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Warning: sexual themes and kinks

AN: I’M BACK! I never wanted to take such a long break from writing. Between very successfully defending my PhD :), starting a new job, moving to another city and being without internet access for 2 months : ( , real life finally calmed down enough for me to FINALLY have some time for writing again. Big hugs to everyone who still left reviews and told me that they read the story for a second, third or even fourth time! <3 I do not know if I or you are happier that the stories are finally getting some new chapters, but I am really excited to finally be writing again. :)

I plan to write a new chapter for all of my stories as soon as I am able, thus it may take me 2-5 months to post the next Altair chapter as I still have a new chapter for Verbuar, Toujours pur and Dragon Pox-Relapse to write for. But as DP-R has only 1 chapter left, the future Altair updates should be faster.

Before: The students brewed the Polyjuice Potion. Romilda and Pansy tried to use the potion to get their part of Drarry, but without success. Romilda even lost Gryffindor 100 points.”

-~-~- Altair -~-~-

-~-~-by Still waters are deep-~-~-

-~-~- Chapter 48 – Of Twister and being twisted - Part III -~-~-

Thursday, 12th March 1998

“CONCENTRATE ON THE GAME!” Harry had to yell for the nth time during Quidditch practice that morning. At least our final game against Ravenclaw is still a bit away, Harry though as he shook his head.

Based on how often Dean was touching his chest, he seemed to still be reflecting on his Polyjuice Potion experience of turning into a woman. As for the rest of the team, they were worked up over Gryffindor having lost one hundred points over night. Harry was not overly surprised when his team members greeted him with “How did we lose one hundred point?” instead of the typical “Morning.” After all, most of the time he did know why so many points were ducked from Gryffindor as he’d been involved in some way or other in the rule breaking. Just like today. But, as he swore to himself last night, he claimed ignorance.

“We lost ONE HUNDRED FUCKING POINTS!” Jimmy Peakes yelled back and Ron voiced his agreement.

“And we’ll get them back if we WIN against Ravenclaw!” Harry replied. “So CONCENTRATE on the game!” It did not have the desired effect on his teammates.

Harry decided to end the practice early. He saw no sense in continuing a hopeless undertaking.

In the shower, the others talked excitedly about the upcoming Hogsmead weekend.

“With Valentine’s Day over, there is no reason for Theresa to drag me to Madame Puddifoot’s again,” Ritchie said enthusiastically, eager for a date spent mostly inside Zonko’s. As much as the female occupants of Hogwarts seemed to love the teashop, the male population would love nothing more than the Weasley twins blowing up the shop with one of their fireworks.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Jimmy replied. “Girls will always find a reason to go in their.” In a high voice that was supposed to imitate Theresa’s he continued. “Ritchie-pumpkin, there is no difference between the fourteenth of February and the fourteenth of March,” he ended with a wink.

“Urgh, don’t wink at me when we’re both naked in the shower,” Ritchie complained, but Harry was not listening any more.

“Shit,” Harry cursed. Why was he only now reminded that the next Hogsmead weekend was on White Day*. What should I get Draco? the brunet wondered in a panic. Nothing too extravagant, just a little something. But what? And at short notice. He groaned as he let the water from the shower wash away his worries for the moment.

Fortunately, Harry did not need to worry over the gift for Draco for too long. On his way back to the castle he walked into Luna. During their shared way to the Entrance Hall, she mentioned an item to him that would be the perfect gift for Draco. Now, he just needed to write a quick owl order and it would hopefully arrive Saturday morning at the latest. How Luna did know just what he needed he did not question until Hedwig was out of sight.

~-~--~-~--~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~--~-~--~-~-

“Was the practice that good?” Draco asked when he joined a smiling Harry for their private lesson with Professor Harper.

“It was disastrous,” Harry answered honestly, his smile vanishing. “They were too worked up over the lost points to concentrate on their tasks.”

“You still have until the twenty eighth,” Draco tried to cheer him up.

“Hmm,” Harry hummed non-committally in reply.

“So what has you so happy?” the blond asked.

Before Harry could come up with an excuse, not wanting to spoil the surprise of his White Day gift, their professor answered for him, “I hope it is our little game of Twister next Saturday, or do you already have other plans for the Hogsmead weekend?”

The boys shared a look. “Not really,” Draco replied.

“Great,” Arcturus replied, happily. “Then just come over to our house at three. Lisa and Ernest are already excited to meet you. Lisa also asked me to invite you to an earlier dinner.”

“Sure,” Harry said, they too were excited and curious about meeting Arcturus’s girlfriend Lisa and Sexual Magic partner Ernest. “Anything we can bring?”

“Just good mood and flexibility,” Arcturus replied and then started their lesson on Kamasutra with their usual stretching routine.

