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Reward for Servant

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After Gelilin woke up she meet an unusual picture, near to her bed stood Shura Farl with a tray in her hands, on a tray was a fried eggs with a bacon, but also she wore same creepy mask, from such a picture Gelilin has screamed. 


"AAAAAAAAAH!" 'Good morning master, your breakfast is here.' ~Gelilin are you okay?~"I m fine mom, I just had a nightmare. I told you, call me just Gelilin, and it's a very nice from you make me a breakfast but can you put something, well pretty, you freaked me out" 'Oh, my bad, give me a second.' 


Shura Farl snapped by her fingers and PUM! Her clothes has changed in her old clothes of time when she was a maid of family, in this clothes Gelilin noticed how big her breasts are. 


"Hey, how do you got watermelons like this?" 'Eh? Watermelons?' "It's a american slang, I meant your breasts." 'Oh this, I just drink milk everyday' "Okay, I need to go in school." 'I'll go with you' "What? Why?" 'As your servant I must follow you everywhere.' "Sounds like a stalker." 'Ore? Stalker?' "Nevermind, so you was serious about that, I believed it was just a weird dream." 'It was real and I been dead serious.' "Okay I got it, so you follow me despite on my order to you stay here?" 'Yup!' "K whatever." 'Anyway mast- I mean Gelilin, your breakfast, please.' "Well fine why not. Oh wow It's actually delicious." 'Arigato, I tried hard.' 


After the breakfast Gelilin put on her high school uniform and been ready to go, all day Shura Farl executed orders of Gelilin and to surprise of last one been very cute, it seemed that it even wasn't her, she actually don't looked like someone who tried to kill Gelilin before, when classes finally has ended and Gelilin has returned home, she changed in her home clothes and then asked Shura Farl. 


"So Shura Farl? Man, so long name, how about I gilve you a nickname? How about Albina?" 'Albina, like Albino, excuse me maybe I have a pale skin and white hair it doesn't mean I am albino, but maybe Shira, Shiro from Japanese meaning white.' "Deal, so Shira, yesterday you told me that there was an awful events and it's summoned you in all of them, so what the events it's were?" 'You sure that you want to know?' "Um yeah, spilt it out." 'Well I can't remember many, but I remember how I tried to kill a blonde guy in a hat, by the way if I remember right he defeat me by the same method like you, this frickin walls, like I said earlier I tried to took control on one village and tried to kill green haired girl and well, last event in what I participated related to you, but why do you need to know that?' "Let's say you interesting to me as a person and I want to learn you better." 


After these words Gelilin stood up from her chair, walk closer to Shira, ran her hand through hair of white girl and kissed Shura Farl in the lips.


"You know, watching at you all this day, I understand it's not bad have a servant." ~Gelilin I need your help.~ "Okay I go! Stay here Shira, I'll be right back" 'E-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!?' 


Rest of the day Shira just stood on one spot without moving with a confused expression on her face and then time to sleep has arrived. 


"Yawn, I am tired, time to sleep." 'H-hai.' "Shira you can sleep on my bed with me, it's very uncomfortable sleep on the floor." 'Are you sure?' "I order you to shut up and sleep with me." 'Hai.' "Well, good night Shira." 'Good night Jain.' "Again Jain? Ok whatever sweet dreams." 


While in bed Shura Farl couldn't sleep, her face seemed to was red and she felt herself wrong, but then she realized, Shura Farl fell in love with her master, but since in some sense Gelilin confessed first this love was mutual, still somehow Shira-chan couldn't calm down.