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Road-trip to New York

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Also original characters 

“Okay, we need to get to New York in six hours and all the buses are either frozen, stuck or don’t have any gas.” Joey told the group of boys. Chris was standing in a thick jacket shivering his ass off, JC and Lance were running after each other in a means of warming up. 


Justin was glued to Joey, trying to steal some heat. He had put in a beanie, hiding his curls and desperately trying to have it draped over his ears. He was wearing three layers, a t-shirt with a large red sweater on top and a large jacket. He wore baggy khakis, the cold air easily making the hair on his stick legs stand up.


“So how are we gonna get to New York? Are there any flights?” Chris said, there was a hint of despair in his voice.


Joey shook his head. 

“All flights have been cancelled.” 


“Great! Just fucking great.” Justin groaned, hands shaking as he hid and pushed them into his jacket. Suddenly someone crashed into him, ripping him from his heat source.


“Hey diva calm down, Joey probably got a plan for us.” Lance said, his deep voice was strained and raspy. It made Justin jump fifteen feet in the air. He had draped a strong arm around Justin’s neck.


“Wha- where did you come from!? And I’m not-“


“Geez Joey the girls are fighting again!” JC shouted as he also swung his arm around Justin aswell. 

Great now he was warm and irritated. 


“I’m freezing my ass off!” Chris complained, looking completely miserable as he ran his hands through his thick dreads. He had gotten them done a few days ago and his entire scalp felt like it had been beaten in. 


“Nothing much to freeze off then.” Justin mumbled. He heard Lance chuckle at his comment, it made him even warmer.


“Okay, it’s a bit of a last resort but.. I borrowed a car from a friend! Drum roll please!” 

Lance smiled as he did a small drum roll on Justin’s shoulder, earning a glare only Justin could master. 


Joey smiled as a car rolled in front of them, with bright headlights. Justin shut his eyes and prayed for his dear life it would be a limousine, even a Bentley in pink would be fantastic .


What he didn’t expect was an old rusty car that would give anyone tetanus. 

He tried to hide his surprised reaction as not to live up to his nickname, but oh gosh was it an awful car. It Was off white and it looked so small. 


The driver hopped out and it was a middle aged woman, with a broad smile and a nose just like Joey’s just that it looked like it had been broken a couple times too much. 


“Guys this is my distant aunt, Mara!” If Justin was being honest the woman looked dirty. With frizzy hair and crusty mascara, some bright red lipstick seemingly slapped onto her lips. She looked like a heroin user, if Justin’s view on the drug scene was anything to go off (it wasn’t). 

And her outfit was a mess! A miss match of greens and reds with purple? Gosh he was really acting like a diva now. But she really dared to wear bright green high heels that could snap her ankle in half. 


“Oh hello boys! My boyfriend was just by the corner and this car is not really as it was before, so when Joey asked if he could use it..” Mara took a breath to catch her breath. “I just couldn’t refuse! And you all have grown so much.” 


Everyone smiled and thanked her. 


“Oh and before I go! There is sadly no trunk and one of the backseats has some kind of sticky caramel thing that isn’t coming out. So I recommend you put your baggage on that seat and try to work the rest out.” Mara told them as she gave Joey the keys. They seemed greasy, Justin noted.


“I’m sure we’ll manage Aunt Mara.” Joey tried to smile as wide, he really hadn’t counted for no trunk and one unusable seat. 


“Oh Joey you’re too cute, but I really have to scurry. Good luck on your tour.” 


They all waved and said their goodbye. Before all staring at the junk car. 


“Joey. What the fu-“ Justin started, before getting a warm hand slapped onto his mouth. He was quite offended by the action. He knew it was Lance before he even turned to look up at the man. Lance was like a personal heater so it wasn’t that big of a surprise when the large hand over his mouth belonged to him. 


“Shut up for a minute okay Justin?” Lance whispered into his ear, it shouldn’t sound as gentle as it did. Like a girlfriend helping her boyfriend to button up his shirt. 

“Let the grownups talk.” Justin Timberlake blushed which was something he did not do, not even when a fan told him about her life story and how it tied into her undying love for him. Justin tried to just groan and not make a big deal. 


But the look JC gave him was very tempting to give him a kick in the shin.


“Okay so, I'll drive! Chris sit in the front seat and JC sits in the middle seat while Justin sits in Lance’s lap. Sounds good?” Joey asked, running a hand through his black hair. 


“Hey wai- no!” Justin ripped himself from Lance and ran over to Joey. 

“Joey make JC sit with Lance please!” Justin begged, taking his older friend’s arm in a steel grip (not that it hurt much, they all knew under the large clothes Justin was as thin as a rail). 


“Come on now J, you’re the smallest. Now got your bags?” Joey had this, this fatherly smile on his lips. Like he knew it would end with Justin blushing and huffing but doing it either way. 


