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Who Loves You (Three Sentence Fics)

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Bobby didn’t even know why he…no, he knew exactly why he came to this stupid party, somehow Frankie figured out that with a flash of his starry brown eyes and a pout, Bobby would agree to nearly anything. So, he agreed to come, hoping to say hi to Frankie and cut out-he saw Nick taking a girl upstairs for Christ’s sake, this was not his scene-but when Tommy came up to him, yelling about something indecipherable and sloshing around his mixed drink, which truth be told was more drink than mix, he knew he was in for the long haul.

What Bobby didn’t expect, however, was staying until the party was dead, lying on the floor and talking for what seemed like hours with a surprisingly calm Tommy about nothing in particular, and not even wanting to protest when Tommy curled up next to him and draped an arm over his chest.