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Tenshi's Peaceful Day

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In 2019, after the ‘Animal Spirit Incident’, Tenshi went to the Hakurei Shrine to meet up with Reimu. “Hi Reimu, how is it going?” Tenshi said.

While Reimu was a bit busy right now, she greeted her anyway.

Reimu: “Ah! Hi Tenshi, sorry but I have no time to talk with you, I am busy with something.”

Tenshi: “Busy with what?”

Reimu: “the usual, exterminating yokai’s, sweeping the dust and other stuff.”

Tenshi: “Man that’s boring, how about playing Chess, that would be fun. In fact, you’ll feel a little bit relaxed.”


Reimu agreed, it would be boring if she does this without any rest. So Tenshi prepares the chess board on the table, putting the pieces onto its place and that's when the game starts.

While Reimu has some experience, it is never compared to Tenshi’s, she is a master at chess, as expected she defeated Reimu easily. She was surprised how good Tenshi was at Chess.


Tenshi said farewell to Reimu after having some games of chess, and left the shrine with her keystone. While she is on her keystone, Tenshi is a bit hungry since she hasn't eaten anything yet, so she decided to go to Misty Lake in hope to catch a good fish and eat it. While she is trying to catch a fish, she sees two fairies playing danmaku in the middle of the lake. While she likes to play with them she concentrates on catching the fish. Even though she missed the opportunity to play danmaku with the fairies, she at least caught the and began cooking it, after that she starts to eat it. She was full and satisfied and so continued her journey, thinking that it would be great to talk with friends and have fun on the skies, but for now she has to go back to her house and take a nap.


The next day she plans to meet Suika and play danmaku. So first she prepared breakfast so she would not starve, and then she took her spell cards and went to the Underground. After some time she finally meets Suika, who is drunk.


Suika: “Hey∽ *hic* wanna drink some alcohol?”

Tenshi: “Uh no… In fact I want to have a duel with you.”

Suika: “Oh, is that so? Then I will accept your offer!”


They went out from the Underground, and without a countdown they started to fight. Tenshi is dodging Suika’s bullets while also shooting her multiple keystones. Suika used her first spell card “Ghastly Air ‘Deep Fog Labyrinth’” to her, so Tenshi will have no chance to escape. It was so difficult that the bullets damaged her, luckily Tenshi captured the spell card. Suika’s second spell card is “Hell ‘Sigh of Purgatory’” , which is a bit easier to Tenshi. Then she used “Sky of Scarlet Perception of All Humankind” on Suika who received an amount of damage. Tenshi won the battle while Suika was pissed that she lost, but accepted the defeat.


Tenshi was about to leave the Underground, then Suika came to ask her something.


Suika: “Hey Tenshi, are you going to come back next time?”

Tenshi: “Uh… I don’t know, maybe after tomorrow?”

Suika: “Alright, have a good day then!”


Tenshi waved back to Suika and went back to home. She is thinking about what she has to do before coming back to the Underground. She went to her bed and went to sleep.