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Got Cold Feet? (Revised Version)

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Chapter One: Care for a refill? 

The place was crowded and music was playing really loudly at this point of the evening.


It was Sharon's third time in this establishment. She wanted to forget everything and just get some release. Nothing more, nothing less. She also knew the risks in getting involved with strangers of course. And that was why she was always carrying a gun in her purse. Just in case... 

The first two times she had lost her courage and left home alone. Despite getting offers from several candidates she had found to be to her liking. However a one night stand was not something Sharon was used to. Nor even comfortable with. But tonight things were different and she was determined to get her some.

Sharon walked straight into the bar and placed her order. She could feel the eyes on her. It was no wonder though. She was dressed in a skintight green dress withe the hem shorter than she usually wore displaying her long lean legs in the best possible way. Her hair was up in a soft bun leaving her long neck visible as quite the display. The message was quite clear. 

Sharon was sipping from her tall glass. She was also scanning the surroundings for potential candidates. Her eyes landed on a nicely dressed blond standing a little bit farther away. 'Nice, but I think I can do better' Sharon thought about the women, sounding a tad picky in her head, but yeah, she totally was. She continued looking around and when nothing interesting caught her eye, she turned back to her drink. 

She was interrupted from her own thoughts just then by a soft voice close to her asking simply. "May I offer you another drink?" 


Sharon turned around and found a good looking red head standing beside her. Sharon looked pleased and turned back to her drink taking the last sip from it. As she was thinking of taking up on the red head’s offer. But before she could answer her current suitor, something caught her peripheral vision on the left side of the bar. She could not resist looking and noticed a tall dark haired stranger sitting there, all alone. 

Sharon felt strangely drawn and her eyes fixated on the stranger. She decided then and there to take her chances. Sharon turned towards the red head and said politely. "I am sorry, but I have to decline. I just noticed a friend who waved me to come over." A straight lie, pun intended of course, but she did not want to offend the red head either, just in case... 

Sharon left her seat and started walking towards the stranger. The closer she got, she started registering all the qualities she preferred. The stranger was clad in skin hugging dark jeans and tight top, nicely cut dark hair… the list went on. As Sharon got closer, her heart started beating faster. She was not ready for a rejection, not tonight. 

Sharon had reached the stranger after the seemingly long walk over. She sat on the chair next to her target who seemed to be nursing an almost empty glass at the moment.

The stranger noticed the new arrival immediately and turned towards her. The stranger with full lips smiled at Sharon and Sharon smiled back. 

“Can I interest you in a refill?" Sharon then asked stranger. 


The stranger was clearly assessing Sharon before replying. "Yes, please.” The stranger’s voice was low and almost having a velvety quality to it. 


Sharon waved for the bartender and made her order.

The stranger thanked her for the drink and took a sip from the freshly poured glass before turning back to Sharon and speaking to her. "I have seen you here before, haven't I?" 

Sharon was surprised to hear this. She had not seen the stranger herself before, because she would certainly have remembered if she had. But then again, the first two times she had taken off pretty quickly after getting cold feet. 


"Yes, I have been here before.” She replied honestly. “Twice actually. But I did not stay long though." 

“Ah!" The stranger simply replied with a slightly coy smile. ”That's why I could not find you anywhere. Because you were already gone." It was a comment Sharon had not expected though from this stranger and also, having been noticed in such fashion was a surprise to her too.

"If I had known you were looking for me, I would definitely have stayed." Sharon responded with the obvious flirt intended, but feeling a tad giddy as well of the revelation she had just heard. She liked everything about this stranger and did not want to miss what turned out to be her second opportunity with them.

The stranger's eyes were on Sharon now. Mapping her whole body with their eyes. Appreciating every inch and every nuance of it. Sharon could feel the stranger's glance caressing her body and she was getting very warm all over.

Feeling more encouraged now, Sharon started playing the same game. Her eyes were wandering the strangers body. Appreciating the soft feminine curves, with her eyes lingering on the ample breasts as the stranger's cleavage was showing more than what was left to the imagination. Sharon knew she was sold. 

They had not yet even touched each other yet, rather spent a good part of the time in comfortable silence. Staring into each others' eyes and appreciating each others' bodies. Hardly speaking a word for a long while. After some time had passed in this mutual admiration, the stranger asked Sharon.

"Would you be offended if we skipped all formalities and went straight to my place?" Sharon was already on fire and she was ready to go.

"No, not at all.” Was her short answer.

"Alright then.” The stranger offered Sharon her arm. "Your carriage awaits!" 


Sharon took the offered arm and smiled. She was then led into a taxi cab by the stranger and to an adventurous night.


Chapter Two: In bed with a stranger 


After 'behaving well' in the taxi, the two women rewarded themselves with soft touches while standing in the foyer of the stranger's house. It did not take long before Sharon initiated a kiss which turned soon enough into a heated battle of tongues. Tight in a lip lock, their tongues probing, each fighting for dominance. Sharon who usually was in control, in and and all situations, was quickly loosing this battle.The stranger was in charge now. 


