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Loquacious' 2006 Birthday Presents

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He'd waited thirty three years to set pen to paper in this way.  In a shaking scrawl, the name took form on clean parchment under the declaration that Frodo had so carefully inked out the week before in beautiful calligraphy.

The red ink came out, and the pen went around.  Paladin and Eglantine claimed first right to witness this momentous occasion, signing their names in clear print.

Fredegar Bolger's name went down next.

Meriadoc Brandybuck, Esquire, claimed the pen and signed in flowing, showy calligraphy.

Samwise Gamgee put his name down in simple block letters.

And finally, the two who honored him most by their presence.

Frodo Baggins took the new eagle-quill pen offered and set his name down in the beautiful letters his uncle had taught him.

And last, but certainly not least, fragile elf-runes spelled out on tan parchment: Elessar Telcontar.

"Well Peregrin Took," Strider commented blowing lightly to dry the final delicate stroke, "the King has witnessed it.  You are officially an adult."