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I know I'm late, so much to write, not enough time to write it :) I'm posting the last two fics today.

Title: MMOM31 - Thanks!
Author: Beren
Fandom: Merlin, Merlin RPS, Tokio Hotel, Panik, Masters of the Universe, Highlander, Primeval, Killerpilze, Eurovision 2009, Star Trek XI
Pairing(s): lots and various
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved. Any recognisable fandoms are not mine and I'm just borrowing them for fun :).
Warnings: twincest, multiple pairings
Summary: MMOM can leave the participants a little needy and wanting more, so they need thanking.
Author's Notes: Okay, this is just a little fun in the style of such wonderful fics as "Party at Vachon's". It's not supposed to be taken seriously. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word count: 4,345
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Bill lifted his pen, went to sign the autograph and then suddenly there was nothing there to sign. That wouldn't have been a problem normally; it wouldn't be the first time someone had shoved something under his nose and then realised it was the wrong thing, no, the problem was the girl holding it was gone too. In fact the whole crowd was gone and Bill looked up to find that he was not where he expected to be.

"What the fuck!" he heard Tom express the sentiment he was thinking and he turned.

They were in a completely white room, totally featureless and Georg and Gustav were looking as perplexed as he felt. He opened his mouth to ask them if they had any more clue what was going on than he did when there was a commotion the other side of him. He turned in time to see two men he didn't recognise walking along chatting and then coming to a grinding halt. From the looks on their faces they were as shocked as he and his friends.

"Holy shit!" one of the men said in what Bill thought was an Irish accent.

"You can say that again," the other replied and it took Bill a moment to figure out that that had been in English, only he hadn't had to translate it in his head.

The two were a study in contrasts, where one was blond and tanned the other was dark haired and pale, but they quite clearly fitted together. Bill felt their eyes run over him as the pair realised they were not alone.

"What's going on?" the one with the Irish accent asked.

"Haven't got a fucking clue," Tom said in a very annoyed tone and Bill knew it was in German, but saw the other two understand.

Something very odd was going on, that was for sure.

"We just appeared before you," Bill decided to explain and experiment at the same time, using his native tongue.

That made the dark haired man frown and Bill thought the man had picked up on the same thing he had even as the other one began to walk over.

"Bradley James," the blond introduced himself.

"Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav," Bill replied and pointed each out for the other two.

"Colin," the dark haired man offered. "You're not British are you?"

"German," Gustav offered with a nod in Gustav's usual curt way.

"And you're not speaking English," Colin then gave an observation and Bill knew they were on the same page.

"And you're not speaking German," Bill replied so they understood each other, "but in my head it's like you are."

Bill was going to say more, but what he saw to the side made him shut up.

"Communication here is universal," were the words that appeared on the wall as if typed by a giant keyboard.

A yell distracted him and he, along with every one else looked round to see a slim figure falling over. When the head came up and Bill could see a confused then startled face he recognised it; they might not have known Killerpilze personally, but he knew their drummer's face.

"Tokio Hotel?" the teenager said, clearly startled. "Did I just hit my head?"

"No," Bill said, taking pity on the younger boy, "we're as confused as you."

Then he offered the kid his hand and helped the lanky drummer to his feet.

"This is getting weirder by the second," Bradley said and Bill could only agree. "What the fuck is going on?"

The writing on the wall from before was gone, but more began to replace it.

"Everything will be explained, but not everyone is here yet."

"Oh great," Tom said as Bill thought something similar, "there are going to be more of us."

"Bradley, Colin, Fabi," Bill decided it would be quicker to introduce everyone than wait for them to do it themselves.

Fabi gave a little wave, but was clearly very uncomfortable with what was going on. Bill was going to ask another question and see if the wall would answer when his upper jaw began to ache horribly. For a moment it became a stabbing sensation which made him put his hand over his mouth and cry out a little and then it faded back to the ache.

"Bill," Tom said, moving to his side instantly, "are you okay?"

"My teeth," Bill said, having no idea what had happened.

