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Polaroid Sunrise

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Stirring underneath a soft sheet of the finest cotton, I opened my eyes and I watched as a soft breeze ruffled the sheer curtains that had been drawn back from the open doors that led outside to a spacious terrace overlooking the Manoa valley. I knew that on good days which were often the case on Oahu of the HawaiiIslands, we could see all across the valley to the city and its ocean beyond. The villa was high up on one of the mountain slopes that nestled the valley, not directly on top but halfway up, opening to the stunning view and that impossible green that seemed to be the very make-up of the island.

I stretched my arms over my head, listening to several of my bones popping. Even with a first class seat, my body had locked up in several places and I tried to relax. I knew I had to visit a physiotherapist the next couple of days or I would be in discomfort for the rest of my stay. While I still enjoyed being an idol with all the advantages and disadvantages that this job entailed, I knew that my body had taken its toll after more than ten years of long hours of dancing and exercising. At least I could still get away with a short stint with the physiotherapist here and there, while my band members Jimin and Hobi were taped up to the gills most of the time during rehearsals and performances, their bodies more vulnerable from the abuse of training  over the years. During concert tours my friends and group members resembled a collage of colourful kinesiology taping crisscrossing their bodies.

After our concerts in LA – and damn it had been good to meet ARMY again – several of my band members had decided to spend part of their holidays in the US. I had also intended to stay and accompany Taehyung and Hobi plus families to Hawaii, but management had insisted that I return home first, so that I could be seen with Jin and Jimin while Hobi, Yoongi, Namjoon and Taehyung all stayed behind. Hobi and Tae had continued to Oahu with their respective families and I should have been with them. I should have tasted cocktails at a luau cook-out with Taehyung and his family, wearing silly hats and a lei and laughing at silly jokes, talking and spending time on a golf course with Tae's mom while her husband and her son tried their hands at playing golf.

But no, management had vetoed that idea. What if people would recognize us? What if fans – ARMY – would put two and two together? That the most famous and favourite subunit of the band was actually in a very real relationship? So, instead of spending time with my boyfriend and his family – my own family was on vacation in New Zealand of all places – I sat in freezing Seoul listening to emo music and texting Tae – reading about all the speculation about some other fans who shipped me with Jimin of all people because staff had made me wait for Jimin so we could walk out of the airport together. Jin had been pissed off understandable as he had planned to drive back with me to the dorm but had been ushered out quickly like a toddler about to get potty training.

I huffed and rubbed my hands over my face. The older I got the more I had started to hate this hiding and while I had agreed with whatever management would tell us when I had been younger, once again living with the others in the dorm, living together like a couple had opened my eyes to what Tae and I were missing. So when the higher ups had agreed to a month long vacation time for the whole group, I could not have been happier. Sure some of that time would be spent back in Seoul working on the next album, but at least our daily routine would not be as heavily monitored and scheduled as usual. Or so I had thought.

When we had been granted two weeks of vacation time before returning to Seoul, Taehyung and I had grinned at each other. After we had finished shooting our second Bon Voyage series in Hawaii, we had made true on our promise up on the mountain top to live there ... well at least to have a base on the island. Except for our band members and our families no one knew about this villa. Namjoon had actually helped us in buying the house through a local estate agent after Tae and I had scraped together enough money without management being none the wiser as they had provided us with financial advisors as it seemed we were picking up more revenue. The purchase of the little villa in the mountains above Manoa valley had gone smoothly and ever since we had used it as a vacation home for all our families and a weekend getaway for ourselves during US tours. And while we could now afford bigger and better prime real estate, right on the beach at Kahala if we so much as cared, we did not have the heart to part with our little, private haven, nestled into the lushest green jungles. We had come to love the little villa with its exceptional views and the feeling of a European villa rather than an American MacMansion was a plus. Besides, we lived in a neighbourhood that while not really rich and posh, did enjoy their own privacy so we had been low profile for years now.

The night before I had arrived late at the airport as my direct flight from Seoul to Honolulu had been delayed for several hours, so I had snug into the house while everyone had already been asleep.  Still, it bothered me that because of management's meddling my vacation with my boyfriend of five years had been cut short by four freaking days.

