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The Making Of Bottomless Pits: A Death Grips AI Dungeon 2 Story

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You are the newest member of experimental hip-hop music group, Death Grips. The band consist of vocalist MC Ride, drummer Zach Hill, and producer Andy Morin; you serve as the songwriting assistant. Death Grips are recording a new album which serves to be a sequel to their 2016 record, Bottomless Pit; The name of this new album is Bottomless Pits. You enter the recording studio to share your song. The trio listen to your song, and they seem impressed by your efforts; You ask them if you can join the writing process of the album. " Sure! " Says Andy. The three of you sit down to make another song.

> You say "What should we name this song?"
You suggest that the Death Grips team try writing an English nursery rhyme song. " Aw yeah, that sounds cool! Yeah anything is good with me. I like your creative input I hope you can contribute to this record, don't want this to be a one man show, haha! "
You were confused by Zach Hill's comment. "One man show? Don't all three of you record music together?" you said. " Don't talk out loud, it ruins the vibe in the room" orders Andy. You swivel your chair to face your MacBook, but are suddenly interrupted by Andy's shouting. "PULL OUT YOUR LAUGH BOX!"

> You pull out your laugh box.
You pull out your laugh box and play with it for a few minutes until a phone call was necessary. It was a phone call from a fan! He says that the new Death Grips album is good, and who is your favorite band member.
Zach Hill overhears your phone call. "New album? We haven't released it yet! What are you listening to?" Zach questions the phone caller. Suddenly, the phone call gets disconnected. You, Andy, and Zach are all confused.
Suddenly, a new song played. It sounded like satanic verses being repeated over and over. After the song was over, there was that static noise again. You are all really confused, Andy answers another phone call that just mysteriously appeared. The caller just said "Decipher" and then it got cut off abruptly.
"Decipher this guys."

> You decipher the phone call to find answers.
Suddenly the lights shatter, the trio were actually in a warehouse being obstructed by shadowy figures wearing animal masks. You, Ride, Andy, and Zach are restrained to their chairs with tape over their mouth. Someone from the shadows adheres a blinking device to Andy's neck, all this is being filmed. Someone with a deep raspy voice gloats about an 'art project' he is participating in.

> You say "What is this 'art project' you speak of?"
"You really think we'll tell you willingly?" says the creepy voice. "Zach Hill ... Lost the war," he says while attaching a blinking counter to Zach's neck. "I think this is a concept album. Or the sequel to one." You and Ride begin to struggle to detact their blinking devices.

> You say "Well, yeah? We're making a sequel to Bottomless Pit, which is a concept album! I think?"
"Ah, good, you know. We are attempting to make the first biiiioooooooohhhh..." the person begins to say. Saying things that could probably be deciphered as an evil laugh.
MC Ride chokes the creepy voice person who was about to say the "B" word. "Who the heck are you?" MC Ride says. Someone switched lights on, blinding the trio, all they could see are the livestock masks of their tormentors. "You fools have been chosen to create a Death Grip's album." screams one of the figures holding a gun. "If you three morons attempt to destroying the earplugs, plug your ears before you listen to experimental beats created by us." You and Ride wear the earplugs obediently, even though you felt that there was something wrong about what the figure has just said.

> You say "Why do you talk funny?"
"That how everyone was talking, you fool. If you don't like it, create your own albums." The trio are roughly yanked outside their room, finding themselves inside a dungeon.

> You remove your earbuds and jump into the dungeon.
You leap into the pit located in the middle of dimly lit area. The band embraced you with a hug. "That gun sounded really dreadful, bro. We couldn't bear to listen to it." says Andy. "Yeah, sorry 'bout that, the earplugs worked too wellI couldn't hear myself speak! I can communicate with you now!" you scream excitedly.
The band tell you to stop screaming so excitingly, and MC Ride remarks that even he's not THAT loud.
While wondering ethereally beautiful grounds of spectrally cloaked space surrounding you, you notice another building along the castle. It seemed like the sound proofing out there needs quite a bit of work done. Little do you know that this space is THE great equalizer of holy hip-pop.