He took his hand away afraid that he might find blood or something, but his palm was clean so he tentatively opened his mouth.

"Jesus," Tom said, eyes going wide, "you have fangs."

"Fangs?" Bill said, startled, and made the mistake of putting his thumb in his mouth and managed to stab it with one of said fangs. "Ow," was the most sensible reaction to that and he stuck his thumb in his mouth and sucked.

The weird thing was, it tasted rather good.

The situation would probably have brought up a whole lot more questions, but the next guests arrived. One of them kind of clanked, since he appeared to be in armour and the first thing Bill noticed was that the two newcomers looked exactly like Bradley and Colin.

"No fucking way!" was what Colin said in a very broad Irish accent.

"Merlin," the one in armour said, "get behind me."

"I don't think so, Arthur," was the other man's response and the pair stood shoulder to shoulder as the aforementioned Arthur lifted his sword.

There was something dangerous about the new pair and Bill decided that this needed to be headed off at the pass.

"No one attack anyone else," he said, taking charge in the only way he knew how; "we're all in the same boat, we were all brought here against our wills."

"Sorcery," Arthur said vehemently and did not change his defensive stance.

"Something like that," Bill agreed and looked over to Bradley and Colin to find that the pair were still staring, "but let's not panic."

"You don't get it," Bradley finally burst out, "we're actors, we play them on TV."

"What's TV?" Merlin asked seemingly much more curious than his friend was.

That at least explained the whole doppelganger thing that was going on. This was getting more and more bizarre by the minute. Fangs were one thing, being faced with characters you played on TV had to be in an entirely different league.

"Could you put the sword down please?" he asked, feeling Tom backing him up at his elbow. "We're all unarmed."

There was a female scream and Bill found himself looking in yet another direction and saw a tall dark haired man standing over what turned out to be a pile of two other people, another dark haired man and a blonde woman. All three were staring back at the rest of them somewhat wild eyed.

"Did any of you see the anomaly that brought us here?" the man on the ground asked.

"If that was an anomaly that was the fastest one I've ever seen," the woman replied.

"I don't know what an anomaly is," it was Fabi who spoke first, "but I expect you got here the same way we did; from thin air. We don't know what's going on either."

The man who was on his feet offered his two companions his hands and helped them up, but kept his eyes on everyone else. Bill thought the uniform might mean the man was military, although he didn't recognise the insignia.

"We were doing an autograph signing," Bill offered, since the man did not seem convinced at Fabi's explanation.

"We were at a fan event," Colin backed him up.

"I was running down the stair to the practice room," Fabi offered in turn.

"We were walking to the tournament field," Merlin said and Bill couldn't help noticing Arthur did not looked pleased.

He was pretty sure the military type would have continued to look sceptical had not the next arrivals made their appearance: a large blond man with muscles everywhere and very little clothing and a younger man with brown curly hair and very wide startled eyes. Bill thought the big man and Arthur might get on since they both had a sword.

"What in Eternia's name is happening?" the big blond man asked. "Kevin, did you hear the key?"

"Nope," was the instant reply.

"That definitely wasn't an anomaly," the other of the men from the previous group said.

"None of us know how we got here," Bill went with short and sweet, "we're as confused as you are."

"Is this some dark magic?" the big man asked.

"No," the wall replied in very large black letters.

"Look," Bill said, "the wall told us we'll get an explanation, but not until everyone is here."

"And when will that be?" the only woman in the room asked.

"God knows," was Georg's thoughts on the matter.

Bill decided to do a quick intro and gave everyone's names that he knew.

"Kevin," the curly haired man replied.

"He-man," the large blond man offered.

"Abby, Connor and Becker," the blonde woman said and gave a quick smile.

Bizarre no longer covered what was going on.

"Where on earth?" a Scottish accent made Bill turn again; wherever they were seemed to like making them spin around.

"Nick!" Connor said in a startled, somewhat disbelieving and then very happy tone and then dashed across the room and threw his arms around the newcomer.

"Connor, what are you doing," Nick asked, clearly shocked by the behaviour, "and what's going on?"