Speaking of which, I turned my head, my eyes searching the space beside me. I was the only occupant of the large bed in the breezy bedroom. Last night I had just gotten out of my clothes and had slipped into the bed, hugging a conked out Tae to my chest.
I sat up and stretched out my neck muscles before I padded on bare feet in boxers and a tank top across the room and out onto the terrace. I smiled when I saw a slim figure leaning against the balustrade, with his back to the house, chocolate coloured eyes gazing at the horizon.

I simply loved Taehyung's slim and slender figure, those long limbs, svelte calves and thighs in his natural honey-toned skin colour and that beautiful rounded ass that was currently clad in booty shorts. Tae's wide shoulders wear covered in an oversized tee shirt I recognized as one of my own.

Walking over, I reached out, my fingers found his nape and I scratched my blunt fingernails across the skin, my fingers tangling in the silky curls of black hair.

There was no flinch, no shout of surprise, just a soft inhale of breath as Taehyung turned towards me and into my embrace. For long moments we just stood within the circle of each other's arms, my arms loosely around his shoulders while Tae's arms settled around my waist.

"Missed you," Taehyung whispered, his deep voice muffled and sounded even deeper due to his face nuzzling in the crook of my neck.

"Missed you, too," I replied, my voice a soft hum.

"When did you come in?"

"I landed at 2 AM and then took a cab," I burrowed my face against the slim column of Tae's throat, my lips brushing over his pulse point at the side of his neck.

"You should have called me, I would have picked you up from the airport," he replied. 

"You did not even wake up when I came in,  how would you have heard your phone if I had called?" I asked with a smile, glad that he had a good night's sleep. 

"Ohhh ..." Taehyung blushed. "My dad and I had a few drinks last night ..."

"Is that so?" I inquired and raised a brow at him. 

"They were really tasty, only when I stood up I realized there was much more booze in them than I had anticipated," Taehyung had the grace to blush, this man was bringing me to my knees every time.  I kissed his nose, then his eyelids and worked my way to the side of his cheek and then down towards his neck. Taehyung inhaled sharply when my tongue laved a small path from the side of his neck up to his earlobe. I knew he had felt my smirk against his skin and he turned his face to repay the favour.

Nudging Tae's head a bit, we soon aligned our lips and for a moment we shared the sweetest kiss. It still sent tendrils of thrilling breathlessness throughout my body and from the way Taehyung inhaled and drew me closer, I was sure my boyfriend felt the same. Five years as lovers, ten years as best friends and yet there was still this simmering feeling of anticipation when it came to Taehyung and me.

"I love you," I whispered against Tae's lips which formed the cutest pout.

"Unfair," Taehyung exclaimed and drew back to lock eyes with me. "You said it first again ..."

"Aigoo," I cooed and planted a buzzing kiss on Tae's lips. "You snooze, you loose." I raked my hands through his dark curls and grinned. For a moment we stared at each other before we burst into laughter, hugging each other, while we let loose belly aching, deep bellows of laughter.

This was how Tae's mother found us, coming up the side steps to the small terrace. She smiled when she saw our happy faces. Back in the day she and her husband had had a hard time accepting Tae being gay and also accepting us. They had not understood why their oldest son would go and fall for another man of all people. But knowing Tae and me and having watched us grow up from gangly teenagers to young adult men, Mr and Mrs Kim had realised soon that this was just as it should be. The parents had accepted that we would have found each other no matter what – in Busan, Daegu or Seoul or in any other timeline.

"Kookie, when did you come in?" she greeted me as I turned towards her.

"Late last night, eomeonim," I released one hand from Taehyung's shoulder to lean over to the woman to kiss her cheek and make a little bow.

"I heard abeonim has picked up golfing?"

I laughed when I saw her pouting face. It always surprised me to see so much of Taehyung in her face, especially when he pouted. While lots of people, including Tae's fans, adamantly swore he looked like his dad, there was a subtle smoothness, a quiet beauty that counteracted and enhanced the male handsomeness of Tae's face and made it ethereal. And it was all Taehyung's mum.

"I have made breakfast, so freshen up and come down as soon as you are finished," Mrs Kim said and after another quick squeeze of my hand, she turned and walked back down the wide stone steps to the terrace below and to the sitting area beside the small infinity pool that was there.

When I turned back, I felt Taehyung's head against my own. It seemed that over the years that gesture of tilting our heads against each other had become our go to safe space, our comfort zone.

"Hey babe," I said and I turned his face up to capture his lips. For long moments we stayed like this, our lips fused to each other, no tongue. Just the connection, that tactile union of soft lips, that hello I missed you, welcome back kind of feeling.