> You explore the Castle Of Holy Hip-Hop with the trio.
A new world awaits you. In front of you stands a chaotic structure, containing many new colors relating to neon lights obviously enhancing beats from Death Grips' new album. You hear inspirational thoughts from frontman J-HELL telepathically being told to you by USB wires.
"I am J-HELL, the progenitor of Holy Hip-Hop! What are you four doing in MY realm!?"
Zach Hill instantly snaps, "Screw you, J-HELL!"
"And you should screw yourself to get to a hospital, Idiot." J-HELL scolds him.
Andy and Ride went "daaaamn" at J-HELL's comeback, and you can't help but notice how big J-HELL is. His height elevated over the sizes of Andy on Ride. J-HELL sighs loudly upon realizing that you are not on his side.

> You say "WAIT! I'm on your side! We're all on your side!"
"Let's flip a coin, and call it in the air... Heads, we take over the world; tails, and we make the change to fix this." J-HELL says. He flips the coin in the air, and Ride catches it.
"Give me that." J-HELL says, trying to grab the coin out of Ride's hands. He looks at the coin to see which side is up.
"Tails, we change the world."
You pump your first into the air. "Hell yeah, Ride!" you cheered enthusiastically. MC Ride takes a good look at J-HELL, and chuckles. "What are you standing there for, J?"
"O... okay." J-HELL says. Suddenly, neon lights fade away to show not only the trio completely different outfits, but you as well.
"Has humanity earned the right to be granted longevity?" One of J-HELL's recording staff members questioningly asks you while turning a screw.
"I think humanity has earned the right to survive this encounter while wearing red dresses," you answered.

> You join hands with MC Ride, Zach Hill, and Andy Morin to charge up your attack.
Your blast flies straight toward J-HELL, to which he redirects the incoming force and pushes it back toward you and your friends. You all fail to duck in time and get hit by incoming blasts. Down you four go, off the stage goes your energy. Hissing in pain all to three minutes, Ride broke down to tears, Hill went silent as a stone to endure his severe burns, and Morin stared blankly at the wall without saying anything.

> You say "Come on guys! Just because we failed this time doesn't mean we can't try again!"
"Why should we? We tried, and we still got laid out after trying to take over three cheating arses. Let them enjoy those rotting faces of those they desecrated." Hill clenched his teeth in anger, even though he himself looked a mess.

> You smack Zach Hill in the face, telling him to snap out of it and do better next time.
"Sheesh, thank you boss..." Hill slowly picks himself up from the floor.
Carefully, Hill steps off your face.

> You yell at MC Ride and Andy Morin to come to you and try again.
"Mmm, yeah another try is necessary for this adequate goal," Ride supported. Though you expected less from him, Andy raised concerns. "But where could he have gone? I hope not hell...surely even J is not demonic enough to cause us permanent hell causes..."
You see a long shadow creeping upon Ride.
"OI! who's that behind you? Wait! where are you going?!"
"To get J-HELL! Now SHUT UP AND LET ME ST-!" Then, your sharp shutter could no longer capture Ride's disappearance into the darkness. In fear, Andy immediately tucked himself deep into the corner of the wall.

> You drag Andy and Zach with you and follow MC Ride into the darkness.
Not wasting any precious time, you pull Zach Hill and Andy Morin with you to proceed into the darkness, leaving the spooky setting of Thrice Spectral Cross-Rock. As if the space isn't big enough, the depth to which darkness sets upon seems to diameter into a dinner-plate size portal. You situate your grip on the run rungs of a metal ladder that goes to a supposed floor at least a hundred meters under.

> You enter the dinner-plate size portal, which leads to another location where MC Ride is kept.
You have no idea what to expect first arriving to wherever it ends up being, but Shade Tail Hold seems to be a better first choice for an entrance into the darkness since the door swoops inward upon entry to any who dares.
Once you arrive in Shade Tail Hold, you come across famous Icelandic musician, Bjork! You, Zach, and Andy greets her and ask why she's here.
"Oh, this gloomy darkness needs a little bit of brightness," She says dispiritedly with a little bit of singing to her voice.

