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Everyone Was Happy and Nobody Died

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Prompt 4: It's back to high school and your OTP is forced to work on a school project together. The only trouble is they keep getting distracted…for…some…reason.

Answer: This one is very easy since I can't pick between John/Dave, Dave/Amy, or Amy/John I will just pick John/Dave/Amy! Even though Amy and Dave ended up going to a different high school I don't care. This is AU sort of and whatever they're together and all completely hormone driven. I've never written anything for an OT3 and I haven't written smut in a while so please be gentle with me.

Three hours.

John grumpily gazed around his own basement as he lamented on the number. In front of him sat his friend David and their classmate Amy heavily focused on their school assignment—they were supposed to make some lame game board for International Relations or some garbage—which left nothing but boredom and time to think of those damn three hours. The basement was fully furnished with comfortable sofas, shag carpeting, flat screen TV, multiple game systems, and a plethora of things to do other than work but of course he got stuck with the two brains. The three of them sat around the coffee table, butts comfortably resting on large pillows, but John was the only one that seemingly noticed the time ticking on. He wanted to shoot himself.

Three hours.

That was how long it had been since John's mother had come down to the basement with snacks. She had oh, so kindly promised she would return with McDonalds at two but it was already five and he was on the verge of starving to death. Sure, she had laid out a bunch of pizza rolls, sour cream and onion chips, sodas, red bulls, almonds, and fruit snacks but he had already went through it all. John was a growing boy and needed to constantly eat or else he would grow up lanky and withered away—at least that was how he convinced his parents to constantly stock both of their fridges. Besides, he knew his group partners had to also be hungry.

Amy—or Cucumber as Dave so lovingly referred to her—had thrown up twice in the time they had been there so her stomach was probably empty. Dave had that wild man look he got when his insides were eating at his fat reserves but John knew he wouldn't say anything. The thing about Dave was that he was still pretty unsure about what to do around members of the opposite sex. What he ended up doing was suppressing his every urge until he wasn't even human and then would take out his aggression on himself once they left. But John wouldn't let him do that this time.

John's eye went to Amy who sat hunched over with her arm cradled against her chest to hide her missing hand. He thought she was really pretty, even with her constant vomiting, and knew that Dave thought she was pretty cute too. They had talked about her briefly before she arrived and even though Dave only said she had cool eyes he knew what his best friend really meant. But he could be such a coward sometimes! John was positive he could get a girl if he just puffed his chest out and demanded what he wanted like a cave man!

In fact, he would show him.

"Hey, Amy?"

Her head lifted upward, eyes bloodshot and face slightly red with a blush, "Yeah?"

He knew she had a crush on him and Dave; maybe it wasn't a crush but she was definitely attracted to them because of her constant blushing when faced head on. John also knew she wasn't completely innocent. Big Jim had once complained to him about her constant masturbating and how he had to tell her to use headphones like a normal person because it made him extremely uncomfortable to imagine her touching herself.

"John," Dave used his warning voice.

It was like he knew exactly what he planned on doing but John didn't care. He was going to do it anyway and if she didn't like it she could tell him to fuck off. He would listen.

"I'm pretty hungry here," he began, licking his lips, "Would you mind if I ate your pussy?"

Before he knew it a pillow was in his face and Dave was barking, "John, don't be a fucking asshole!"

"I'm not! I'm just askin-"

"You're such a pervert!"

"It was just a question-"

"You're an id-"


The yelling and scrabbling stopped as they gazed over at the girl sitting across from them. Her face was bright red, a completely different shade from her hair but still making both colors come to life. She was looking down and John could see her chest going crazy with each erratic breath. Amy's eyes lifted to meet them as she spoke confidently, "Okay."


"I want him to do it," she nodded.

Dave seemed disgusted as he pushed John away from him and began to get to his feet, "I'm out of here."

"Wait!" Amy called after him, "I want you to do it too."

The two boys froze as all the blood rushed from their heads to their third leg. Their eyes were focused on the girl that was focused on them. John wasn't sure if she were joking or not but he didn't want to push his luck so he stood and began to move the coffee table out of the way so they could lay down on the floor.

"How is that even going to work?" Dave, of course, questioned.

"Y-You could take turns?" Amy mused aloud, "Or…maybe you could touch each other too?"

"What?! No!" Dave suddenly shouted but as John arranged the pillows on the floor so it wouldn't hurt Amy's back; he considered it and accepted it.

"Dave, you're a virgin—a shitty one at that. You've never even seen a pussy in real life. This is the only way you're going to do it," he urged.

"Yeah, but why do I have to tou-"

"It's not like we haven't seen each other's cock before," he tilted his head toward his friend with amusement. It was true. One night they had gotten pretty stoned and decided to measure each other's junk. It had begun flaccid and then grew erect with all the hand on penis contact until Dave got freaked and pulled his stuff away. "Just…come on. Sit down. Start watching and then see if you want to join in."

Amy had kindly taken her pants off—they had removed their shoes upon entering the house—and so sat on the pillows in her underwear and sweater, "Should I…should I take my top off?"

"Totally up to you," John nodded as he pulled off his own shirt and unbuttoned his pants to release his massive hog.

Nervousness vibrated across her eyes for a second and then vanished once she clenched her jaw and removed her sweater to reveal she had been braless the whole time. Her breasts weren't huge but in reality they didn't need to be. Just the sight of them had both of their mouths watering and Dave leaning forward hungrily as John's hand began to creep up Amy's thighs. She rested on her back and shut her eyes for a second before resigning to keeping them open during the whole thing. John leaned forward so that he could grab at the waistband of her underwear and pull them down. The more he pulled down the harder it became to resist jumping forward and grabbing at her body but he didn't want to scare or hurt her so he casually put her panties on the nice folded pile of her clothes beside them.

