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hello everyone. im sure some of yall are aware that i dont censor my tags. im sure that irritates some.

but get this: filters exist for a reason.

im not gonna censor my tags so someone can blindly click onto this and get pissy at me. you know what youre clicking on. my sumarys are usually like "this character fuckin this one" n shit.

i prefer to tag these properly so they CAN be filtered out. dont wanna see a phil/tommy fic? FILTER THE TAG. dont wanna see a top/bottom/switch techno tag? FUCKING FILTER IT.

some of you act like it doesnt exist. i filter my fics all the time. i wanna read gore but not smut? i filter the goddamn tags so theres no smut. its not that complex, i promise. ive been using ao3 for one (1) year and i understand it.

so no, i will not filter my tags, because it is better that people see it, notice the tags, and scroll away than have someone be unable to decipher what theyre saying then get triggered because these are VENT FICS that are based off of MY OWN SEXUAL FUCKING TRAUMA and im not the only one who has experienced incest and is dealing with hypersexuality!

im not being selfish for making sure people know what theyre reading.

thanks, goodbye.