Kissing Sharon fiercely, lips never leaving her mouth, the stranger's hands started their exploration down Sharon's body. Her hands moving intently over each and every curve snaking their way under the hem of her dress. Gaining access to the soft, warm pleasure the stranger was slowing down her pace and purposely avoiding her target. Letting her fingers circle the flesh surrounding the pressure point, the stranger heard Sharon's whimpering through their kiss. 


The stranger smiled against Sharon's lips and finally broke their lip lock. She pushed Sharon against the wall for better leverage. Sharon moved her hands onto the strangers shoulders for better support. The stranger latched onto Sharon's neck with her lips, continuing tasting the hot skin. Her lips tracing the soft curves, licking and sucking the pressure points. 


Reaching the hollow between Sharon's breasts, her tongue was moving purposely slowly savouring the salty taste of Sharon's skin. The stranger could feel the finger nails of her lover digging deeper into her own flesh through the thin shirt. She smiled against Sharon's skin, but never stopped her exploration despite the slight sting she felt on her own skin.


With one hand still under Sharon's skirt, the free hand started upwards to Sharon's shoulders, moving the straps of the dress away. Revealing the bare skin of the round globes and giving better access for the stranger. Wasting no time, she moved her mouth on to the hard erect nipple. Sucking and licking, feeling her lover shivering. Not from cold, quite the opposite. The stranger then repeated the treatment on Sharon’s other breast, alternating between the sensitive mounds. 

Her fingers joining the play a little lower, making their way towards the soft wet treasure she knew would be found there. Starting slowly, then adding more pressure, she was circling the taut nubbin with two fingers. Then running her fingers along the cleft between the slick wet folds. She was moving her fingers along Sharon's sex with alternating movements. Hearing pleading sounds coming out from the woman she was holding against the wall was the indicator for her to hasten her pace. 


The stranger added more pressure and moved her fingers around and on the sensitive nubbin. Sucking on Sharon's nipples so hard it almost felt painful, but also, so vert good. Sharon knew she was close for her orgasm. Every fibre in her body was on fire at the moment. She heard incoherent pleads escaping her own mouth. She was finally in a place where the only thing she could care about was her own pleasure, her own release. Soon enough she felt the cold heat rising from between her legs all the way to her hair line. Her fingers were digging deeper into her lover's flesh. Release was upon her. Her new lover was moving her fingers around Sharon's sensitive spot in a most skilful way. 


Soon enough Sharon could feel the sensations where her body started preparing for the explosion. Seeing the colourful flashes behind her closed eye lids and feeling the stiffness all around and then…


"God! Yes!" Sharon heard herself shouting while the orgasm was ripping through her body. 



The couple had ended up in the bedroom after their bout in the hallway. Their clothes were discarded and the two lovers were lying in bed. Continuing with their mutual admiration of each others' naked bodies. Getting to know each other without haste, letting the fingers do the exploring. The stranger then moved closer to Sharon. Her lips touching Sharon's lips. Softly, gently. Her voice almost a whisper as she said the words.

"Are you ready for round two?" 


Sharon looked at her in the eyes in the soft light of the bedroom. She was totally ready. She had been ready for whatever the stranger had in store for her. Sharon nodded without any kind of verbal response.

The stranger then got off from the bed and opened the door to her walk in closet. She stepped inside closing the door behind her and started her preparations. Sharon was left lying on the bed alone. She was anticipating as to what the stranger had in mind. After all, she had some ideas and fantasies, but then again, could only hope... 


The stranger returned soon enough to the bedroom. Sharon could not help admiring her latest conquest. Body perfectly curvy in all the right places with her breasts large and firm. And now, she was standing there, in all her nude glory, tall, lean and erect, literally. The stranger had added to the perfection of what she was a strap-on, with a purple coloured fake phallus attached to complete the ensemble. 


The stranger was slowly moving towards Sharon, who had moved into a sitting position on the bed after wanting to ogle the stranger. Stepping onto the bed, the stranger guided Sharon on her back. Moving over her, the stranger kissed Sharon on her lips deeply and passionately. Once more igniting the fires within her lover. Sharon responded to the kiss as intensely as she could. 


The stranger broke off the kiss and moved her lips to Sharon's neck. Then mapping the body of her lover, while kissing her collarbone, her breasts, her stomach. Slowly moving down to Sharon’s sex, never stopping lip contact with that perfect body of Sharon's. Settling between Sharon's legs, her mouth was on Sharon's sex. Gently at first suckling on her clit. Getting the wanted response from the woman laying beneath her, she moved two fingers to Sharon's opening. Probing there gently before pushing them inside. When finding her lover ready, she slowly started a rhythmic in and out with her fingers. Multitasking with her mouth and fingers, she could feel Sharon tensing up again and her release becoming close. Soon enough, Sharon's walls were encasing the fingers inside of her tightly. Sharon’s body was rising from the bed and another 'Good God' was let out in the heat of it all. 