"Take a shower, Kookie," Taehyung said after a soft sigh. "Welcome home!"

We smiled at each other before I reluctantly let him go, watching those honey-toned legs and that sassy ass, that slender spine moving underneath that ratty old t-shirt and that shock-full of black curls.

"Shower!" Taehyung repeated loudly; when he turned back towards me after taking the first few steps down the stairs.

"Yes, babe!" I saluted him mockingly before I turned back into the house.





I had woken up in Jungkook's arms that morning and I couldn't have been happier. Ever since management made him fly back to Korea with Jin and Jimin to support their favourite ship narrative, I had felt on edge. I knew that Jimin and Jungkook were just friends and I also knew that Jimin would never hurt me, but seeing all those comments on the net as well as all those analysis videos ... they all chipped away at the sturdiest of confidences, including mine. But the shippers weren't the worst.

The worst were the attacks of solo stans. All those hateful comments that I was an arrogant prick and egomaniac, that everything had to be about me, using Jungkook's name for clout and that they had 100% proof I was jealous of their ship and wanted to destroy it ... it hurt even more.

Sometimes I had the feeling no matter what I did I got flak. Stood too close to Jungkook – I was trying to put a wedge in their favourite ship. I stood too far away and our own shippers claimed we had a break-up, or when I put all the other members first as I was second nature to me , I was of course putting myself up for martyrdom to create sympathy. And god forbid Jungkook would  notice and remedy it, then the shit really started to hit the fan.

I tried not to let it get to me, but seeing those comments bothered me more than it should have, especially as I got older. So waking up in Kookie's arms, feeling his familiar warmth against my back and being engulfed in that oh so familiar smell which was a mix of his favourite cologne and sweat that made up the very essence of Kook just made me happy and did wonders not only to my mood but my overall mental health as well. And being squished by all those muscles ... hmmmm it was heavenly.

After our quick cuddle on the terrace, I followed my mom and I helped her with the last preparations of breakfast before they would fly back to Korea later that day. She got full Korean traditional on us and as a dutiful son I helped her set the table on the little side terrace right in front of the floor to ceiling glass  doors of the kitchen and started to carry out all those dishes of grilled short ribs (galbi), spicy seafood salad, bean sprout rice (kongnamul bab), spicy stewed fish, cold cucumber soup (oi naengguk), seasoned kelp, and radish strip kimchi (moo saengchae) to the outdoor eating area underneath a huge parasol.

"I will miss you, eomeoni," I said, rubbing my head against her. A gesture that always made her laugh.

"Now that Jungkook-ie is here you will not miss us too much," She placed one hand against my cheek, her eyes roaming about my face, taking in the features that are a mix of her and my dad's. "I can see that you are much happier today than you were yesterday. My honey bear slept well."

"I did thanks to dad's mystery Mai Tais," I replied with a smile, remembering the nights before when I had tossed and turned in bed and trolled the internet at 3 AM because I missed Jungkook.

My mother smiled softly at me, then drew my face down to her and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

"Get Kookie and your appa to wash up, then we can eat," she announced resolutely, and took the little apron off.

I grinned and walked away from the eating area and onto the main courtyard where I found my dad showing Jungkook some photos on his camera. I just watched, letting the image in front of me sink in. My appa whom I loved and adored since I was a little kid and Jungkook, the man I loved and adored since my teenage years conversing so easily with each other made me happy, a warm feeling spreading throughout my body. The two most important men in my life apart from the other members and I was lucky they not only liked each other but also respected each other.

I stepped towards them and if by an invisible thread, Jungkook looked up his eyes meeting mine.

"Breakfast is ready," I said and my dad stood up and sauntered off, camera in hand, towards the inside of the villa. Jungkook still sat on the bench, his muscular thighs spread invitingly so I stepped between his legs. Reaching out I raked his still wet hair back from his forehead, enjoying the luxurious silkiness of his hair.

"You look tired," I said, watching Jungkook's face.

"Didn't sleep well back in Seoul," he answered and looked up at me. He placed his hands around my waist, his thumbs caressing my hip bones. "The company sent me an email ..."

"What about?" I inquired though I might have an inkling why they had contacted Jungkook.

"Their plans for the sub units on the new album ..."

"Oh, let me guess, Kookmin again?" I tried to step away from him but he kept me firmly in place.