> You say "Looks pretty bright to me!"
"Oh, honey. You haven't seen gloomy until you've been to Frisland." She stares bleakly out the nearest window across the room of the large, seemings endless hold. Several seats sit empty, waiting for people who will never come.
"Well anyway, we're looking for MC Ride. He's been taken away by some shadowy figure, and I wonder if you've seen him?" You asked Bjork. "Hmm... I have seen Ride. Follow me." said Bjork. With that, she briskly walks away with you, Andy, and Zach Hill in tow.
All the while, you hear the sorrowful singing of One Winged Vulture within the hold, even if no one else seems to be able to hear it.

> You say "Is that One Winged Vulture? That's the song I wrote for Bottomless Pits!"
Bjork overheard your remark and smiles at you warmly, with her song slowly fading as you walk with her. "Yes! Now THAT'S how you write a song, with such passion and force!" She takes out an old iPod and "rents" your song.
Following her further down the dimly lit hallway, you enter a room where you see someone behind a large desktop computer, obscuring their face and upper body.
"I thought I heard your speaker..." The person says. Slowly but surely, you recognize that the familiar face belongs to Deyjayrandomness 91943, who grimaces at you slightly, "Oh. If it isn't Andy, The rat king himself", he snarks aggressively.
Andy comes up to Deyjayrandomness 91943, or Deyjay for short. "What the HELL are you doing here!?" Andy shouts at Deyjay. "Guarding hell, wouldn't you know? Hey, that rhymed." He holds up one finger to Andy. " SHUT IT!! Nobody tells me to shut it!"
"Well, I just did!"

> You get in between Andy and Deyjay, telling them to stop fighting.
"Guys...!" You say in a wearisome way. "What? Is rat boy pissed 'cause his rats are dying?" Deyjay stands up, facing Andy nearly nose to nose, even though Deyjay is seated. He leans towards Andy in the squeaking uniform.

> You say "Andy, who is Deyjay, and why are you angry with him?"
"Just some idiotic goon working for Satan. What do you think, Z?" He says beginning to laugh, bitterly and pathetically. "I laugh at the simpletons that follow him. What a joke."
Zach Hill comes up. "Deyjay was are original vocalist, until he joined Satan and become a vocalist of his band. Clearly it didn't work out for both of them." You wonder if Deyjay is the one who kidnap MC Ride, and your mood towards him soured.
"Shut up! Shut up! All I wanted was a better life for myself and follow my dreams. Instead, I'm stuck here guarding hell."
Zach grabs your arm. "No struggle buddy, it's pointless to say anything towards him, he is yet another victim."

> You say "Hey Deyjay, do you know where MC Ride is located?"
Deyjay becomes silent, with only sadness emanating from him now. It seems he is beginning to realize that he can never escape Satan's grasp.
"I don't have the answers that you want, Z", he sighs whilst closing his eyes,

> You can tell he's lying, and you use your phone deciphering abilities to get the truth out of Deyjay.
Using your expert phone hacking skills, you quickly begin trying to hack your way into the device that zaps Deyjay of his free will. You manage to implement a screen with a single button appears labeled "Push to Coporate Hades HQ".

> You say "So, you work for Corporate Hades HQ? Where can we find that place?"
Slowly and reluctantly, Deyjay begins to point to the east when the zap hits, keeping him still in his former position. Chief Horton walks in at that moment, questioning why Deyjay won't comply. Wolves enter the room after him.
You, Zach, Andy, and Bjork escape and head east to Corporate Hades HQ to find MC Ride. Deyjay gets devoured by wolves. Chief Horton overlooks the four of you, and wants answers. "I'll get you four, and you'll have no choice but to join Satan's band!" Chief Horton yells out. Meanwhile, you are now at Corporate Hades HQ.
You have been very successful with your group not dying! You get a feeling that luck might be on your side, after all.
"Oh, hey! does this mean we're allowed to stay in the hold?" Andy shouts out abruptly.
"No Andy, we're here to save MC Ride!" Zach responded. Bjork found a passage to MC Ride's room. You and the gang climb into a vent and begin crawling through it. his forces you to crawl at a pretty slow pace, but it's hard for anyone including Wolves of Satan to track you. The team of you reaches a grate to MC Ride's room after what felt like hours.
MC Ride is listening to the new songs for Bottomless Pits. "Hey everyone, I finished the album without your help! Isn't that cool?" MC Ride cheerfully quips. Thanks to your lowered popularity, you have no fans attending.
"Hey kids! Who wants free tickets to see Satan?" A radio commercial blares through the surrounding area.
"Ride, we need to get out of here." Zach says. "I know, I was just waiting for all of you so we can escape together!" MC Ride shouts. "Well, if you can have me in the album like you did with The Powers That B Part 1, I'm more than happy to join!" Bjork cheerfully says. "We get to play really loud." Andy sarcastically says. This is followed by laughter, probably at Andy. The fact remains, you need to get out of here, pronto. Someone important could come any second.
"We're gonna say that I escaped early to do something productive", Chief Horton explains after reading your thoughts on the matter. Sure enough, this turns out to be true.
"Ride, let's go. You can hitch a ride on Andy flying Harding-Crest MO 2000! Let's go quick!" You shout to him. Andy revs up the chainsaw and cuts through the underground jail.