"Um we don't know," Connor replied, delighted about something, "and ... um ... well, last time I checked, you're dead and it's so good to see you."

"Way to go, Conn," Abby said, walking over as well and giving the blond man a hug.

Bill shook his head; so they had actors and the characters they played, musicians, people with dead friends and someone who looked like a barbarian, but seemed incredibly polite.

"This is not where we are supposed to be, Hyde-kun," a surprised, but controlled voice said and Bill's brain tried to tell him he shouldn't understand what was said, but it didn't change the fact that he did.

This time when he looked he saw a tall Japanese man with black hair and a much shorter one with long brown hair, both looked just like everyone else when they had realised they were somewhere impossible.

"I totally agree, Gachan," the shorted man replied.

There was no time for formal introductions since the room seemed to be becoming impatient and two men in robes popped out of thin air, closely followed by four people in what looked like uniforms.

"This is not Hogwarts," the blond of the two in robes said at just about the same time as one of the other four swore colourfully.

"Thanks, Bones," the man in yellow said, looking at the one who had sworn, "that really helps."

"It made me feel better," the man replied, totally unrepentant.

"We do not appear to be on Risa, Captain," the one Bill realised had pointy ears said and it finally hit him: he was looking at Captain Kirk, Dr McCoy, Mr Spock and Lieutenant Uhura.

His brain then caught up with what the blond guy had said and he stared as he recognised them as well.

"Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy," he said in a very small voice.

It was one thing to be faced with people who were from fiction he didn't know, but Star Trek and Harry Potter; those he was familiar with.

"Hi," Harry said, seemingly not to have heard him, "I'm Harry, this is Malfoy, can someone tell us where we are?"

"Thank you, Potter," the blond said, "I am sure I can introduce myself."

The two were clearly not overly friendly, which seemed about right.

"Fuck," said yet another new voice in what Bill recognised as another German accent.

This time there were four newcomers and he recognised them all: Linke, Jan, Juri and Franky from Panik: it was becoming quite a convention. In quick succession there was then the sound of a violin playing that left off with a startled squeak, the sound of someone else falling over and swearing and the clash of swords.

"This is new," said a voice with an English accent and Bill did his best to look around at all the strangers that had just appeared.

The man with the violin was about their age as far as he could tell, the man who had fallen looked like a professional athlete was now on his feet and seemed to recognise him across the room, even if Bill had no idea who he was looking at, and the other two men were standing very still, holding yet more swords and looked as if they had been sparring.

"Welcome one and all," the wall wrote in its big black letters, "now everyone is here. Don't worry you will all be returned to where you came from as soon as we are done."

That wasn't as settling as it was probably meant to be. Never having been one to sit back and just let things happen, Bill leapt in with both feet.

"And what is it we're here for?" he asked, not sure he really wanted to know, but feeling that someone had to ask.

"Fun," the wall replied.

"Why?" Arthur asked, sounding very dubious, but at least the man had put his sword down now.

"To say thank you," the wall told them all.

This seemed like a really weird way to say thank you.

"For what?" Bill asked, before anyone else could say the same thing.

"For being in MMOM," was the unenlightening reply. "The Merry Month of Masturbation," was written next as if the mind behind the wall realised they wouldn't know what it was on about. "You won't remember, but you have all taken part in it and this is your reward. May is fun, but tends to leave participants wanting more and this is your chance. Nothing here has any consequences and you won't remember it when you return to your own worlds. Let go, have fun."

Bill looked at Tom who looked back and then they glanced around the room and he could tell that most people were thinking along the same lines as he was.

"Yes that means have SEX!" the wall said in a very unsubtle way. "Let me help."

Suddenly Bill felt that the world was a little draughtier than it had been and it took him a second to realise he was naked. The thing was, so was everyone else.

"Oh," the wall added, "I gave some of you gifts for today, to help you enjoy more."

Bill ran his tongue over his teeth and decided he was probably one of the ones that had a gift and he wasn't sure if he liked it. The fact that he was naked might have bothered him more except that his eyes were wandering over every one else and he was kind of distracted. Not one of the bodies in the room wasn't worth looking at twice and so he did, deciding that shame could wait for later.

