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The Green Scarf

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Ibushi had started learning how to knit for the past few weeks. It was just a hobby he picked up to help him de-stress. And it was working. It was definitely something he enjoyed.

The first few things he made were obviously not that great. But he was happy to realise he was getting better at it. However, he couldn't just keep everything he made or else he'd eventually run out of space in his wardrobe. So he decided a good way of getting rid of that problem would be to make things for other people instead.

So that was how he found himself in this situation, anxiously waiting for Atsushi at the school's greenhouse.

He hadn't planned to make his first gift for Atsushi. But about half way through making it he had realised he was thinking about him during the whole process. It didn't help that he uncounsciously picked green as the color. So, it made sense to give it to Atsushi, right?

Even so, he couldn't help the hint of nervousness he was feeling. What if Atsushi didn't like it? Of course, he was too nice to ever say something like that to Ibushi's face. So even if Atsushi said he liked it, Ibushi feared it would be a lie to make him feel better.

He heard footsteps coming towards him and looked in the direction of the sound. As he expected, it was Atsushi. He waved at Ibushi with a smile as he approached him.

"Did I keep you waiting for too long?" Atsushi asked.

"Not at all. Don't worry about that." Ibushi replied with a smile of his own.

"I'm glad." Atsushi sighed, then glanced at the bag in Ibushi's hand. "You said you wanted to give me something, right? What is it?"

"Well..." Ibushi quietly took a deep breath, then handed Atsushi the bag. "I actually made you something. I-I'm no sure if you'll like it. And it's probably not the right temperature to wear it right now. B-but I still wanted to give it to you..."

Atsushi grabbed the bag and looked inside. When Ibushi saw his wide smile and a sparkle in his eyes, his heart almost stopped.

"You made this yourself?" Atsushi asked as he pulled the scarf out of the bag.


"It's so nice! Since when do you knit?"

"For quite a few weeks now... Maybe a month and a half." Ibushi felt his cheeks heat up.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it! Thank you so much!" Atsushi wrapped the scarf around his neck, his smile becoming even wider. Ibushi couldn't tell if the hint of pink on his cheeks was blushing or if it was just the scarf making him warm. "It feels so nice. It is getting warmer these days, but... I almost wanna wear it anyway."

"You might get sick if you do that!"

"I know. But still..." Atsushi chuckled. "Thank you so much. I wish I could do something for you in return."

"You don't have to. It's a gift, not a favor."

"I know. But I still wanna do something anyway." Atsushi was silent for a moment as he thought. When he spoke once more, his cheeks had turned red. And some drops of sweat could be seen on his forehead. "When are you free? I wouldn't mind cooking lunch or dinner for you."

Ibushi choked on nothing as he heard that, his face burning up so much that he was almost sweating as well. "If you insist... I'll double check to make sure, but I should be free next Sunday."

"Great! Could we meet at the convenience store and then we go to my place?"

"Sure." Ibushi paused. "I need to get going now, unfortunately. But I'll see you tomorrow."
They waved to each other as Ibushi walked away. However, instead of actually leaving, Ibushi looked at Atsushi from behind some plants.

He had expected Atsushi to take the scarf off as soon as he walked away. Specially given that he had started sweating. But instead, Atsushi held it closer to his neck and nose. He seemed genuinely happy with it.

Ibushi stopped looking at him. He did really like seeing Atsushi happy. But he could almost feel his heart jumping out of his throat.

He was now both nervous and exited to see Atsushi again. Specially for Sunday. But really, he wouldn't mind knitting more things for Atsushi if it meant he'd get to hang out with him more and that he'd see Atsushi using whatever Ibushi made for him.

He stopped that train of thought by force. It was too early to start thinking that far ahead. It was best to just wait and see what Sunday would be like. And then he could maybe think about seeing Atsushi in that scarf during winter.