teen his age roughly cutting their wrists and shoving something underneath to remove the chip. Something like a butter knife or screwdriver.  The thoughts plagued him. 

It worsened further when not a week later it stopped again. this time at home where his only comfort was his pack. It started up 10 or so minutes later but his panic never stopped. It now plagued not only his thoughts but his dreams twisting them into nightmares to the point he wakes the others up in the middle of the night by his noises. 



Derek finally thought he was okay. Not perfect, not yet, but holding up. It's been two weeks since the chip last faltered and two and a half since it first happened. Maybe it was a glitch. A broken wrist that messed with the mechanics or something along that nature. He just over-reacted it was fine. 

He was in English, surprisingly one of the few classes he likes. The teacher was a nice older woman who loved him. He caught himself drifting off, simply focusing on the comforting beep until it grew a much less comforting rhythm then stopped.

He gripped at his hair and tugged at it, growling out his frustrations. His teacher took him out into the hall, confused by his behavior. When asked about it he simply replied "nothings wrong" and ignored it. Eventually he told her it was personal stuff. She wrote him a pass to the guidance office which he never talked to. She probably knew his issue anyways, though Talia or Deaton. It started back up before he reached the office. 



The worst was when one day it shut off for two hours. The pack sat in anticipation, glancing at Derek every so often. His eyes screamed a plea of help but his mouth never moved. Their boy was breaking. 

The beeping got to a point it never stayed consistent. Either too slow or too fast, skipping a tone or changing in pitch. His friends noticed, so did his classmates. He started to close off and everyone worried. Beacon hills high was walking on a tightrope. 



He met Paige a year later. She didn't have her mark yet and her parents didn't believe in the beeper system. 

She knew he had a beeper. Knew the words on his hip weren't her's. Knew they weren't fated to be. She knew but she didn't care. Derek was a loving boy and she (like everyone else) heard the stuttered beet of his chip. She took pity on him but more so she connected with him. Not just in the case of an uncertain  future involving a seemingly non-existent mate. No they were similar yet just enough different to work.  

Derek's mother did not approve of his action -she had strong feelings for soul mates- but she could not stop him either. 

Derek and Paige flourished together. He got it in his head that fate fucked up and put him with the wrong person. Paige was his love not this person who he shared a beeper and fucked it up.



Derek was being punished. He couldn't hold up hope so he connected with another. He wished he never got involved with Paige. If this was his problem why did she have to suffer. 

It was an accident. He cried as he held her dying form. Her blood was on his hand now, both metaphorical and literal. He never meant for her to die. It was all his fault


Age: 16

It was self destruction that led to this. Not even six months since the gold became blue he fell fell in bed with a student teacher. She was rough and all sharp edges the complete opposite of Paige. She was mature and beautiful and exactly what he needed. Or so he thought. They lasted a few weeks until his uncle Peter found out. He tore into him, yelling at his stupidity. She used a fake name (Katie Silverstone) how was he to know she was an Argent. He didn't mean to endanger his family.

Maybe he did know, subconsciously waiting for that knife in his back. Waiting for death to overcome him. Let her do what he couldn't, since she was too weak to do it himself. 

She attacked but failed thanks to Peter. 

I'd fill your every breath with meaning,
And find a place we both could hide.
Don't go and leave me,
And please don't drive me blind,

I know we're broken

Age 20

Derek didn't have any major issues after that. It took about a year or so but his chip regulated back out. Beeping right along with the others. It was radio silence there for awhile. It had been 4 years after Kate, 3 years of regulation, 2 years of college and 1 year of feeling normal for once.

Talia and him were to only ones home today. Peter drifted in and out as he pleases -which was usual. Laura had moved out a few months prior and settled in with her mate (heartbreaking in many ways for Derek). It was just him, his younger sister Cora and his two little brothers at this point. His father was off collecting his younger siblings from school.

"Mom" He'd called. Talia hearing the slight panic in Derek's voice. She rushed into the room. He may be 20 years old but in that moment he didn't look older than 15. Scared eyes flicked over to her general direction "Mom I can't see." A knot formed in her throat. "Everything's gray mom. Mom what's going on." She pushed back tears.

She knew, she knew and it tore her apart. Your body will deteriorate over time if your other half is no longer on this earth. The effects start when they are fatally injure or dying in anyway. Color blindness is the first of those effects, it only gets worse from there. It can be maintained, but most don't make it through. The sheriff was the only special case in this county. That's thanks to his son. (for maintaining him and giving him reason to live)

A tear slips down her cheek. Talia doesn't think Derek would be one of the exceptions. He couldn't live through more heart break. 