~-~--~-~--~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~--~-~--~-~-

Saturday, 14th March 1998

And that’s how Harry and Draco found themselves standing in front of a green door that was covered at the top by an archway of roses at the edge of Hogsmead the following Saturday.

“It must look beautiful when the roses are in bloom during summer,” Harry said.

“Yes,” Draco agreed as he announced their presence to the inhabitants of the house by using the door knocker. “It’s something I can see my mother have for our vacation home in Spain. I’ll have to suggest it to her.”

“Welcome,” a young brunet woman with frameless glasses said joyfully as she opened the door for them and let them enter her home. “I’m Lisa, and you must be Draco and Harry,” she greeted them warmly and then showed them where they could place their heavy winter coats. It was barely over two degrees outside.

The boys shared a smile. She was just like Arcturus told them, a sweet and happy young lady. “Come on, the boys are in the living room preparing the game,” she told them as she led the way.

“Hello,” Arcturus greeted them. Like his flatmates he was already dressed in a comfy shirt and tracksuit trousers.

“Harry, Draco,” a young man with dark blond hair who had to be Ernest greeted them. “I see you made it without freezing to death.”

“Don’t mind him,” Arcturus said, “He grew up in Georgetown, Ascension, before he moved here for Hogwarts. And even after all these years, he is still not used to anything colder than ten degrees and would not touch the snow without a thick, warm glove on his hand spelled with at least two warming charms.”

“I’ll have you know that I was born in Edinburgh,” Ernest interjected, not denying the statement about his fear for the cold snow.

“Yeah, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas,” Arcturus completed as he placed the last colour circles of their Twister game on the living room floor.

“So Hogwarts is not restricted to the British Isles?” Harry asked.

“No,” Arcturus replied. “It also includes the British Overseas Territories. Though most of them prefer to go to Ilvermorny in the States or to Castelobruxo in Brazil as they are closer to home. Not that it should matter since all three are boarding schools, just a portkey trip away from home.”

“Here’s the tea,” Lisa announced as she joined them. After lunch at the Three Broomsticks, Draco and Harry had walked around the small town and enjoyed the view of the snow covered landscape from near the Shrieking Shack before they made their way to Arcturus’ home. The warm cup of tea was a welcomed sight to them.

“Thank you,” the both replied when they were each handed a cup.

“It’s really good,” Draco said once he took his first sip.

“Thank you,” Lisa replied. “I got it from a small tea shop in my home town. It is a mixture with star anise, oranges and red peppercorns.”

Harry made a mental note to buy some of this tea for Draco’s birthday, or maybe for Christmas. Hermione would probably enjoy it too, he mused as he enjoyed the naturally flavoured black tea.

They all sat down on pillows on the living room floor, as they talked about their day and enjoyed the warm tea and the ginger cookies Ernest had baked. It was only when the cookies were gone and their tea cups empty that Arcturus announced, “Okay, enough dawdling. It’s time that we test your skills.” With these words he got up and began to stretch his legs, back and arms, the other four soon following his example. “Remember, you need to win at least one out of three rounds against us,” he reminded them, shortly switching into teacher mode.

Harry sent Draco a look, who rolled his eyes in reply. Damn Gryffindors and their honour, he thought. But at least Harry had agreed that they could use underhanded Slytherin tactics if they failed to win the first two rounds.

“Let’s start,” Ernest said enthusiastically, as he activated the magical spinning box.

“Right hand yellow,” the device announced and the game was on.

Placing the first hand was easy. Finding a place to put the right foot on green was manageable. Placing the left foot on blue was amusing as Harry was forced to straddle Ernest’s back to reach a blue dot. Changing the other foot to red was Ernest’s undoing.

“Has Arcturus told you that Lisa practices yoga since she’s six?” Ernest conspiratorially asked Draco, when both of them were of the game two minutes later.

“No,” was all Draco said, his eyes watching Lisa like a hawk. If he thought that staring at her would make her uneasy and prone to mistakes, he was sorely mistaken. Seemingly all too easily Lisa won the first round.

“Don’t worry, you still have two more rounds left,” she said with a big smile. A smile that Draco would love nothing more than to get off of her face when she won the second round too. It didn’t matter that he and Harry had bested Ernest and Arcturus.

Slytherin tactics it was. “Say Lisa, have you already prepared anything you need for dinner?” Draco asked with his most charming smile. “We must be back at the castle at six o’clock.”

Subtle Draco, subtle, everyone in the room thought, but no one dared to call him out on his obvious move to try and get Lisa out of the competition. The other guys could understand his frustration all too well.

Lisa waited for a moment before she replied joyfully, “Yes, I’ve already prepared everything this morning.” She then took a look at the clock and added, “I just need to put everything in the oven at quarter to five. So I still have some time before I need to excuse myself to the kitchen, Prince Charming.”