"That is why I want to talk to you about this," Jungkook said, his eyes pleading with me.

I snorted. When our relationship had turned from very close friends to so much more, we had tried to keep it under wraps but we were young, barely out of our teens and hormonal and horny, so management had quickly caught on that our fan service was more than that and continued when the cameras stopped rolling. The company was supportive to the point that they allowed us to be together, but our relationship should not be made public nor should it take front seat to the band. So Jimin, my best friend and soulmate, was chosen to be the other half of a new ship. Taekook should take a back seat and Kookmin was promoted ever since.

I was deeply in thought and Jungkook stood up, still grabbing me around the hips and he drew me flush against his front.

"Let's talk about what I think about the whole thing after we drop off your parents tonight, okay?" he asked and I nodded.


We did not talk until the next morning, when we both woke up shortly before dawn and Jungkook suggested we sit out on the terrace and wait for the sunrise. So while he made us tea and poured them into two thermos mugs, I got one of the comfy couches dragged towards the part of the terrace by the pool where we could easily watch the sunrise.

Cuddling up under a cosy blanket, we sat in each other's arms while the sun slowly rose and turned the Eastern skies into beautiful hues of pastels. Watching the change of colours, Jungkook massaged my thigh and I purred slightly, enjoying his touch.

"Management wants a ship song on our next album ..." Jungkook started and I could feel a knot in my stomach forming. "Jimin-ssi apparently agreed already ..."

I swallowed and pressed my lips together.  Of course. 

I was not mad at Jimin; he only did what he was told. Same with Jungkook. Yet, it hurt. Especially when Jungkook and I had more than a handful of duets we had written and produced in our off time during the pandemic. Those were the very reason why we were so behind on our solo tapes. Most of the songs we had worked on individually and together turned out to be about us, our love.

We had tried to work alone, but usually outside of the studio, we had circled back to the couch in our room and had written lyrics and music together. Of course, the whole writing process had not been easy, as our creative preferences came from different directions, and we had bickered together. Yet, it had all gelled in the end and we were proud of the songs we had come up with. They would probably never see the light of day, as we both knew we could not release them either as part of an official album or as part of our individual solo tapes but damn it had been fun to sing together outside of a noraebang for BTS Run! And just be Taekook singing self-written songs together.

"Do they have a song in mind or ..." Do you want to use one of our songs? I dreaded that most of all.

Jungkook sighed and drew me closer, manhandling me easily as he pulled me into his lap, my legs coming to rest on both sides of his thighs while he re-draped the blanket around us again.

"I told them no," he said and searched my eyes.

I stared at him, my fingers digging into his shoulders as I tried to process what he had just said. Jungkook grinned at me and smoothed out a crease on my forehead with a slender finger whose knuckle sported the A for ARMY or V whichever way you choose to look at it.

"I think I was quite rude to just send a one word reply," He shrugged and gave me a lopsided grin. "But they can't make me do it, right?"

"No, they can't ..." I replied dumbfounded and stared at him. Who was this man? Usually when management said jump, Jungkook - as well as the rest of us to be honest – asked how high, but to hear him telling management no? If I had not been in love with him before, this would have been the defining moment to have fallen for him irrevocably.

"I want to sing with you ... We have so many good songs, even Yoongi-hyung and Joon-hyungie say so and Yoongi-hyung wants to sneak one of them onto the next album, perhaps not as a duet but as a band song ... like your Blue & Grey and my Stay." He looked down, his tongue inside his mouth working and pushing against his lower lip, his mole there prominent as well as the lip piercing. I could see and feel he was agitated and something more was bothering him. I flicked his chin and he looked up at me.

"Did you see what they wrote when they spotted Jimin and me at the airport?" he inquired.

I nodded, the knot in my throat keeping me from uttering a single word.

"Staff made me wait for Jimin. I went through customs with Jin because we were headed to the dorm, but no, the idiots made me go with Jimin in the car ..." He hung his head and it was for me to coax him with my hands to look at me.

"I am sorry, Kookie."

"No," he shook his head. "I am sorry. I saw the comments, all those shitty comments and I hate them. I hate that they buy into HYBE's narration. I know they only wanted our best when they started, but damn I am so tired of it." He looked up and I felt sad to see him in so much pain and anger. The same pain and anger I felt. "Every year they tell us we should wait, that the fans are not ready. I get that, especially as they have to hide our relationship. But you already get so much flak, but at the same time they are hypocrites by pushing the other ship. It would have never blown up like this if they had not pushed their own agenda ..." He said and shook his head. "The way they are trying to change things - that doesn't help or protect us, that is lying to the fans and creating a toxic ship wars."

