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[Podfic] Man's Best Friend (is Not Always a Dog)

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Fic: Man's Best Friend (is Not Always a Dog) by cywscross

Reader: bri

Length: 00:54:31

Reader's notes: Alright, so I know this fic isn't Peter/Stiles but it IS Steter, ya feel me?  It's about their relationship and having each other's backs and always being there for each other, despite all the odds stacked against them.  Plus, actual wolf Stiles???  Hell yeah.  Does this fic soothe a part of me that exists from my childhood that always wanted a wolf companion?  Maybe so.  Besides that, though, the writing is gorgeous (like all of the fics from cywscross!) and this series is truly one of my absolute favs.  I hope you enjoy it. ☺️ .mp3

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