Peter wandered back into the house, sensing the panic he finds himself in the living room with them. Teary met confused as the siblings shared a look. Derek turned his nose up "Peter" which confused Peter greatly. "You would know, what does it mean to see grays. It's all unfocused and blurry." It dawned on Peter then. 

Pity filled the uncle's eyes as he gazed onto the boy. "It means your mate's not doing to well." Talia let out a sob  and Peter gave a watery sigh. "both of you are dying". Hearing Peter say it Talia began to full on cry.

Derek never heard her cry. Not like this, which only proves it to be real and that scared him. He really was dying this time.


Derek got worse, he ran a high fever and was bed ridden, everything ached. That lasted 2 days then he slowly got better. Without knowing his mate Derek couldn't know if his mate got better too. Maybe he was an exception. It would be his luck to live forever alone. 

He was on his feet by the end of the week, sluggish but up. He regained eye sight 2 weeks later. No longer the blurry mess it used to be, it was back to being sharp and clear. His color sight was another story, he lost color permanently in his right eye the left corrected itself. Life was a living headache after that. 

Once fully functioning he noticed his beeper was irregular again. It wasn't hard to connect the dots. 


Age: 25

He graduated college 2 years later and life went on as normal. He got a job, started doing things he wanted to do. He closed off completely to those who weren't family. His beeper fluctuated from being normal to all over the place on the drop of a hat.

He met his destined one five years after their shared near deaths. It was during a week long episode of inconsistency. He was constantly in a bad mood because of it. It was Cora's freshman year of college. Because of this it wasn't unusual for Derek to being hanging out on campus with her. She didn't like the place and he liked the closeness of pack. 

All of the other first years were mandatory to stay in a dorm. With Talia's and Peters quick tongues they were able to talk the school into letting them commute (much like they did for Derek). 

Derek was on his way to pick up his little sister since her car didn't want to start that morning. When he reached where he knew her to be he was greeted by a screaming match. Cora had gotten into it with tree other kids. It didn't take much for Derek to recognize the other woman to be an Argent. A boy got between the Argent and Cora, recognizing her for the threat she could be. The girls were really  going at it. The boy ended up shoving Cora when she advanced onto them. The did not sit well with Derek. The other boy tugged at boy number one and yelled at him for assaulting a girl. 

When Derek reached the commotion he put a protective hand on Cora's shoulder. "Come on" He practically growled the command.  The Argent girl was pissed and called out to Cora's back that she was a coward.

The second boy let go of the other and yelled out "Allison!" in a rather scolding way. He got between them all, separating the pairs. He kept yelling "Guys" like that will help, he sounds desperate but Derek couldn't care less. 

When Derek turned to leave, leading his sister, the center boy approach ( probably thought he was helping) "Cora" he called weakly but she walked ahead of Derek instead of stopping. Derek stayed two steps behind her to separate her from any threats.

He felt a hand on his shoulder but he ripped his shoulder forward pulling it off of him. He turned to face the gangly boy "Stay the FUCK away from me" he spit out like venom. 

The boy's face fell instantly. "Please, Derek it's not my fault" The boy's words were strangled and tear welled in his eyes. Derek's heart plummeted, and like average Hale behavior he shut up and angerly walked away to mentally freak out alone. 

"Hey, you can't talk to my friend like that." Derek heard the other boy which cooled his panic and brought back his boiling anger toward the situation. He stalked back to his car where Cora was waiting for him at that point. 

Once in the car, he laid his head on the rest provided, not bothering to get out his keys as he mentally tortures himself. "Start the damn car." Cora snapped, completely missing the previous interaction. "What?" she asked when all Derek did is stare at the ceiling. 

"That was my mate." He said mournfully. "The one in the middle" he weakly gestured to the boy in front of them still staring in their direction. "He knew your name" he weakly provided.

"Stiles?" she questioned. Looking over at Derek's pale form. 

Derek dragged his hands over his face with a sigh. "Fuck" he hit the steering wheel. Cora silently watched the outburst. His beeper has been out of whack so he never noticed it. "Why were those my first words" he whined. 

"What were they?" she gently prodded.

"Stay the fuck away from me" and his time the words weren't threatening actually they were sad and hopeless. He started the car and drove away not feeling like dealing with it just yet. 

 Damn their killing

Damn their lies


Soul mate dry your eye

Dry your eye

Soul mate  dry your eye

Cause soul mates never die