Her skin was pale and so just like her lips and nipples, her pussy was dusty rose. Her lips weren't thick like the girls in the pornos he watched. They were thin and hardly came to a close so he could see just enough inside without having to spread them apart. It looked like she had just shaved down there because most of it was bare and smooth except for random patches that didn't matter to him. In fact those patches made him want her more. The thought of her shaving and thinking about him and Dave made him salivate. He wanted to repay her for the effort.


"What?" both John and Amy snapped as they looked at Dave.

He was quiet for a moment, a war going on behind his contacts. He took in a deep breath then whispered, "I want to do it first."

The noise from John's mouth expressed pure joy as he nodded his head, "Alright, let's not keep the lady waiting anymore."

"Yeah, please," she sighed.

John didn't wait for Dave to begin. The first thing he took to was rubbing his thumbs over her nipples to feel their perkiness against the pads. He leaned down and wrapped his lips around one of the little buttons so he could lightly run his tongue over the little thing. He could almost feel her body getting hotter as he did and it wasn't until she gasped that he knew Dave had leaned in for a taste. John made sure to suck both nipples for a few seconds before leaning back to watch Dave.

The monster in his friend had been unleashed. John made sure to continue touching Amy's boobs as he watched Dave licking and sucking and licking again. His face was right up in there, which was a surprise to him because he thought his pal would get squeamish or something but he did not. It seemed they were both pussy-lovers, which would be a good thing for them both since most guys in their high school were not. John wondered how much more Dave was willing to do with this new sexual beast on the prowl. After all…John was still hungry.

Slowly, he shuffled toward his pal on his knees and began to reach beneath him for his fly. Dave sat up straight and angry as he choked out, "What are you doing?"

His face was dripping and he looked so masculine John didn't want to control himself. Instead of responding he grabbed Dave's face and kissed him hard on the mouth, causing both Amy and Dave to gasp. The small reflex of sound made Dave's mouth open and John shoved his tongue inside to taste all of Amy's juices. He didn't care that his friend was pushing away; he stayed right there to lick everything inside of his mouth…until Dave gave up. It was John's turn to be surprised once Dave's hands dropped and grabbed big fistfuls of John's ass.

He pulled back with a laugh and questioned, "Is this okay?"

Dave didn't answer and he didn't need to. With Amy watching both guys shoved off their pats and their underwear—Dave kept his shirt on which was okay with them—to reveal their throbbing members. Amy's eyes were huge and wide and John smiled as he looked between the two of them at what he had orchestrated.

"Dave, I want you to lay down. Amy, sit on his face."

The two obliged and once Amy was on his face and moaning John nestled himself between Dave's legs and grasped his penis. John had never sucked one before but he figured like most things practice makes perfect. Dave's cock was regular-sized and uncircumcised. There was a thick cloud of glossy dark hair along the pubic bone that made his whole package look bigger and manlier. John liked it.

But he had no idea what to do. So, he improvised. The first thing he began to do was let long puddles of spit fall from his mouth right onto the head as he slowly moved his hand up and down to let the spit float all over. He could feel Dave moving his hips slightly so he assumed it felt going and that encouraged him more. John pulled back the foreskin from the glorious head and tentatively let his tongue get taste the thing. Hm…it tasted like sensitivity.

With curiosity still unfolding within him he wrapped his lips around the tip and let his tongue go all the way around. His hand still moved up and down and he wondered if he should start sucking but that seemed like an almost impossible thing to do. He tried unsuccessfully to put the thing all the way down his throat, which resulted in him gagging and Amy laughing. He shook his head and continued to lick the thing and pump until Amy got off of Dave's face and Dave jerked himself away.

For a second John was afraid Dave would say he didn't like it and he wanted to leave but instead he said the opposite, "Let's switch now."

John eagerly got onto his back and extended his arms toward Amy so she could sit comfortably. Dave with the same enthusiasm began to suck and it was an amazing experience he wanted to live over and over again. It was a crazy cocoon of giving and receiving as his mouth went crazy everywhere over Amy's terrain—butt included—and Dave went wild over his cock he felt like he would explode. It was the best study session he had ever encountered and he wanted to die suffocated by Amy's pussy with his cock suffocating Dave's throat. But all good things must come to an end.

The front door opened along with heavy steps moving toward the basement, "I hope you guys are hungry! I bought everyone McDonalds!"


The three scrambled to put their clothes on and wipe their mouths and fix their hair and get everything back in order and by the time John's mom had descended the steps they were back in their original positions around the coffee table. She smiled warmly, "Still working I see, well, here you guys go. Don't stress yourselves out. Remember it's not due for another week."

She placed the bag of food and the drinks on the coffee table while everyone smiled awkwardly and waited for her to leave. Once she shut the door everyone let out a deep breath of nervous anticipation. The silence though carried around them and John was too scared to look at Dave. His friend was the kind of guy that let stupid things like saying the wrong answer in class shame him beyond belief and if he were ashamed of what they had all done he wouldn't speak to him again. And John did not want to lose him.

"So…we're meeting back here tomorrow after school?"

They all looked to Amy who gazed at them with the redness out of her face and instead a confidence in her eyes. John looked to Dave who looked between them as he nodded happily, "Yeah, we are."

John grinned, "Awesome. Now hand me the food!"