"No consequences at all?" asked one voice and it took him a moment to realise it was Merlin.

"None," the wall replied and Bill could almost hear it grinning.

Could a wall be a voyeur? He was beginning to wonder if there was a consciousness controlling all this, but that was rather a big thought when there was so much flesh on display.

"Arthur, there's something I've been meaning to tell you," Merlin, it appeared, believed the wall.

Merlin, it also seemed, was a very focused individual when he wanted to be and Bill watched as Merlin turned, looked at Arthur, opened his hand and Arthur promptly fell backwards. Before Arthur met the floor some very comfortable cushions appeared out of thin air; white to match everything else and Merlin moved to stand over Arthur.

"You're a sorcerer?" Arthur sounded genuinely shocked and Bill could just about see Merlin's smile from where he was.

"Yes," Merlin said in a delighted tone, "and there's a whole section of spells I've been dying to try."

"Merlin wait," Arthur tried to say, but Merlin was already on the move and the way Arthur arched up and moaned, Bill thought that Merlin had probably already started whatever he had planned.

"What are you doing to me?"

Bill gave Arthur mental points for still being able to speak.

"Teaching you how to let go," was Merlin's response and Bill watched avidly as Merlin sank to his knees straddling Arthur. "I can stop if you want."

The way the pair looked at each other was electric and Bill felt his cock twitch at the very sight.

"No," Arthur said as the moment held and then collapsed back on the cushions as Merlin continued working his magic.

"Fuck, that's hot," it was Bradley who spoke.

Bill was not remotely surprised when Colin took a leaf out of his doppleganger's book and grabbed Bradley, pulling the blond into an embrace that was topped off by a scorching kiss. They definitely seemed to have the right idea and as Bill looked at his friends and his twin he could see Gustav and Georg eyeing each other. The words "no consequences" reverberated in his mind and he looked at Tom. Bill had secrets, deep secrets that not even Tom knew and one of them was floating at the front of his mind.

When Gustav moved and leant towards Georg, whispered in the bassist's ear Bill knew what was going to happen next and he felt the arousal swirling in his belly even more. It was typical of Gustav to talk first and act second, ever careful, but when Georg wound an arm around Gustav and lowered his head for a kiss Bill felt the breath catch in his throat.

"Oh god," Tom said, standing next to him, "I should not be finding that hot."

It was a logical thought and Bill realised that where they were there was no place for logic.

"Tom," he said even as Tom's eyes were fixated on their friends.

Tom turned and looked at him.

"Forgive me," he said and then launched himself at his twin.

He wrapped himself around Tom like a human octopus and kissed his twin with all his might. For a moment Tom didn't seem to know what to so and then to Bill's surprise his twin was kissing back and arms were winding around him as well. It was such a relief that he laughed into the kiss.

"I feel it too," Tom whispered and it was then that Bill realised people were looking at them.

There was speculation on some faces, but outright shock on those that knew who they really were.

"Get your own," was all he said and went back to kissing Tom.

It was heaven and he let himself get lost in it very quickly. Whatever MMOM really was he had it to thank for this and he put his mind to blowing Tom's. As it turned out, Tom was better at this game than he was and although they discovered he was stronger (something to do with the fangs he concluded after he pinned Tom to some of the miraculously appearing cushions) he finally decided to let Tom lead.

He really didn't care what the others were up to as he explored Tom's body and Tom explored his. In fact he ignored everyone else until he felt someone move in close behind him.

"Mind if we join you?" a fresh faced American, one of the last two to arrive asked as he turned to find out what he sensed. "I'm Richie, this is Methos."

There was something about the two men that made Bill sit up and take notice, but he wasn't sure he wanted to share Tom. When he looked though, he couldn't help but noticed that most of the other groups around the room seemed to be larger than two now. People were definitely getting into the whole idea.

"I'm perpetually nineteen and he's thousands of years old," Richie said with a grin, "and we think you two are possibly the most spectacular pair here."

