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Who Loves You (Three Sentence Fics)

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Nick pretends not to notice how perfectly his forehead nestles in the crook of Bob's neck when he's had a few too many, and doesn't reply when the only thing Bob has to say about it is an offhanded comment about his breath. He tries his hardest to ignore the times that their hands stay together a little too long when they go for a handshake, or the fact that whenever he glances over to Bob during rehearsal he always seems to catch a glimpse of starry brown eyes before they dart around the room, presumably looking for something other than Nick to focus on.

But deep down he can see damn well what all this is doing to the both of them, so late one night when Bob's working hard on their next big hit, he nestles his hand against the back of his neck, pulls him close, and presses his own lips softly against his, hissing in surprise when he's not met with protest, but a hand running through his hair and gentle nips on his bottom lip.