> You remember you wrote a lullaby for Bottomless Pits, and you play it to put Chief Horton to sleep.
Chief Horton immediately listens to the song and his eyes close after the opening notes.
"Listen fellows." he lazily says upon hearing your lullaby. Seconds later, he softly snores. "Let's do this" you tell to your band-mates in a low whisper. All in agreement, you run to the grated door in front both, dragging Chief Horton's heavy,. Unconscious body to the edge.

> You throw Chief Horton to the portal to Hell.
After some difficulty aiming and throwing, you sling him right into the portal to Hell after a few throws. Congratulations, you killed the head of the college's police force- with demonic magic no less. Things are definitely looking up for you.

> You say "Okay, what now?"
"Uh, okay, haha. We should probably take a break from this for now." You decide to do so.
You, Ride, Zach, Andy, and Bjork listen to their new album, Bottomless Pits. They all gave their thoughts:
Bjork: "It makes for a moody soundtrack to urinate to."
Zach: "Hey guys I'm pretty good at pissing mid-air. I bet you if we all try we could recreate that part of the album's artwork."
MC Ride and Andy gave their thoughts on the album:
MC Ride: "It has a variety sounds I love." while continuously nodding his head after each track.
Zach: "Hey guys I'm pretty good at nodding my head. Watch- ngh kgh."
"Zach, are you okay?" Andy asked.
"Yeah- kgh! Tihara". He loses control over the saw, cutting off his own foot.
"Oh my god!" you all yell, fearing the worse... But ride makes a move to help him. He holds out his arms out... And a smaller portal opens up above his palm, healing is instantly stitched back on his foot. After the shock, the rest of you yell in joy, hugs and hand shakes.
"This album really is a gift from Hell." Andy facetiously said.
Just then, J-HELL makes a reappearance to greet the band. "Did somebody page the progenitor of all things Holy Hip-Hop?" J-HELL ask enthusiastically. "Your album is a masterpiece. I've called a meeting with all the Lords of Hell, literally every Lord from every pit, to discuss the merits of the creations of what could be loosely described as... Hip-Hop."
"Really!?!" Ride excitedly asks.

> You say "Ride, no! J-HELL is tricking you into joining Satan's band!"
You tell the whole band, "This is a trick. Satan hates real hip-hop and he's somehow turned you all against positivity. We've got to escape from here, I know a way."
"But my new album!" Ride whines.
"If you go with J-Hell, you've chosen the path of evil. Check out this passage in the Bible".
Andy excitedly cites Revelations 22 across an entire wall with Metallica's Cliff-Cutter saw.

