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a sweet loss

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“No, no, your legs are all wrong,” Kunlun scolds him again. He drops his own stance and goes to fix Wei’s again, smacking his hips to get him to stand properly. “Your weight goes evenly on both feet. What are you even doing right now?”

“Standing,” Wei answers.

“You’re standing wrong,” Kunlun says. Wei drops his stance and frowns at him, trying to understand how he’s standing wrong. It’s written clearly on his face. Kunlun reaches over to pull on his ear. “Eh? What’s that look for? Are you doubting me?”

“No,” Wei says, almost automatically. Then he pauses. “But I don’t understand.”

Kunlun gives a loud, put off sigh. Wei ducks his head and digs his toe into the soft dirt they’ve churned up. Kunlun decided on a whim to take Wei through the Southern region, waxing poetic about whatever bullshit caught his fancy. Wei drinks it up like Kunlun is a wise sage and it’s fucking hilarious.

But, in quieter moments, Kunlun can admit to himself that he wants to show Wei the world. He won’t be able to, of course, but Wei doesn’t deserve to rot in the Profane Land like the rest of the ghosts. Kunlun stares at the trees around them; they’d found a neat little clearing in the forest as they’d left the last settlement and Kunlun had declared it was time to spar, to teach Wei a more civilized manner of fighting.

“What don’t you understand?” Kunlun asks a little more softly.

Wei chews on the inside of his cheek for a minute. He gestures to everything they’re doing.

“Why do I need to train like a human? Why learn to fight like them? I like it. I want you to teach me everything. But why do I have to do it exactly like them when I’m stronger?”

Kunlun rolls his eyes and shakes his head at him. Wei flushes, knowing he said something ridiculous.

“Because, my dear little ghost king, you fight like a brute. You’re strong enough to shape the world with your power and you just maul whatever you attack. How are you going to be able to negotiate with a loser if they’re a pile of slop? Sometimes you don't want to eviscerate your opponent; sometimes you’re going to want to get them to a point where they bend the knee to you.”

Wei frowns again.

“Aiyah, that’s too much for your tiny mind to understand, isn’t it? Think of it this way; if you were fighting me-”

“I wouldn’t,” Wei protests.

Kunlun flicks his forehead, hard enough that Wei winces.

“I’m not done talking. It’s just an example. You’re not actually fighting me. But if you were, for real, then you wouldn’t really want to kill me, right?”

“Not usually,” Wei says and Kunlun knows he doesn’t mean it cheekily. Wei has said before that if it meant staying with Kunlun forever and if it wouldn’t kill him, he wishes he could devour him. It’s kind of sweet, in a really bloodthirsty way.

Wei very well might be the death of him, if Kunlun doesn’t pass on first. And the terrifying thing is that he might not even mind. He’s probably a disgrace to all of godkind.

“Let’s say, hrm, okay let’s say you wanted to kiss me. And I told you I wouldn’t until you had pinned me down. You’ll have to keep me intact if you want your prize, right? Tearing me into slop won’t give you what you want. I’m trying to teach you how to subdue your opponent like that. Humans are good at it.”

“Because they aren’t strong enough to subdue,” Wei murmurs, brow furrowed cutely in thought. It seems to be permeating the haze of violence and death that his ghostly nature demands. He clenches and unclenches his hands a few times, shifting in place as he tries to follow Kunlun’s earlier teaching. He looks up at Kunlun and nods, ready to try again.

Kunlun smiles at him, more than a little amused, but drops back into his own stance. The martial arts humans are developing are fascinating. There are little clusters of them, each with their own distinctive style as humankind struggles to carve themselves a safe place in this world. Kunlun likes to watch them, too lazy to take form and go down to learn it for himself. His instruction might be lacking but perhaps one day Wei will go experience it for himself. Kunlun thinks he’d like that.

This particular style has already died out. The old man who had developed it died protecting his village from the neighboring one. His students had been killed alongside him. The only surviving member was too young to remember any of the teachings and had been absorbed into another style. Still, Kunlun had liked the stances the man had developed, and so he passes them onto Wei, spinning pretty verses about the ephemeral nature of man. Wei doesn’t understand a lick of it but he listens intently, which pleases Kunlun in a rather stupidly selfish way.

The unnamed stance keeps one’s body close to the ground, firm and strong, able to take most challenges head on. Wei fights like a wild thing, slashing and clawing at his opponent until they’re torn to shreds. It only works because Wei is a ghost king. If he were any weaker it would be laughable simple to defeat him.

The style is antithetical to everything that Wei is, which is why Kunlun picked it. And, he won’t lie, it’s cute to watch Wei get frustrated by it.

“Too wide,” Kunlun barks out, watching as Wei starts to slip back into his uncontrolled and wild ghost stance. If he wasn’t so strong and fast, it’d be easy to knock him over. Kunlun is still capable of it but every fight with Wei takes more out of him. He won’t be able to keep up with him for much longer.

