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Warriors? More Like Breeders

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Six women wearing very scantily outfits are seen walking in a forest as they headed towards their next destination. These group of girls were known as the Bikini Warriors who're in search of the

"Aaaaaah, how much longer do we have to walk Paladin?" Fighter moaned as she slumped her shoulders. "We've been walking for hours and we still haven't found the village. My legs are about to give up."

"It's not that far Fighter," Paladin assured her friend as she gave a a gentle smile. "

"She's right." I can see the outpost from here." Valkyrie pointed out as she pointed at a wooden tower in front of them. It was worn out meaning the town had been in a fight before.

"Finally I can take a rest from all that walking." Mage took a breath of relief, her tits jiggling from the action. The girls let out cheers as they headed towards their destination. But Dark Elf noticed something wrong.

"Hey. Is that smoke I see?" Dark Elf asked her friends as they immediately stopped and looked. Sure enough, smoke and fire billow out through the settlement as they heard several shouts and sounds of swords clashing.

"The village is under attack!" Fighter exclaimed.

"Everyone get ready!" Valkyrie instructed the group as she got her lance into a fighting stance. Hunter draws her bow, Mage got her staff and the rest drew their swords as they went towards the source of the sound

The Bikini Warriors towards the entrance of the village in order to help the citizens there. But as soon as they got there, what they were met with a surprise. Throughout the town, they saw many mercenaries cut down knights and townsmen in their way. Some tried to fight back, but the invaders' numbers proved too much.

But the women suffered a terrible fate as they were being raped on the spot. Screams and moans escaped their mouths before being stuffed by the cocks of the lustful bandits. Even teenagers and young girls are no exception to the orgy.

"What is happening?! Who're these guys and why are they fucking every girl and woman they see?" Mage said in shock as she witness a woman being fucked by five men and her daughter beside her being anally rutted.

"Well, well, well. Look what do we have here boys." A man's voice snapped them out of their stupor as they turn to face a man with a greatsword and a red cape walking towards them with a cocky smirk. Vult was hollowed by another man named Hicks and several of the Black Dogs besides them.

"Who are you?" Paladin demanded, raising her sword at his throat. "And what is happening here?!"

"The name's Vult, leader of the Black Dogs mercenaries." Vult introduced himself, unfazed. "And what you're witness is a village being annexed by the newly crowned Sex Empire, where women are nothing more than sex slaves to every man and monster."

"We'll stop you!" Fighter declared as she and her group got into a fighting stance. However, the men around them merely laughed at their display

"Ho, ho, ho! Looks like we got a lively bunch here boss!" Hicks sneered as he and the Black Dogs stared at the women with lust in their eyes.

"You can try. Those Dawn Templars and Iris Knights said the same thing, only to become fucktoys." Vult said as he brandished his weapon, his subordinates following soon. The Bikini Warriors readied themselves.

"Charge!" Fighter let out a war cry as she and the other Bikini Warriors went into battle with the Black Dogs.

And it was very clear who won the fight.

"Ugh! Ugh! Nigh!" Fighter moaned as she was being fucked doggy style as a Black Dog was rutting her from behind, his cock thrusting up her ass as her DD-cup tits swayed from the force of his thrusts. Sweat pouring down her body as she's being in this position for nearly an hour.

To say it was short was an understatement. Barely a minute had passed, and the girls were easily defeated and were disarmed of their weapons. It didn't take the Black Dogs to immediately started fucking them as right of conquest.

"Hahaha! You women like to talk all big, yet you can't speak properly once a cock enters you." The men fucking Fighter jeered as he slapped her ass, enjoying her butt cheeks jiggle from his action as Fighter yelped and moaned as eh continued to rut the woman. With a final thrust, the man moaned as he came inside Fighter's ass, sending warm jizz into her backside. Fighter shivered as she felt her ass being filled up by semen.

The man pulled his cock out and another one replaced him, stuffing his cock in her ass as he started thrusting a new. Fighter whined but was unable to fight back in her condition. Another Black Dog decided to silence the 'warrior' with his cock and muffled her protests. Around her, her fellow Bikini Warriors were subjected to being gangbanged by the Black Dogs.

Dark Elf was on top of Hunter as their DDD and DD-cup tits mashed against each other as two men were fucking them, one below Hunter and one on top of Dark Elf. Both were also licking and sucking on a cock as he thrusted into their mouths. Their tongues swirls around the mercenary's rod as their vaginal walls were stretched by the men.

Paladin was on her knees with three Black Dogs in front of her. Her hands stroking two cocks on the left and right while using her mouth and DD-cup tits on the center, loud slurping noises escaping her lips. Another Black Dog was behind her thrusting into her pussy. Her eyes were hazy as she seems to have given up and easily accept their cocks.

Hicks seems to be enjoying Valkyrie all to himself as he had her facing a wall of a house while thrusting his cock into her pussy, lifting up one leg in order to go deeper inside the blonde warrior. Valkyrie seems to have surrendered just like Paladin as she was kissing Hicks while fingering her own cunt to reach her own climax.

Lastly, Mage was at the mercy of their leader as he sat on a chair while Mage bounced on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. "Hehehe, like I said. You're no match for the king of the Sex Empire." Vult let out a good laugh as he reached forward and cupped Mage's D-cup tits to give it a rough squeeze, making her whimper in pleasure.

He turned to Fighter and gave her a grin. "So how about it? You surrender yourselves to us and we'll give you more of these. You're friends seems to like it?" Fighter only let out a muffled moan as her eyes rolled while getting fucked. "I'll that as a yes."

After roughly an hour had passed, all the Black Dogs moaned as they simultaneously came into their spoils, releasing white hot liquid inside or on the Bikini Warriors. The women let out moans or muffled moans as they're creampied by their captors. Pussies and asses here being filled to the brim while those cock not inside any hole were sprayed all over their bodies. The Black Dogs weren't done however.

Vult held Valkyrie by her legs as she was being impaled on his cock in a standing position. Her mouth open and tongue hanging out as as Mage and Hunter were forced to lick her pussy and Vult's cock while being rutted in the ass by two Black Dogs. Vult held a smirk on his face as he held the warrior while ruthlessly fucking her pussy. Eventually, the three girls got their pussy and asses filled with jizz from the Black Dogs.

Fighter, Dark Elf and Paladin were lined up and pinned in a mating press position by the Hicks and two Black Dogs as they pounded their cunts with their big cocks. Moans and groans escaping their lips as the mercenaries gave them a forced french kiss. Their lubricated cocks and cum-filled pussies made their actions easier. Soon, they were rewarded with another of semen to their cunts.

Afterwards, Vult and his group regularly fucked the Bikini Warriors in different positions: Fighter and Mage were in a threesome with Hicks, Dark Elf was ganbanged my multiple Black Dogs, Hunter has three cocks in her pussy and two in her mouth and Vult and Valkyrie were in a standing 69 position.

By the time they were done the Bikini Warriors were no more than cum stained properties to the Black Dogs along with the other women of the village they'd pillaged. Vult let out a smirk on his face as he walked up to cum-covered Fighter and lift her by her hair. "Hm, you'll make a nice addition to my upcoming harem." He dropped her to the ground and she said nothing more.

"Gather the women and take them back to our base, we'll be using them later after we've taken Queen Olga's castle." Vult ordered his men.

"Consider it done boss." Hicks nodded as he and the Black Dogs picked up townswomen and girls and proceeded to carry them to the wagons while the rest cleaned up the corpses of the slain militia and townsmen to be used as a staging area.

"Just another day for the Sex Empire." Vult mused to himself as he witness the Bikini Warriors being tossed into wagons and headed back to their hideout.