> You use your phone deciphering skills once again to open a portal back to the recording studio.
You take out your cell phone, looking carefully at the "Open Portals" page on Gliph. You see gliph offers you the opportuntiy to write custom plain-text messages that, when submitted, open up portals to directly dial that message. You quickly type out "open portal to the recording studio at Unique Innovations" in the text box, and press submit. The site with tell you if it's able to send your request or otherwise give you an error message.
Gliph quickly sends back the following error message:
Sorry, the galactic overlords at the Galactic Nexs austrenchannel user service do not allow portal creation requests. You can stillt send to onions though
This message brought to you by Bryan Cranston and his band of captive Vampires.
"God damn it!" You shouted. Just then, Bjork tackles J-HELL to the ground, give you and the rest of the band a chance to escape.
"We have to get out of here now", you said, turning around sprinting straight at the wall. Just then you're hit by a bus, driven by Olivia Munn.
You lay unconscious for an undetermined amount of time. As you wake up, you could hear MC Ride yelling at you to wake up, as they're about to listen to Bottomless Pits.
"... change to electric tears in front of my chair, about to sit when the boom occured, blasted through the wall and here we are son, can ya try and orientate yourself? You've been unconscious for an hour." Those were the lyrics to the first song on the album, Polar Ice Caps. You shake your head; you could've swore that line was "blast through the wall". Hella could be heard on the other side of the pond.

> You say "Wow Zach, I didn't know you still listen to your Math Rock band from all those years ago."
"Ah it's nothing, I still got this burned copy of my brand new album the day it came out."
Over here you hear a strange noise. Unlike anything you thought possible. Even beats the Nasa launch live stream sound.

> You check out where that strange noise comes from.
You did find the source of that noise, it comes out hard to identify due to strong background screaming, but it sounds similar to "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME, I'M A SERIOUS METAL HEAD!" voice almost almost exactly like your grandma's.
"Oh yeah, we sampled your grandmother's voice for this song. We thought it would be nice if we sampled your family for this new album as a sign of respect." Andy explained. You were happy to hear the band respect you so much.
"It really is an honor to have such talented musicians such as yourselves enjoy our album, let alone feature it in one of your songs!" The unseen Grandma Voice said.

> You say "Not now, grandma!"
And she's gone. Matthias, a band manager said: "So, let's move on to the Interview, shall we?"
You sat down, alongside Andy and Ride. You looked at each other, riding out the next hour of awkward interviews.
Matthias ask you the first question. "So, what is the new album, Bottomless Pits, about?"
"Uh, the new album is...." You answer. Looking to your left, you can see Ride and Andy struggling intently on how int to answer this question as seriously as you are. As the silence from the band starts getting awkward, Zach Hill jumps in. "It's about kidnapping and cooking and people and demons and deformed babies and Satan and did we mention kidnapping?" The band broke into laughter.
"Uh, okay. Second question: can you tell me what the name of all the songs in Bottomless Pit?" Matthias continues. You list the 13 songs in this album:
1. Intro: A01
2. Torture-PIT
3. Trapdoor
4. Speeding Manual
5. Dangercore
6. Death Wish
7. Destructoveria
8. Koolo Bay Wakelami
9. Christcore Picnic
10. Abyss duplicated
11. Die Enormaton Surgere
12. Goodbye shellfish
By the time you've finished, Matthias appears annoyed and flustered: Kill The Chop
11. Hell-Above
12. Up In Flames
13. Good, Best, Best
"Hm, interesting, interesting. Last question: is Bjork gonna be in this album? I've heard rumors that she would be featured?"
The question came up to Andy, who reluctantly answers: "I guess you could say that."
Matthias finishes the whole process by saying "Okay, great, thank you for doing this interview, I really appreciate it." You nod your head, and exit the production trailer. This interruption brought the band back to reality.

> You say "Andy, what do you mean by "I guess?" Is Bjork gonna be on the album or not?"
"Oh, yeah. Yeah." He nervously answers. "We've been in contact with her for a while now..."
"You tripped and contacted her on Skype, didn't you?" You ask the obvious. It becomes quiet.
"Who even use Skype these days?" MC Ride asks condescendingly. "That app died two years ago."
"Jeez, glad we have a professional musician in the band for technical accuracy..." Nick adds.
You were taken aback. "Nick Reinhart, What are you doing here!? Are you gonna be on this album, too?"
"Yeah," he sheepishly laughs while scratching the back of his head. "Zach asked me to add some trumpet parts in a few songs." Looking back at Andy, he finishes the conversation. "Maybe our producer invited her, but I can't confirm that."