Wei snarls but obeys, drawing his feet back as he fights to control his limbs. He’s struggling hard but Kunlun rarely shows Wei mercy; Wei takes it as a personal insult. So Kunlun takes advantage of any openings he sees, managing a strike to Wei’s gut. Wei coughs, eyes flying open in surprise before they turn red with fury and wounded pride.

Kunlun shouts at him as Wei goes in for the kill. He barely manages to avoid the first slash of Wei’s claws and has to retreat a few steps to keep his head attached.

“Tch, disobedient,” Kunlun says, dodging Wei’s strike. It’s all ghost king, nothing human, and it riles Kunlun’s blood up like nothing else.

Wei has ceased to care, his own blood riled up, and all he can focus on is destroying the opponent in front of him. It’s a contradiction that Kunlun finds fascinating, watching whenever Wei gives into his primal ghost urges and seeks only to devour. Because when the hunger clears Wei always looks disgusted with himself.

Then he ceases to think, focused only on keeping abreast of Wei’s blows. Any one will send him crashing. He’s become more familiar with Wei’s fighting but that also means he understands the best at how unpredictable a ghost king in battle is. The dirt beneath their feet billows into dust; Kunlun glares at how little it affects Wei and bats it away so he can see.

Wei catches him in the shoulder with a ferocious strike and sends Kunlun off balance. Kunlun manages to stay upright but that precious off kilter second is enough for Wei to pounce; with terrifying speed and equally frightening strength, Wei wrestles him to the ground. Kunlun’s head slams against the solid ground, dirt rising in a haze of dust, throbbing as he struggles against Wei.

A ghost has no concept of honor but Wei does. With Kunlun under him, his victory all but assured, reason is returning to him. Kunlun takes his chance and grabs at his cock; Wei cries out, eyes going wide in his shock.

“Oho, what’s this?” Kunlun asks, palming Wei’s erection through his robe. Wei pushes his groin into Kunlun’s touch, gasping at the rough pleasure of it. “You little minx.”

“Kunlun,” Wei groans, rolling his hips. Kunlun grins at him, delighted to see how quickly Wei succumbs to this every time. He twists his wrist, giving Wei an unforgiving stroke, and then flips them over. The surprise of it makes Wei shout, the thrust he was trying to make failing to get any friction, and his eyes are wide with hurt at the loss. “Kunlun, please.”

“One of these days I’m going to tie you up,” Kunlun mutters, as Wei desperately tries to rub himself against Kunlun. Wei only moans, beautifully ignorant about the joys of bondage but always eager to try anything Kunlun wants to do.

Kunlun uses his weight to keep Wei in place for now and shoves two fingers into his mouth.

“Lick,” Kunlun commands.

Wei pants around his fingers for a moment before his cognitive thinking kicks back in. He obeys, wrapping his sweet lips around Kunlun’s fingers and slicking them up with his spit. Kunlun hasn’t let Wei suck him off yet, fearful of those fangs on his dick, but getting nipped like this is making his cock hard.

He responds to each lave of Wei’s soft tongue, pushing to his pull, and he’s being gentle about it until Wei bites down hard enough to draw blood. Kunlun hisses but doesn’t draw his hand away. Instead he shoves his fingers deeper into his mouth, darkly pleased when Wei chokes; he doesn’t try to push Kunlun off though. No, once he catches his breath, Wei tries to get those fingers deeper in his mouth, insatiable to the last.

“Xiao-Wei, you really will be the death of me,” Kunlun murmurs. He leans in so he can lick off the spit spilling from the corner of Wei’s mouth. “Ah, but what a beautiful death it will be. I look forward to it.”

Wei whimpers, reaching up with one hand to grasp Kunlun’s wrist tightly. His other hand goes to his cock, palming it through his robe. There’s no finesse there, and it looks like it ought to hurt the way Wei roughly rubs at himself. Trying to teach this little ghost king the finer things in life is such a challenge when he treats himself so harshly.

Kunlun leans down to replace his fingers with his mouth. This is still Wei’s favorite thing, and he whines into Kunlun’s mouth as their tongues meet. He tries to reach up to tear at Kunlun’s clothes but Kunlun slaps at his hands to remind him to be gentle. It’s useless and Kunlun bites Wei when he hears his robe rip. That never works as an admonishment for Wei only moans, rolling his hips up against Kunlun.

“You little bastard,” Kunlun says, pulling away from Wei’s kiss and pinching his cheek. He makes sure to pinch hard enough to turn it red. Wei hisses at the pain and embarrassment. “Be obedient for a minute.”

