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have a happy, humble day! (or not.)

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'have a happy , humble day!'

what an odd place. really.
every since he found himself here, standing in this weird apartment, he had been feeling off. in what way? just... off. weird. everything around him seemed to be like it was from a video game : an old one. something hed see when he was a little kid. and not only that, but he couldnt seem to remember, well, anything. everything inside of his mind was blurred and faded like something was taking up the majority of the vast space. things just felt different then how he normally felt. he actually didnt know how he normally felt, he just knew it seemed off.
the second he stepped out of his room, he felt a sense of fear drape over him. his apartment wasnt bad, it just felt like something hed see in a horror video game made by such a small team. maybe that was telling him something.
there was a uniform hung over the wall that had the logo for his new job printed onto it. 'happys humble burger farm'. what a weird name for a burger place, huh? he never really thought about it when he first moved in, but now that he was the one wearing the uniform he knew it was more than it seemed. seriously. it was probably nothing though, considering the place only sold burgers and stuff. basic fast food chain, nothing wrong with that. surely.
he tore off the shirt from the hanger and just tossed it on over his shirt. he was just wearing a somewhat grey colored button down type shirt, nothing too messy nor formal. he was only going to work at a burger place, he didnt need to get on a whole suit for it. the shirt was quite large on him, but he liked with clothes were bigger than they needed to be. it felt comfortable. and he was going to need comfort after working here.
the bathroom was right next to wear the shirt hung from, so he thought hed take a quick visit. just to brush his hair and make sure he looked okay and not like a total fool. he probably looked like a total fool anyway (working at happys must make people think that...).
his hands ran through his hair for a few minutes, him trying to fix it into the right spot. he wished he had something to fix it with, but there was nothing just laying around in the apartment. kinda odd how he didnt take anything with him? kinda odd how he didnt even remember moving here. it just felt like he was born here : he just appeared out of no where into this town. his eyes shot up in the mirror, looking at his palms stuck in his dark hair. he pulled them away only for his hair to stick out. "no, stop that... why does it do this?" he hummed to himself, biting his lip. looking in the mirror, he furrowed his eyebrows and passed his fingers through his bangs. they flew backwards, and his hair stuck right back up. he patted the parts that stuck up, then gave up. his hair wasnt going to work today.
in the mirror, he caught a glimpse of his name tag. what was on it didnt sound like a normal name someone would give a human child. it sounded more like a name given to a robot in a sci-fi flim. 'e7'. e7? was his name e7? come to think of it, he didnt even remember his name. maybe this really was his name and he was just being stupid. e7, huh. that was his name now. there was no changing that.
he whirled around once he started hearing the beeping. it sounded like a phone ringing in the distance. it was going to drive him mad if he didnt find out what the hell it was. on his way out of the bathroom, he eyed the weird looking closet in the bathroom. why was there just a closet in a bathroom? who has that?
sitting on his counter was a commutator, the one fast food workers stick in their ears and stuff. he picked it up and flicked it on, hoping whoever was on the other side couldnt hear him. his eyes squeezed shut tight.
the voice on the other side of the line designated himself his 'boss'. okay. he thought hed have a boss, but this guy just sounded weird. he didnt sound like a boss. he sounded more like someone youd be friends with. the kind of friend youd like, go out drinking with on a saturday night. that kinda guy. this couldnt have been his boss? e7 swallowed hard.
he fumbled with his keys, like hed need them, trying to get a grip on them. "i swear to..." he paused what he was going to say and straightened. a weird feeling arose inside of him. not sure of what he was, he quickly locked his door and raced down the steps. he pressed his shoulder against the door and ran outside. he really, REALLY didnt want to be late his first day. but for now, he sat across the street waiting for the bus. he pressed the bright red button and sat there, rocking back and forth. his hands dug deep into his pockets.
of course, he wasnt that nervous. hed be putting his hands on burgers all day long, but did he care? he would have to deal with pushy customers and his boss, too... okay, hed rather go without that. but, whatever! whats the worst that could happen?