> You say "Her? so wait, is Bjork actually coming here for real?"
"Oh yeah, you didn't catch that. Yeah. She already got here." "And you didn't bother to tell me?" Hella annoyed. You flip him off, and head out to find her.
"By the way, can I show you the album cover for Bottomless Pits?" Said Ride, who shows an image of him, Zach, Andy, Bjork, and you pissing into a hole on a ground. The stream forms the Death Grips logo. "We couldn't fit Nick on the picture because he's doing an album by himself again."
"Ha, ha." Said a dry Zach.
After you took a look at the crude Photoshop job, you start wandering about the stadium to find her.

> You say "Bjork, where are you?"
A faint voice guides you inside, inside what seems to be a very large and empty crew bus. "I'm around here...." Is all she says. After a turn or two in this maze of buses, you find her laying down and sitting up in the crew's lounge.

> You say "What are you doing?"
"Just laying here." She slowly answers. "Giomagoististific..."
She sure looks tired. Hell, you're tired. The past few weeks fooled you up.
"Aren't you suppose be working on the album track list or something?" You ask joking.
"Andy and Zach say it's decided, but I know for a fact they didn't even start on it yet. So I was rewriting lyrics."
This piqued your interest. "Oh, can I read your rewrites then? I think Ride will like what you wrote!"
She stuck out her tongue and says "No,"
"Aw..." You whine.
"But you can sit here and chew my ear off if you want."
You watched this girl.
Zach found you and Bjork, and tells the both of you that they're about to start recording.
"Check the headset sockets to talk to each other. You can always chat with everyone through the studios." He said, and zipped away as usual.
The atmosphere here is really lucid as you and the rest start working. Fending off any questions with "Let's just get this over with", Andy got started on the drum samples. Minutes later, you're already feeling hands in your ears as he starts with the percussion. The sparse patterns are brutal, but you begin to notice a certain structure under his rhythms.

> You improvise a melody with your flute, trying to go along with Andy's drum samples.
It's pretty hard, but it sounds rather pleasant and the first song is done rather quick. All of your waters had been stormed immediately as you and the rest of the group contribute. The white noise Andy was playing gave everything a smoother tone.
Then, MC Ride and Bjork starts performing over the beat. For a change of pace, Ride decided to sing smoothly with an angelic voice, while Bjork screams into the mic to the point of clipping the audio. The vocals add another layer to the base you and the group already created. There were several mixing and mastering problems afterwards, but all together, this was a favorite of yours. Red City went on to be a single.
And studio time is over, again.
You and the band start filming the music video for the song Red City. It's very dark, Andy runs away from his shadow that seems to have a life of it's own, it gets very hairy, and at the end he falls through abyss... Where does it lead? Where does any of it lead? No one really asked those question though.

> You read the comments on the Red City music video.
Hell of a video, best one you did so far. A fan comments an hour after it's release.
]\ Well what a surprise, someone liked a thing you made...You ponder deeply on it's existence on the webpage, and contemplate more existential things. Why was something given attention?
After numerous months of grueling recording work, Bottomless Pits is finally ready for release. You get early review copies handed to music sites, and wait for their thoughts.
A month passed, and the record is finally released. The well known critic Stingbee gives it a rare 10/10, the thread explodes with responses. 500 comments in the first hour. Several shares and retweets from various artist and musician page
Things couldn't be better.
But then, something tragic happened. Something no one could have even conceptually conceived. Something that would change recorded history.
The Internet dies.
That's right, the entire world wide web suffered some kind of catastrophic event that rendered it useless.
"OH NO! If it wasn't for the internet, Death Grips wouldn't been popular!" You cried out, saddened by the loss of the internet.
"Get the TNT, we're blowing it up!" Andy suggested.
Unable to find any, you use natural alternatives.
You stroke your beard in thought, consideration and reflection on today's challenges and hardships. How would one reflect in a state where no technology or luxury is provided for you in the world you're living in-- just trees, wood, mountains, rocks and dirt. Of course, you have companions with you to keep you company. It's amazing when you think about it.
Despite the loss of the internet, Bottomless Pits was a miraculous success! So much so, it encouraged everyone to make a new internet! Governments, small startups and even celebrities creating their own intranets to combat the loss. It takes a long time to finish, but eventually everyone is online once again.