“Jesus..” Justin mumbled under his breath, but got his backpack, walking over to the right side of the car. He saw a big puddle of something that definitely looked sticky and would ruin his clothes. He felt a slight heart throb as he laid his expensive backpack onto the seat. 


“Great, okay everyone, put your bags on the seat! We’ve got…” He looked at his clock. “Five hours and forty five minutes!” 




They had all sat down, Lance had let Justin sit between his legs. His small back pressed against his broad chest. 

Lance felt himself sweat even in the cold weather. He looked out, it was so dark. Like the darkness was pressing against the windows, he shivered.


JC was flipping through some book with the car light lit on. It had a blue cover with a girl in a white 

Pajamas dress with a black umbrella in her hand. Justin didn’t understand how people could read books if they weren’t about music or anything interesting, stories weren’t his thing. 


He guessed Chris was talking with Joey, his blood was up to his ears with embarrassment of sitting in Lance Bass ’ lap. 

He could feel his friend’s breaths in the back of his neck, it was so hot in the car yet so cold. He tried to ignore how his bony knees scraped against the seat in front of him and how it would leave him with aching and red knees. Or how tight he and Lance were pressed against each other and- and- oh lord he might actually pass out from how hot he felt. 


Lance’s hand was resting on his thigh, though it not being not being remotely sexual he felt the need to squirm slightly. He tried to peer over his own shoulder to be able to see what JC was reading. And the gods had mercy on him. 


JC had only done a little smile and lowered the book and shifted so Justin could read as well. It wasn’t too interesting, it was just a bunch of text. 


“The story is Swedish.” JC whispered. 




“The story, it’s written by a Swedish lady. Astrid lindgren? I don’t know how to say it.” 

Justin just knew the pronunciation was awful. 

“And it’s about this girl, Mischievous Meg, she jumps off a roof with an umbrella wondering if she will just float down.” 


“Well, does it work?” 


“Do you think her getting a concussion is working?” JC teased, earning a soft kick. “Ow! That hurt you lil’ shit.” 


Justin only looked up with a proud look in his eyes before starting to read. It was a confusing story, something about her laying in bed for three days. Oh lord, if Justin did that the media would think he’s dead or kidnapped.


Suddenly the car started up, the two men in the front seat both did a winning pose. Justin tried to read JC’s book until he felt his stomach uncomfortably churn. He leaned back and felt Lance’s muscles against his skinny back. 


They got out on the road with a random song playing out of the crappy radio. He tried to look out but saw nothing but run down buildings and street lights lighting their path. 


He saw how Josh put his book aside and put his jacket over himself. Probably to sleep, like always. 


The car was starting to heat up, not that Justin needed that much in the suffocating heat of Lance. 

Lance, Lance, Lance with big muscles and broad smile and safe hugs and those beautiful large green eyes that sometimes made him look like a psychopath when he woke him up in the middle of the night and- 

gosh he was crushing over one of his best friends. 


Justin sighed internally, it seemed like only he and Lance and Joey were awake. Chris hadn’t talked for five minutes and JC was obviously in la la land. 


“Hey, Just.” Lance whispered, making Justin jump a bit in his place. 


“Lance! You scared the living shit out of me!” He whispered back. His voice sounded too much like he had a stuffy nose and high pitched for his liking. 


“Geez you're such a cat.” Lance whispered. 

“I don’t think you heard it in your intellectual reading, but apparently the highway is really bumpy and Joey told me to hold onto you so you won’t be flying away.” 


Justin groaned but nodded before reaching for the car light. He didn’t quite reach it, his arms just grazing the buttons. Justin made a strained sound as he tried to press the stupid button. 

He heard Lance giggle at him. 


“Instead of laughing at me, help me!”


Lance only shook his head and pressed the button with ease. Fuck Lance and his stupidly long limbs, Justin thought. 


But suddenly they hit a bump and Justin couldn’t help but yelp, seeing JC stir in his sleep. 

A pair of strong arms were wrapped around his small waist, holding him close. 


Now Justin just felt like a kitty getting lifted. 

He blushed as he felt the arms settle and holding him tightly and oh so close. 


“This okay?” Lance whispered in his ear, it was a sultry tone. So that none of the guys heard, just him and Justin. Justin could feel Lance’s strong Adam's apple poking at his shoulder and he knew that Lance could hear him as he swallowed down a heavy breath. 


Justin nodded, feeling his blush all over his body. 


“You feel awfully warm Just.” Lance teased, a big hand resting on his ribs. 

“You don’t feel sick?” 


Indeed he felt sick. Sick with love. Ready to throw up from how embarrassed and hot Lance made him. 


“I’m fine.” Justin squeaked, feeling his face burning. He felt clammy. It was a stark contrast to what he felt twenty thirty minutes ago, in the cold. 


