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Singles Group Meeting ~ Dr. Claire McCrae

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     My best friend always wanted to go to a singles group meeting held by the famous Dr. Claire McCrae, but she was afraid of going alone, so I agreed to come with her. I mean, I don't know who this Dr. McCrae is, but at least I am single, so I should fit right in.

     When we walked into the room, it was filled with a variety of people. We took a seat in one of the back rows, so we wouldn't draw a lot of attention to us. It worked quite well, until a man told his story of how a lot of women he dated 'turned' into lesbians just to break up with him. He complained about society accepting homosexuality at all, making it possible for women to leave him with that pathetic excuse. I clenched my fists, digging my nails into my palm. Dr. McCrae was about to say something as he said the thing that just made me explode.

     "I mean it's not possible for a woman to be a lesbian, once she had a good fuck from a man."

     I jumped out of my seat. "How dare you!?! Just because you had bad luck in finding a woman and keeping her doesn't give you the permission to talk about us in such a manner," I basically exploded.

     "Us?" he asked. "Oh, so you're one of those abominations of s-" he started, but Dr. McCrae stopped him.

     "That's quite enough, Brad. Now I kindly ask you to leave this room and refrain from coming to one of my meetings again," she said calmly. He left angrily, and I sat down again, lowering my head. Dr. McCrae ended the meeting, but not before inviting us to a bar to practice the strategies and skills we had just discussed. Knowing my best friend, she probably would want to tag along but not without me, so I agreed to come here with her.

     Now I'm sitting at the bar, drinking a glass of water, because one of us has to drive home, and f/n is already a little drunk.

     "Hey beautiful," a man says beside me.

     "Not interested," I reply.

     "Oh, feisty, I like it," he exclaims. I roll my eyes and ignore him. He touches my back lightly, and I am about to punch him in the face, when someone clears their throat behind us. Dr. McCrae is standing behind us her arms crossed.

     "Would you please explain to me, why you're touching my girlfriend?" she asks the man.

     Wait what?!? Her girlfriend???

     "I-I didn't know, I-" he begins to say, but Dr. McCrae cuts him off.

     "If I'm not mistaken, she told you that she is not interested." She raises her eyebrow.

     Why is she doing this, and why do I find her so damn attractive while she's protecting me? I mean I could have handled it myself, but this is way more satisfying, seeing him nervously trying to get out of this situation. As he can finally escape her, she takes the seat next to me.

     "I'm sorry for intervening but I couldn't help it," she says apologetically.

     "Don't worry, and thank you. It was fun watching him suffer a bit." I smile lightly at her. "Can I buy you a drink?" I ask her.

     "Sure, but only one," she replies.

     One drink turns into five, and she is quite tipsy now. I ask her if I should drive her home, considering I got her so drunk, and with f/n having left the bar with a man earlier, I am free to go. But Claire – as she insisted me to call her – has other plans, dragging me to the dance space in the bar. She starts dancing, getting closer to me by each minute, and ends up basically grinding against me. I have to stop her, before all of my self-control slips away, and walk her out of the bar.

     We stumble our way to my car, me holding her up against me so she wouldn't fall. Once I get her into the passenger's seat of the car, I walk towards the driver's side. Getting in, I realize that Claire is fast asleep beside me. Debating in my head for a few moments, I start the engine and drive to my apartment. I then carry Claire up the stairs and struggle to open my apartment door but somehow make it inside. I kick the door shut with my foot and carry Claire into my bedroom. She does seem to be quite a heavy sleeper. I tuck her in, grab my pajamas and a blanket, and make my way towards the living room. Then, I prepare the couch and put on my pajamas before lying down and falling asleep in no time.

The next morning

     I wake up, a little confused as to why I'm sleeping on the couch, until I remember the events of last night. After getting up, I fill a glass with water and grab an aspirin before walking towards my room. Upon opening the door, I see Claire still sleeping soundly and admire the sleeping beauty until she begins to stir. I make my way towards the bed, softly touching her shoulder to try and wake her up. She just groans and turns away from me, so I put the glass of water and the aspirin on the bedside table, grab a set of new clothes, and walk into the bathroom.

     After showering, I get dressed and prepare breakfast. I set the table, and as I look up, Claire is standing in the kitchen, the empty glass in her hand, her make up from last night smudged on her face, and her clothes crumbled from sleeping in them. However, she still looks absolutely gorgeous.