> You say "Hooray!"
The new internet is titled 'Bottomless Puts', because apparently there were copyright issues with the name. You snicker internally at this childish joke every time you see the title screen.
Along with these happy events, has come some changes.
It was time to leave Death Grips.
Following the releases of your #1 hit single I've always been your nightmare, the lavish sound of Magic Sword, and That Lying B*tch Verse 3, you make a video announcement to the world. If anything it made things more clear. In your words "Death Grips was a experiment wrapped in weird art, and lyrics. I'm leaving the group to make EDM now, because dance music videos have 10x more views". People were quick to vilify you as 'traitor', and wave of hate crimes wave through California. You just laughed at first. After all, as the top EDM artist on the planet you had every right to mock peasants who couldn't keep up with your artistic endeavors.
MC Ride, Zach Hill, Andy Morin, Bjork, and Nick Reinhart all bid farewell to you. It was sad that they could not keep up with you intellectually. You dedicated your first #1 single into worshipping Satan to them. You wonder if the five of them are burning the book of Exodus right now, it would be just like them.
Despite the hate and criticism, you were able to dance your way into winners lounge of music with your next song Dog Fashion Conductor with Thunderheist 16. The drop was immense and melodic. You laugh with your 'ilk' at those still shocked about you changing. The EDM purists didn't approve, nor the fellow dancers. Of course this is all just silly vehemence. The public loves it so much it gets you a #1 on the billboard, another Grammy, AND an alternative Grammy.
With all this success, you come to realize something: your music sucks.
Yes, Dance music may be popular, but what you make your isn't real dance music. It's nostalgic, corny, it doesn't make you want to dance--in fact it makes you not want to listen to it! It angers you sometimes, how have you been succesful with this kind of 'music'?
It doesn't make any sense.
You hate the people who bought it. Didn't they realize that your music sucks?
You must justify this somehow.
As you read negative reviews of your songs, you got curious and looked up reviews for Bottomless Pits. An overwhelming majority of it was positive! Despite the band not being the biggest name, they have earned more respect than you would ever have. How is this possible?
"They had the ingenuity, they had perfect commitment, imagination-- everything that I lack." You whisper to yourself. At this moment you face reality, then spit on it.
"I'm an insult to music. But im not taking it lying down." Thunderheist 16 gets nominated for best song, you decide that you're not gonna go. Only 2 touring band members accept the award for you-- wisely, considering you would have insulted the audience in general had they attended with you.

> You say "It's time to start fresh. It's time I think outside the box and make some truly boundary pushing music!"
Black Lagoon changes both your mindset and your deeds. Gone are the humoristic EDM beats-- in your next album you drown yourself in complete darkness. You hand-draw a rock album displaying a rock in space, with a planet and a comet behind it. It makes you think about life and existence. Are we all alone in a seemingly infinite universe? What happens when we die?
Meanwhile, Death Grips are performing songs off of Bottomless Pits. It's amazing how large of an audience it has. It warms your heart seeing that your message touched so many! You predicted that our society was getting dumber, and regrettably you were right.
With nowhere else to go but up, you set out to record new music. The End
...EXCEPT NOT REALLY! It was all a dream, and you find yourself in the place where the bus run you over. MC Ride, Zach Hill, Andy Morin, Nick Reinhart, and Bjork look at you, happy that you've survived. You've been put into this situation before, but you don't know if that was the dream or not. In any case it doesn't stop you from trying to escape this dark tunnel for the millionth time.

