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Before Sunrise – 0 – Before Sunset

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New York - They circle the medieval monastery and talk about religion. She considers getting a new one and asks if he has a good takeout menu.

Bangkok - He coughs at the smog and they stop for bottled water at a 7-11. Throat lozenges. Syrup. They toast each other with plastic cups.

Istanbul - Not Constantinople. They sing. He forgets the words. She sings off key.

Rome - The restaurant owner watches as they eat. He wants to make sure that they don't do it wrong. He thinks Mafia. She thinks Father. He takes out his wallet and sighs.

Cancun - Cats, lean hunters, chase dust motes. It's hot, but still they hold hands.

Sydney - She leans forward to watch the wolverine run in tight circles in its cage. She rests her head on his shoulder, and they head for today's home.

Paris - They walk up the stairs. She tells him that she thinks she needs new shoes. He slips them off her and rubs her feet.