“Mhm.” Lance held him for a long time, even after Joey said that it wasn’t that bumpy anymore. Justin started to get used to it, to the security of his arms and how he was basked in warmth.


After a stop for gas, Chris having to pee, Justin started to doze off. He was practically sinking into his human seat with how boneless he felt. He laid his head against the door of the car. Feeling the car humming against him and feeling the thumps of Lance’s heart against his neck. 


It felt so domestic. The radio was more quiet and only the loud instrumentals could be heard. It was a backstreet boy song, Justin would normally shout to ‘turn that shit off’ but he didn’t mind their obnoxious voices right now. 


He could hear Joey and Lance talking, Chris seemed to talk too. Something about camera work or something. Justin curled into the warmth and after a few minutes fell asleep. 


Lance could barely breathe with the boy in his lap, he didn’t want to disturb him. Even though he knew Justin wouldn’t mind in his sleep, Lance wanted him to be comfortable. Justin had been working hard lately, way too hard if Lance had a say in it. Which he didn’t. No one could stop Justin from dancing and singing until four am unless they physically put him in a tight straight jacket and made him go to sleep. 


“Lance! Get the camera, we gotta film this!” Chris said, voice hushed as he looked over his seat. Chris’ dreads were up in a bun, some braids sticking out. 




Justin shivered as someone opened a car door, cold wind blowing into the car. His mouth was full of sleep and what he felt like was mud. He would open his eyes but they felt too heavy. So he simply curled up more into his seat and let his sweater fall over his hands giving himself sweater paws. 


Justin tried to swallow some of the weird taste in his mouth but felt like his tongue was too thick. He loved moments like this. When he just felt like a regular kid waking up from blissful sleep.


Finally the door shut and something started up. He guessed he was in a car and he felt too slow to try and puzzle together what happened before that. 

He felt someone’s strong hands holding him close, covering him as he laid a bit sideways. 

One side of his face digging into the chest of the strong hands. 


But suddenly it turned from still holding to annoying poking. He tried to ignore it, turning to the other side to not have to open his eyes. 

“Mhmm stooop..” Justin whined, the words were too big for him but somehow he had gotten them out. He was trying to push himself away from the hands.


“Justin wakey wakeyy we’re gonna get food.” He knew it was Lance from how proud he sounded. 


“Five more minutes.” Justin whispered, grabbing the stupid poking hands and holding them as tightly as he could. 


“Joey will literally kill me if I don’t get food into your skinny ass.” 


“Kinky.” Justin mumbled but opened his eyes, sleepily blinking up at Lance. He was slightly blurry but he could see the dimly lit blond hair and bright green eyes. The rest of the car was empty, no sign of the others. 


“You wish, come on now.” Justin groaned, rolling his eyes in true diva fashion. His long eyelashes almost hit his eyebrows. 

“Keep doing that and you’re gonna get stuck like that.” Lance teased. He opened the door for Justin so he could get out.


“Yeah yeah.” Justin yawned as he stumbled out, the cold biting him. 

“‘s cold.” He said under his breath. Lance almost laughed, but the two started to walk towards the McDonald’s. Justin looked around, furrowing his straight eyebrows that Lance could trace his thumb over for hours .


“The others are already there.” Lance told him, smiling. “I guessed you wondered where they were.” 


Justin shrugged and yawned, stretching his thin limbs. He could feel his skin stretch over his ribs and made an uncomfortable noise as he rubbed his stale neck. They entered the fast food restaurant and Justin was very much happy to see that there were barely any people in there. No screaming girls.


They walked up to the counter and Justin let Lance order for him, he was too sleepy to even walk in a straight line. Then he heard the sound of JC wheezing and headed towards the source. He slid down in the four man booth. He laid his head on his hand and listened to their conversation. 


“All I’m saying is that Nick isn’t that attractive!” 


“Come on! He has those dirty evil good boy eyes! Just like Justin over here.” He felt a hand ruffle his blond locks. He looked up, seeing JC grinning at him. 


“Hey! ‘M no good boy.” Justin said, sending his hard elbow into JC’s ribs. 


“We’ll agree to disagree!” Lance said as he laid out two large trays on the table. 

Justin sent a glare to Lance but grabbed his burger and scooter closer to JC to give place for Lance.


They ate their meal in silence, sometimes laughing at each other. 

Justin was in the middle of a sip when something gently nudged against his leg, the familiar material of Lance’s shoe (don’t ask Justin how it was familiar, shoes easily flew around in the bus.). 


He turned around to see Lance half blushing half grinning at his offended face. All of the other guys were basically eating like dogs. Justin groaned, kicked Lance and ate the remains of his burger. 


He heard Lance muffling a soft giggle which made Justin all gooey inside. His organs turned into a warm liquid that warmed his entire body, and face.