Sharon was laying on her back, panting heavily. The stranger gave one final kiss on Sharon's sex before she started a slow move up Sharon's body. Leaving kisses here and there on her way. When she was face to face with Sharon, she ordered her lover in a low commanding voice.

"I want you to change you position.”

Sharon not quite sure what the stranger had meant looked at her questioningly. The stranger was then giving her a further order she could understand. "I want you on all fours.”

This time Sharon understood and quickly did as she was told, eagerly so. 


Taking a long look on her lover, admiring the tableau in front of her, the stranger moved closer to Sharon and adjusting her body in position. Anticipating what was coming up next, Sharon spread her legs wider as an invitation the stranger to move in. The stranger placed her hands on Sharon's hips. Then slowly but surely started pushing the appendix inside of Sharon. Little by little giving her lover time to adjust. After a moment she pushed the intrusive extension attached to her own body fully inside of Sharon, hearing her lover gasping upon contact. The stranger then started moving her body, pushing in and and out of Sharon. Slowly and gently but precisely, she was moving a little further inside of Sharon with each push back.


Soon settling to a rhythm with the pace getting quicker on each thrust. The stranger wanted Sharon to feel more and moved her hand to Sharon's soft wet folds finding the familiar and erect nubbin once again. With circular movements on her clit and the dildo pushing inside of her, Sharon was getting closer and closer to her awaiting bliss. She could feel the moment on the rise just before the explosion started and then she heard her own whimpers coming from somewhere deep inside of her, like an echo of sorts.


The stranger feeling Sharon was close hastened her pace. She could feel the friction on her own clit from the strap-on and was trying hard not to get a release before her lover did. She moved faster and faster, pushing the dildo deep inside of Sharon. With her fingers moving in unison on Sharon's clit. With one final push deep inside her lover and then remaining perfectly still. The stranger swore she could feel the tightening of Sharon's muscles around the dildo buried deep inside. It did not take long before Sharon stiffened and let out a few sounds sounding like muffled grunts and curses upon her orgasmic bliss.


Sharon was unable to breathe. She felt the explosion was near and her body was stiff and tingling from her hairline to her toes. When the orgasm started, she was sure she was rising off the bed like being possessed or something similar. She was shaking hard and heard herself scream. 


After making sure her lover had received her pleasure first, the stranger let herself to be taken over by the moment of pleasure and let herself join her partner in the release.


Then finally dropping slack on the bed. Both women now spent, panting and sated. The stranger removed herself from Sharon and landed beside her. Taking a few moments, the stranger then removed her strap-on and moved closer to Sharon, placing soft kisses on her back and neck. 


Body on body, the stranger dragged her own hard nipples on Sharon's hot skin. She kissed along the bareness of the sexy body until her body was fully covering Sharon's. Laying on top of the beautiful woman, waiting for Sharon to have recovered before whispering in her ear.

"Are you ready for the next round?" 


Chapter Three: Until next time? 


Sharon woke up next to a soft, warm body and she smiled happily. She could feel the aches and pains of the night before, but she did not mind. Reluctantly though, she got up and was looking for her dress to make a quick exit of it. Surely it was the agreed protocol for such occasions? 


She was a bit sad also, as she would have preferred to stay. She was about to leave when her partner stirred and opened her eyes and looked straight at Sharon.

"Leaving already?" The stranger asked with a husky morning voice. Sharon was caught and torn and at a loss of words. 


"I, I am not familiar with the protocol in these situations…” Her eyes darted on her lover’s. “But I assumed I was supposed to leave before you woke up."

Her lover was looking at Sharon and without one word got out of the bed and walked to Sharon. She stood in front of Sharon in all her glorious nakedness and put her arms around Sharon and then kissed her. 


"Usually, yes. But you, I would prefer you to stay." She said honestly. 


Sharon looked confused but also glad. Clearly a one night stand was not what her new lover had been looking for either. Despite the bravado both women had managed during the initial meeting and the underlying thoughts leading to it.

"I don't even know your name." The stranger simply stated.

“Sharon." Sharon replied.

"Pleased to meet you, Sharon.” The stranger smiled. “I am Sam.”

Sharon smiled too. ”Can I call you later?" Sharon asked then.


"But of course.” Sam replied. 


She then stepped to her night stand and picked a card from the drawer and handed it to Sharon. 

"Here. You can call either my mobile or office number." Sam said to her new lover. 


Sam then once more kissed Sharon, this time more passionately and demanding, leaving the already torn Sharon even more confused. Sam broke off the kiss and with an evil grin said.

"I will be expecting your call!" 


Sharon hardly managed to get her bearings but then got a few words out.

"Okay then.” And. “Bye!" Before she was out the door. 


Outside the building she waved for a taxi and once inside the car, she let out a deep breath she had not even realised she had been holding on to. 


But she was finally satisfied. Happy too and she had something more to look forward to as well, with her hot new stranger! 



To be continued in Strike a Pose