> You say "So guys, do you know the way out of this tunnel?"
Zach Hill ends up taking the lead through this snakeridden, pitch black tunnel. Behind you, MC Ride and Nick Reinhart engaging in a deep conversation.
"Man, think if we're denying ourself of accepting reality," says Nick.
"I don't follow you."
"I mean, we're in a dark tunnel going to the unknown. The only difference gap between our existence and a worm is that we have hands. Other than that, it's all the same shit."
Zach tells Nick to stop being so nihilistic and help push a boulder that can lead them out of the tunnel. A montage begins, with three band members pushing the giant rock. Eventually, you and the surviving riders roll via conveyor belt to solid ground beneath. Before you stands a massive city.
"Where are we and why are we in a karaoke bar?" asks Nick.
You get excited! "Oh my god, this is the perfect moment to play our songs on-stage!" You grab a document titled 'Death Grips - Songs' and run over the adjacent bridge.
"What are you doing!?" Andy screams at your disobedience. "Fuck you, you colorless prick!" You scream without looking at him.
MC Ride and Bjork get up on-stage and start singing and rapping. These are the following lyrics:
Many early morning mornings, ghostlike, thick-skinned, I float
Through fractures and vacancies -- dust and gasps, lifts and curbs
Clusters of cubes and misery -- the life expectancy is value
Offered to stains on a sturdy mattress -- evenings color the bricks
Reluctant preps and fingerprints -- c-c-c-cold like a polar bear
Is it too late? Won't you entertain me?
As an ending.
With your moms, needs medication!
The audience went insane over Ride's verses, and they wanna hear Bjork do her thing. This is her verse:
I miss your breaks, distance a kiss I grasp
I beat the chest, exclaim, "Somberness pass."
I've seen in scenes where terror means chasing storms
I now add drama to storms chasing dramatics.
Life out of order, didn't alleviate ration.
I've overcome obstacles -- with abilities naturally gifted.
I'll fluctuate pacing till I innovatively fix it
Closing your eyes, you peer into your mind to let the music hijack you.
Everyone LOVED Bjork's performance, and this inspired you to start singing and rapping like your two heroes. You get up on-stage, and start your verse:
Perfection is something I constantly chase but I don't really have to because it's within me (c'mon!)
It's a myth that anything worth having is achieved easily--this is a message to Michael Jackson. At your verse's completion, everyone boos.

> You sob in reaction to the audience booing, and ran off stage.
Ride and Nick knew you weren't emotionally stable enough to withstand a negative response, so they went after you, with Nick successfully picking you up.
"Don't worry, kid. It happens sometime"
You don't care enough to dwell on cloud nine anymore. All you wanted to do was sing and rap, but the way everyone shunned you on-stage made you realize that pursuing this avenue of interest would be a futile endeavor.
Ride notice you giving up on following your dreams, and he gives you some advice.
"If you love music as much as I think you do, then don't let one-hundred angry reveler dictate your future. You can rap by making youtube videos. They can't boo that."
Great! A new outlet for rapping!
Suddenly, the audience start chasing after you and the group, pitchfork in hand.
"Where da fuck is security!?" you hear Bjork scream.
You turn around and... holy fuck, there is alot of them! Are the Gathering's attendees ALL chasing you?
"The 90's called, they want their clothes back," says Andy, sarcastically.
After a long absence, J-HELL makes a reappearance! Wearing big hip rubber boots, overalls 2 sizes too big and a shirt simply reading Stupid All Yeah, the heavy-set black haired woman wears the costume of a character she used to enjoy. She cartwheels towards the leader of the mob, flipping endless amount of knives in hand.

> You escape J-HELL's knife show, and get the rest of the group out of the karaoke building.
You unlock the crew from their shackles as J-HELL flips every knife in her possession towards the oncoming army.
You decided you had enough of this nonsense, and use your phone deciphering skills to open a portal back to the recording studio. You were in it to help create the new Death Grips album, not deal with satanic rock bands.
"Who mixes music and runs?!" is what Andy would scream in the nick of time.
Bjork takes lead as everyone blasts through the portal... right back into the physical recording studio.

> You say "Alright, let's actually record music for once!"
Nick begins disassembling his boom box as Ride gathers everyone around in the cargo area of the helicopter.
"Alright," he bluntly expresses, "Let's bring out brushes, guitars, percussion and our singer!"
It's time to rehearse!
You get out a tracklist of songs for the band to improvise. There's a total of 13 songs, and the following are:
1. Nicht
2. 808 demonic title (left blank for your finishing song)
3. 1.1 Fallout
4. Spiel nich
5. Merrily...
6. OhFollowRiver
7. Da capo
8. Introlude {my darkest moments}
10. DeathNextTime-band
11. We_are_his Doctors
12. 3Oh!3
13. The_Passion_of_Meliodas