Wei blinks then nods, settling back down. Kunlun moves to place a hand in between Wei’s thighs, smirking when he opens them eagerly. He pushes his robes up enough so he can open Wei up for his cock. Wei accepts the pain, moaning and pushing his hips for it, though Kunlun is still trying to show him how much nicer it is when he’s been slicked up rather than taking him dry.

Kunlun licks at his finger then slides it into Wei’s ass, groaning at how he tightens down on it. He knows the sweet clench of it on his cock and he looks forward to it, but he still wants to treat Wei nicely.

“You’re so lovely,” Kunlun croons, watching as Wei colors prettily. He throws his arm over his face, still rocking his hips into his touch as he cries out his appreciation. It’s fun to watch how quickly Wei loses his words like this and only seeks out the pleasure Kunlun inspires in him.

Kunlun means to add another finger but decides he needs Wei fully naked first. He takes his finger out, soothing Wei’s cry with a kiss. He’s adorably pliant for a moment as Kunlun slips his robe from his shoulders, coaxing it down. Wei lets him manipulate his limbs, sighing once he’s nude. Kunlun runs his hand down Wei’s chest and he’s about to touch the thatch of dark hair at Wei’s groin when Wei strikes. He hooks his leg over Kunlun’s hips and rolls them over, sitting on Kunlun and ripping his robes apart.

Kunlun tries to speak but Wei takes his cock in hand and sinks down on him. They cry out in unison, Wei from being filled and Kunlun from the wet warmth of Wei’s body. Wei has no patience, no finesse. He takes Kunlun’s cock like he’s starving, riding him fast and harsh. Kunlun submits, rolling his hips up to try and match Wei’s pace. He can’t keep up but he doesn’t need to, not when Wei is so enthusiastically fucking himself.

“You, hah, little-” Kunlun tries to think of an insult but he breaks off into a long, low groan. It feels so good, so tight, like he could spend the rest of his life enclosed in Wei’s little hot hole. Wei is learning more tricks too, like how he tries to grind down and tighten around Kunlun. But he still can’t control himself well and it leaves Kunlun unable to tell what’s coming next. Whatever feels good for Wei is what will happen. Kunlun is merely a cock to inspire pleasure.

Kunlun digs his nails into Wei’s hips, huffing a little when Wei moans loader. He digs in harder until he feels the skin break and Wei shudders, his whole body trembling as he works himself towards his climax. Kunlun raises one hand to his lips, licking off Wei’s ghost blood from his fingers. Wei whimpers, dripping like this is his first orgasm.

“Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei, what am I going to do with you, sweet boy?” Kunlun murmurs. Wei surges forward, cupping his face and kissing him, licking into his mouth at the taste of his own blood. Kunlun lets him devour, satisfied with grinding his cock inside Wei’s warmth. He adores this little ghost king so.

Wei begs for more, babbling incoherently, wide eyes open in supplication. He’s doing a good job on his own, the way those sinful hips rock unsteadily, as he chases his own pleasure without holding back. Kunlun wants to laugh a little, wondering if he’ll be able to keep up with Wei today.

“Anything you ask for, darling,” Kunlun says, honestly. He pats Wei’s hips, rolling them over so that he can spread Wei’s legs wide and fuck into him. Wei obliges with enthusiasm, throwing his head back as he cries out. He’s so honest about his desires, his pretty little mouth babbling that he loves how Kunlun thrusts into him, how hot Kunlun’s cock is, how he wants to be filled up.

Kunlun could never deny Wei that. He pushes deeper into Wei, cock hard enough to hurt, and he groans out as he obediently fills Wei up with his come. Wei gives a pleased wriggle as he’s stuffed full, uncaring that his own cock is hard. Kunlun starts to grind into him, pushing his come deeper inside, and that finally sends Wei over the edge. He comes in messy spurts, trembling as he gives his whole body and soul to his climax.

Kunlun sinks down, keeping himself inside and bending Wei so they can stay like this. Wei looks up at him, with a soppy, soft smile, and he wraps his arms around his neck to pull him down into a kiss.

“You’re a brat,” Kunlun mutters as Wei peppers his face with more kisses. Wei laughs, and since Kunlun is still inside him, he can feel it. He ends up chuckling, pushing Wei’s hair from where it’s stuck to his forehead. They’re a filthy pair; ripe with come, drenched in sweat, and with streaks of mud from the dirt they’ve been rolling around in.“Ah well. I like you so much. Of course you’d have to be an asshole to keep up with me.”

“I think I beat you,” Wei says, so innocent that he doesn’t even realize what a bastard he is.

“I think you need to get a beating,” Kunlun says, slipping his hand down to smack his ass. Wei jerks, his cock twitching as well. “No, no. You stay down. I’m not up for another round right now. My hips hurt.”

Wei bursts out laughing again but this time Kunlun just buries his face in his neck and enjoys the sound.