I agreed. I had more than my fair share of hate comments from solo stans in the last couple of years and it had been affecting our relationship. The pandemic had remedied that a bit but now that our schedule and publicity was resuming, it had picked up again. Good thing we had restricted the comments on our personal IG accounts otherwise I would be busy deleting hate comments 24/7.

"You know I really thought that management would leave us be at last after the Harry Styles' concert but-," Jungkook said and I could see the tears welling up in his beautiful eyes.

"Hey," I felt bad to see him like this and I kissed him while clutching him tightly to my chest. We clung to each other like drowning men. "It's okay." Even though we both knew it wasn't.




We sat for a long time, our teas and the sunrise long forgotten. Usually I loved these moments where we just sat together, wrapped up in each other's presence but I just couldn't relax. The days of the pandemic had changed our relationship from lovers to real life partners. For almost two years we had lived together and contrary to management's predictions we had not gotten at each other's throats. Our love for each other had deepened and I couldn't imagine a life without Taehyung. He was my person. I felt wetness on my cheeks and when I pulled back to look at Tae's face I could see that he was silently crying.

"It's not okay," I whispered gruffly, not trusting my own voice. "I saw the handles ... Some of them were from Jimin's and my fans ... my own fucking fans!"

"It's okay," he insisted. "They can say nasty things about me ... but please ... whenever you ... you know ... if you want to be with someone else, I would never be in the way. Not like those commentators implied."

This was why we all called Taehyung pure and innocent. He always put his hyungs and loved ones first. It did not always look like it and he could be a diva at times, but when it came to the happiness of his loved ones, he would be the first to sacrifice even his own happiness to make us happy.

Gods, I loved this man.

"Don't be silly, my little fierce tiger," I whispered, planting a soft kiss on his cheek. We held each other, our foreheads resting on each other's shoulders.

"What will you do if management insists?" he asked after a while and I shrugged.

"There are so many subunits in our group, why not utilise Sope more? Or YoonMin. Or even NamJin? That duet in Airplane pt2 was fucking insane." I looked up and met his gaze that was so vulnerable.

"I don't want to sing with Jimin when it means you get more hate from our stans," I said. "I want to sing with you, I want to hold hands with you on the stage and all the haters be damned."

"You know that won't happen," Taehyung said gruffly. "They are even monitoring us in our down time. If they knew about this villa here ..."

"I know!" I heaved a sigh and cuddled Taehyung closer.

In times like these I hated to be an idol. It was already hard enough to be a normal gay man in Korean society but when you added the Idol status to the mix, it was insane. And our label didn't make things easier in times like this. Sure, they had allowed us to pursue our relationship, had even instated rules in place to protect us but the longer we were together it seemed management became more impatient with us, especially with Taehyung. I suspected that as the eldest he had been subjected to a lot more little talks than I had. As the eldest he had been expected to do the right thing and in their eyes it would have been ignoring any emotion between us.  I knew for a fact that Taehyung had tried. Oh I knew how he had tried but I had been relentless. He had even pretended to be in a relationship with Yoongi. Not only that but Yoongi had gleefully played along and even now he took Tae's side when we had little spats.  I could only imagine what Taehyung had been through because of us, because of me.  But once I had known what I was, what I wanted, I went after what I wanted and that was and always will be Kim Taehyung. 

"I want to stop doing the fan service," I said and looked up into Tae's surprised face. "I want to interact with all of you freely but not because management wants me to. If I want to cuddle Joonie, I will cuddle him. If I want to look into your eyes while I sing about love, I bloody well do ..."

"Babe," Taehyung said and cradled my face.

"I don't want to hide anymore. Let's move in together," I proposed and leant my head back to watch Taehyung's reaction.

"You mean it?" he asked his eyes moving from left to right while trying to see the truth in my eyes.

"I do," I replied and caressed his waist. "You know that I barely use my own apartment, one room max and the kitchen and that is it. I haven't even decorated the space and it has been almost two years since I bought it. We have been at the dorm or at your place anyway." I watched for his reaction and nudged my lip ring pensively.