     "Good morning, girlfriend," I wink at her.

     "Good M-.. Wait, what?" she asks. "Oh...oh…" she recalls the events from last night and blushes. I laugh. "Yeah, how about you take a shower, while I finish up breakfast?" I suggest. She nods, and I point her into the direction of the bathroom.

     "y/n?" I hear Claire calling out.


     "Could I maybe borrow some of your clothes? Mine aren't exactly wearable anymore."

     "Sure, wait, I'm gonna go grab something for you."

     After getting a set of clothes for Claire, I knock on the bathroom door.

     "I'll leave the clothes here and go back to the kitchen," I tell her.

     "Thank you, y/n," Claire replies.

     A few minutes later, Claire walks into the kitchen, and we eat breakfast together. Claire apologizes for her behavior last night.

     "Don't worry, I quite enjoyed your company," I tell her while smiling slightly. Before she leaves, we exchange numbers, so I can get my clothes back, and she thanks me for taking care of her. She pecks my cheek and steps out the door, leaving me behind blushing and praying to god that I'd see her again soon.


     That evening, Claire called me, asking when she could bring my clothes back, and I told her that she could come by whenever she wanted, because I'm almost always at home. Being an independent artist has its perks. She came by the next day, knocking on the door. I opened it in my paint-covered clothes, because I was working on an oil painting, a portrait of a woman. The woman in the painting is a friend of mine, and I painted it as a birthday present. Claire complimented my art, handing me my freshly washed clothes, and we talked a little while about our day and what was going on in our lives. She bit her lip, clearly wanting to say or ask something, but she didn't. We said our goodbyes and hugged each other. After that, we texted and called each other every other day.

     A few weeks later, I'm telling f/n how I think I've fallen in love with Claire. She, of course, teases me about how I would have never met Claire without her. The only problem is that Claire and I haven't been on an actual date, and I'm not sure she wants to. I'm just a nervous wreck at the moment, contemplating how to ask her out. Before I can come up with something, my phone rings. It's her.

     I pick up. "Hey, Claire."

     "Hey, y/n," her voice sounds a little shaky, but I don't think too much of it.

     "I was wondering…if you would like to have dinner with me today," she asks nervously.

     Like a date?

     "Only if you want to, of course," she adds.

     "I'd love to, Claire," I reply.

     "Okay, I'll send you my address," I can practically hear her smiling. "How does six o'clock sound?" she asks.

     "Perfect," I grin.

     "See you then." We end the phone call, and I squeal. F/n smirks. "So, I'll leave you alone to get ready for your little date with Dr. McCrae," she teases and leaves.

     A few hours later, I'm ready. I put on a nice dress and shoes, made my hair look presentable, and grabbed my purse. After locking my apartment door, I get in my car and drive towards Claire's apartment. Once there, I knock on her door, slightly nervous but also excited. She opens the door and smiles at me, leading me towards the living room table and telling me to sit down, dinner would be ready soon. Claire leaves and comes back a few minutes later with a bowl of some kind of fancy-looking pasta and one with salad. We start eating, and I moan at the taste of the pasta. "It's delicious," I tell her, and she thanks me with a bright smile. We eat and talk, both of us flirting slightly. Once we're done with eating, I get up, take the dishes to the kitchen, and clean them.

     "You don't have to do that, y/n," she says.

     "It's the least I can do. You cooked a delicious meal, so I can at least do the dishes," I smile.

     She walks behind me, hugging me, while resting her chin on my shoulder.

     "Thank you," she breathes into my neck. I shiver slightly, her close proximity giving me goosebumps. I finish up cleaning and turn around in her embrace, our faces only inches apart. She bites her bottom lip, while her gaze lingers on my lips. Slowly, I close the distance, giving her enough time to pull away if she wants to, but she meets me halfway, brushing her soft lips against mine. Pulling me even closer, she deepens the kiss, making me let out a quiet moan. She lets her hands explore my body, before both of us disappear in her bedroom.

     The next morning, I wake up, cuddled up to Claire. I stroke her long, blond hair softly, thinking back to last night. A smile crosses my lips as Claire begins to stir.

     "Good Morning, beautiful," I tell her. She looks at me, still a little sleepy.

     "Hmm...Morning," she smiles, hiding her face in my neck, which may or may not be covered in small hickeys.

-the end-