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Partly Dragon

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One week passed.

Every day the teens would come to ask Stoic about Hiccup´s condition, only to leave disappointed. He wasn´t awake. Not once. Stoic sat at his bed when he wasn´t sleeping. He had to force feed Hiccup to save him from starving.

A second week passed.

Stoic sat by his bed most of the time, he was still a chief, but Toothless laid next to it all the time. At least that made Stoic keep his calm when he was out of the house (though he never left it for long). Nearly no one had enough spirit left to visit or ask.

A third week went over halfway.

Stoic was about to leave the room when he heard a groggily moan behind him and shifting fabric. He froze for a second before he spun around. Hiccup grimaced slightly and turned his head around, before he slowly opened his eyes. The first thing that met his face was a wet and warm tongue that covered it with slimy saliva. “Heccup!” Stoic shouted heavily relieved and happy. “Dad?” Hiccup croaked out dryly. Then he lifted his hands and pat Toothless so he would stop slyming his face. His arms were heavy, so very heavy. And they burned from the movement. “Bud, bud, it´s okay, stop.” He weakly chuckled but coughed because his throat was so damn dry.

What even happened? His whole body hurt and he felt several bandages, also, he was in his bed and his crying dad cuddled him carefully. Oh shoot – he must be dead! He knew it!


“You´re awake, you´re finally awake.” His father croaked out before he let go of him - his hands were still on his shoulders though. Hiccup sat up with a bit of trouble, but the pain was not that hard to bear. “I´m not dead?” was the first thing he actually asked and later he would feel slightly stupid because of it. “No, son, you slept over two weeks, but you´re not dead.” His dad chuckled just so relieved.

It took several hours to explain everything to Hiccup, remove his bandages (and find his wounds all perfectly healed because of his new unnatural quick healing-ability) and for Hiccup to re-learn how to walk, because his legs were pudding from lying so long. But before the sun set he was ready to go outside. His father was slightly concerned, but Hiccup really seemed to be fine, also, he would be at his side if something happened. Toothless´ foot was healed by the time, but his wing would at least need another two weeks. But that didn´t hinder him to burst out and waggle and jump around happily. The teens, which were actually about to check on Hiccup, were really surprised to see Toothless outdoors but soon cheered when they saw Hiccup step out of the house like it would be just another normal day. They run up to him and were happy enough to catch him in a big group hug before Toothless crashed said and nuzzled his human happily. They laughed and said how happy they were that Hiccup was okay. He was about to thank them but the sunlight hit him from a wrong angle and caused him to sneeze. He accidently set Tuffnut´s butt on fire. “Oh gods, sorry.” He quickly apologized and raised his hands, but didn´t know where to put them so he shielded his mouth halfway. Tuffnut stared puzzled at him while the others had to stifle their laughter. “What do you mean? And what are you making by the way? It smells delicious. Are they grilling meat somewhere?” he looked around searching for the fire. “No, Tuffnut, uhm, you´re on fire.” Hiccup bit his bottom lip. He would have to work on that. “I know I´m hot, but-”, “No, I mean literally.” Hiccup interrupted and only then Tuffnut noticed the fire on his butt. He shouted and jumped into a trunk of water seconds later where he slumped down sighting. The others couldn´t help it anymore and burst out laughed loudly while Hiccup was filled with embarrassment. He would definitely have to work on that.



Weeks later


“I still think it´s strange.” Snotlout said with his full mouth. “I like it, it´s like… a song.” Astrid replied while slightly swaying to the rhythm. The air vibrated by the sound in a strangely comforting way and it was like… hugging their ears. The humming, purring and other sounds that emitted from the ring of dragons and the boy with the reddish brown hair and green, currently closed eyes. He rocked back and forth while a soft sound poured out of his throat in unison with the dragons around him. He loved it to synchronize with them and agreed with the others to do it at lunch. He had his transformation under control now. Every now and then, the others could see him flying around the island and instantly recognized those four wings. He had built an improved fin for Toothless so that he could fly without Hiccup – thus they could fly next to each other if they wanted, but Toothless would prefer to fly with his human on his back often.
The mocking because of his new outfit that was a "shirt" that hold onto his neck and left his back naked (so he wouldn´t have to remove or rip it when he transformed) was countered with tiny spits of flames. At first the kids were frightened by the “new Hiccup” because he was now taller, ridicules strong (seriously, he had to look out at first to not brake things like chairs, tables or swords with his bare hands accidently) and slit-pupil-ed. But the little fear they had was soon forgotten when he kneeled down with a knowing smile and then spit fire into the air. At first, of course, they were scared, but then quickly amazed by it. It was multicolored with tones of red, orange, yellow and a bit blue and sparks flew around softly like autumn leaves. Without setting things on fire of course.

He had told them all he knew that happened on Berserker Island and later he would also translate what Toothless saw of the fight between him and Dagur. Or rather, how he beaded Dagur to a bloody pulp after he transformed, because there was a lack of memory from his side. He could fully understand the dragons when transformed, though, it was still hard to speak human words when his voice wanted to do otherwise. He also told them that he was sure they wouldn´t have to expect anything near an attack from the Berserkers in the near future. Or ever again.

“I like it too.” Fishlegs agreed and watched the dragons´ behavior amazed. Even though he saw it every day now, it was still… well… just amazing.
When the humming died down and Hiccup let his scales disappear (they came out when he synchronized with or just relaxed around dragons) before he got up, scratched a scaly head here and there and walked over to the others.


Watching from the high point, Gothi smiled as she absentmindedly petted one of her Terrible Terrors. Her eyes laid on the young boy, gifted with a hint of destiny within him and she was glad as the stars were that he fulfilled it to its fullest.