"I guess I have to move the power tower to the window so you can look outside while exercising ..." Taehyung rolled his eyes playfully.

I grinned at that. "Yeah, you might," I replied and leant forward to kiss him.

"Tan-ah will be so excited. He loves Bam and ..." He stopped and watched me as I bit my lower lip. "What?"

"Just realising what is important to you ... my muscles and your dog having a doggie brother," I said, trying to pout but Taehyung just laughed and carded his fingers through my hair and kept my head in his hands.

"Silly tokki," he whispered against my lips, I moaned as his tongue licked into my mouth and sent all the blood southwards.

For several minutes we just kissed and Taehyung pressed down on my erection with his ass.

"Gods, you feel so good," I uttered and I opened my eyes to search his face.

I could spent days just watching his face. It had the perfect alignment of eyes, nose and mouth. Those lips in their lusciousness that gave the most perfect kisses. Tae's nose had that perfect shape and that wonderful mole on the right side of the tip.

Then his eyes. Those chocolate orbs I loved to lose myself in. Only a few of our fans had caught on to what the eye tattoo meant. Almost all my tattoos were one way or the other connected to the band and its members, but the majority of it were about Tae. It was my way of writing a love letter to him, on my skin.

And now as the sun rose finally behind him, creating a halo around his unruly curls of hair, he looked like a young god.

I had always wondered what Taehyung had seen in me when he joined the group. I had always asked myself what had incited him to take on the shy kid to show him the colourful world of one Kim Taehyung.

Whatever it was, I would be grateful to the very end. It felt as if I had woken up from a deep slumber when Taehyung entered my life and it has been a rollercoaster life ever since with my best friend and lover at my side.

With a needy sound he turned his head so I could capture his lips with mine. For a long moment I enjoyed his taste, the supple curve of his lips, that mouth that always tasted of strawberries even though I knew that could not be. I moved my hands down to his shoulders and then further down his sides to his waist until they came to rest on his ass. I felt more than heard the soft hum of Taehyung as our mouths were busy making love to each other. I slipped my hands underneath the waistband of his boy shorts, feeling the heat of his skin on my fingertips and I had to smile when I remembered that the last time we had been intimate he had topped and it was now my turn. Squeezing his glutes together, I pushed him into my lap. I enjoyed the rub of our cocks through the fabric of our clothing though I regretted the fact that I was not only wearing briefs but also surf shorts and it would take longer to get rid of the clothes.

My breath hitched and I could hear the same sigh coming from Taehyung. I opened the strings that held Tae's shorts up and freed his cock. I loved the feel of it both in my hand and up my ass. It had a slight upward curve and was thick and long, not at all what you would expect of a slender man like Tae.

I groaned when I felt his long fingers opening my shorts and hooked the fabric down and underneath my balls. Our hands joined to rub our cocks together.

"I love you," he whispered into my ear and a shudder ran straight into my balls and cock. We made eye contact, drowning in each other while we both raced to the finish line. I saw in his eyes when Tae was close, his pupils were shot wide open and I could see myself in the centre of them. He rocked forward and we both groaned, ending on his keening sound that I knew and cherished and that brought me right to the edge. I could feel the swell of his balls and then the short and quick surge his cock gave as the first squirt hit both our hands.

"Ggukie ..." It was part moan and part benediction to my ears and I felt my own orgasm exploding and my cum joined his on our hands and stomachs.




I tried to get as much air into my lungs as possible but I felt like liquid on Jungkook's lap. I could feel the cum from both of us already cooling off and sticking to our stomachs and clothes but I just couldn't care. The rush of the orgasm, the closeness, it still felt like the first time we ever had sex together. It wasn't even the act itself, just the fact that I felt the same giddiness, the excitement and that we still turned each other on even after five years together.

We were far more than just lovers, we were each the side of the other, two puzzle pieces forming the perfect shape together.

Kissing Jungkook one last time, I tried to get off his lap and we both laughed when his hands had to steady me because my legs felt all wobbly like jelly.

"So we will move in together?" Jungkook asked shyly all of a sudden and I could feel the tension coming off him. I looked at him for long moments, his hair in disarray and sweaty and I could not have been more in love with him than at that moment. Nodding while looking deeply into his eyes, I watched him break out into a grin, a very smug and cheeky grin.

When we both stood, Jungkook slung an arm around my shoulders and together we went inside the villa. We both knew that together we could withstand anything.