Bill looked at Tom, who shrugged in a non-commital, almost agreeable way.

"I get him first," was all Bill said, looking back at the two men and he smiled to reveal his fangs.

He was feeling decidedly possessive, but he did not object when Richie moved in behind him and Methos moved in behind Tom. Hands touching him felt really good and he turned his attention back to Tom.

"What do you want from me?" Tom asked, pupils blown with arousal.

"Everything," Bill replied and then sank his fangs into Tom's neck.

It was an instinct he didn't understand, but one he had to follow and Tom gasped and shuddered in his arms.

"Oh fuck, Bill," Tom could barely speak and his name on his twin's lips sent Bill into ecstasies greater than the sweet blood in his mouth.

He didn't drink long, but he understood the gift for what it was; in those moments he felt all of Tom, understood his twin even better than he ever had and joined them at a base level. It made him change his mind about where he wanted this to go and he broke away, looking Tom in the eyes.

"Take me," he said simply, "take all of me."

It was the closest they could possibly be and Bill wanted to give Tom that. He knew they would not remember this when they were returned home, but he hoped he would feel it in his soul.

Whatever they needed the room provided and Bill had no idea what he was doing, but let himself be guided by the two men who had joined them. He didn't know them, but they seemed to understand what he and Tom needed and when Tom finally pushed into him he thought his mind might break. It was like nothing on earth he had ever experienced before and by the end he had no idea what was really happening; the only thing he understood was Tom's touch. When he was spent, wrung out of everything he had, all he knew was that Tom was there with him and it was wonderful. This was more than thanks; it was paradise.

Things all rolled into one after that. Bill knew he participated, knew he had sex with at least three other people and touched even more, but it was one haze of sex. Tom was there all the time and that was all he cared about. It turned out magic users were a great deal of fun and they had four in their number, even if Linke had been incredibly shocked to find he had magical powers. Seemed he was a fast learner though and along with Merlin and Harry and Draco spread his magic around liberally. Pinning He-man to the ground while Kevin fucked the big man senseless and he fucked Franky had been an interesting one and Bill remembered watching that as he lay in the pile of cushions exhausted and spent after what had to have been hours.

Then there had been the two Japanese men, musicians it turned out, who were both incredibly flexible. Bill had had no idea some of the positions he'd seen from those two were possible. Richie and Methos were also very talented and had paid up in full, having seemingly endless stamina which Bill had tested when he'd tasted Methos with his teeth. That had been a buzz and a half. It turned out the violinist and the althete who had had no time to introduce themselves were in fact Alex and Sakis, musicians as well, and had proved they made beautiful music together and apart. Georg and Gustav had ended up with Juri and Jan from Panik and the drummers had seemed to be out to prove something that Bill hadn't bothered to pursue the one time he'd been paying attention to them. The four members of Starfleet seemed to find the four members of the ARC team very agreeable and at one time or other all the men in the room had stopped to appreciate Abby and Uhura getting frisky together. It was an orgy and, although Bill had no first hand experience of anything like it, he figured it was a very good one.

He was half propped up with Tom dozing on his chest and he could see most of the room. They were all done, shagged out in the fullest sense and Bill let his eyes wander. He wasn't sure if Bradley had Colin and Arthur had Merlin, or the other way around, but the four men were ensconced in one corner, dozing just like Tom. Harry and Draco were in another corner with Fabi sleeping between them; Bill had had no idea how inventive the young drummer was, but he knew now from what he had seen. Abby and Connor were curled either side of their Nick and Bill didn't think they were going to find it easy to let him go. Becker was, surprisingly, in the arms of the perpetually grousing Bones; not a match Bill would have predicted at all. Kirk and Spock were wound around each other like they were melded or something. Uhura had taken an interest in He-man and Kevin and was only just visible between them, which just left Linke and Franky, about the only part of whom Bill could see under a pile of cushions was a shock of dark hair. He only knew it was both men because he'd seen them dive into the pile.

No one was moving and every face he could see looked sated and he smiled himself. He was so signing up for next year.

The End