Ten minutes, they just needed to hold out for ten minutes until Lisa would be forced to forfeit the third and final round to prepare dinner. I and Harry can last for ten fucking minutes, Draco swore to himself.

He failed spectacularly. Not that it was any fault of his. Lisa had just decided to twist her far too bendable body in such a way that Draco was destined to fall on his nose after six position changes at the latest.

To his great satisfaction Lisa finally too lost her balance when Ernest dried to place his left hand on a green circle. “Right in time to start dinner,” Lisa said with a laugh as she hurried into the kitchen.

“You do know that the reminder was not necessary,” Arcturus stated rather than asked. “You already beat us in the second round.”

Harry and Draco looked at Arcturus with big eyes. Won the second round? Was he joking?

Ernest laughed. “Don’t tell me Arcturus here forgot to tell you when he said you have to win against us, he meant ‘us’ as in Arcturus and I and not Arcturus, Lisa and I?”

“No, he must have forgotten to mention it,” Draco replied coldly.

“Sorry,” Arcturus said apologetically. “I thought it was clear that I meant only Ernest and I, as were the Sexual Magic partners. Besides, setting you up against Lisa would not be fair. And a teacher never sets his students up to fail a test.”

Snape could have tricked me, Harry thought when he heard the last statement.

“So, how about one final, Lisa-free round before dinner?” Arcturus offered as a figurative olive branch.

Harry did not know whether Arcturus let Draco win the round on purpose or not, but after his win and his first spoonful of Lisa’s home-made Shepherd's Pie, Draco’s mood had significantly improved. It would have been a shame if something as trivial as winning a round of twister could have destroyed the easy-going relationship that they had formed with their Kamasutra professor.

“So, how do you know each other?” Harry asked.

“It’s complicated,” Arcturus began.

“Nah,” Ernest objected. “It’s told in three sentences: Arcturus and I were in the same year and same house in Hogwarts, thus we were the best of friends.” He held up his thumb, intend on actually counting the sentences. “In our seventh year we were chosen as Altair partners. Not the worst possible outcome, but still weird. You know?” he asked Draco and Harry who nodded in agreement. Harry didn’t want to imagine being paired with either Hermione or Ron.

“And that’s three sentences and a question,” Professor Harper said with a smile.

“Maybe I need ten sentences, but it’s not so complicated,” Ernest replied, acknowledging a partially defeat. “Anyway, we went through the year together, but promised ourselves that after Hogwarts we would find other partners to practice Sexual Magic with. It worked out well enough until my partner got engaged. She had my complete understanding when she told me that while we had no romantic feelings for each other, she still did not want to betray her fiancé. Fortunately, or not so fortunately, Arcturus was in need of a new partner roughly around the same time. So, being a bit older and wiser, we said ‘What the fuck’ and got back to being Sexual Magic partners. Haven’t regretted the decision ever since. Especially since Lisa’s to die for cooking is included in the deal,” he ended with a charming smile sent towards the cook, holding out his plate for seconds. How he’d manage to eat while talking non-stop was a mystery to both Harry and Draco.

“Doesn’t sound so complicated,” Draco commented.

“See,” Ernest said smugly to Arcturus.

“I think Arcturus meant that how he and I met was complicated,” Lisa intervened used to the two of them joke-arguing about silly things. It was how their relationship worked. “You must know,” she said, facing Draco and Harry now, “that my half-brother John was Arcturus’ Sexual Magic partner when he studied to become a spell creator. When John’s father married my mother, he was sceptical at best. His own mother had left them, not able to cope with the fact that her son was a wizard. My mother was more accepting, telling him that she was proud to have a son that went to Hogwarts. He didn’t seem to value it though, since it was not his mother.

“I grew up knowing that magic is real, admiring my older brother whenever he did perform magic, always on the lookout for some accidental magic of my own. But it wasn’t meant to be,” Lisa said with a small shake of her head. “He was to remain the only Muggle-born in our family. Still, when I saw that some of his books contained magical theory and maths, something I could learn and ‘practice’ without having magic myself, I ‘borrowed’ his books. He was not overzealous when he realized what I was doing.”

“’Not overzealous’ is a far too nice way of putting it,” Arcturus interjected all worked up. “More like downright angry and violent. And certainly not someone I want to be in close contact with.”

“Lucky me that Arcturus came over on that day. He and I already had some chances to talk about my theories together whenever my brother was late for one of their meetings because John found playing video games all night long more important than getting up on time. So after the incident we started to meet up and discuss spell creation theories,” Lisa continued, laying a calming hand on her boyfriend’s arm, but avoiding to tell them any specifics. “It didn’t take long before the three of us moved in here together.” she ended their story.

“So you don’t get jealous that your boyfriend is having sex with his best friend?” Draco asked, honestly curious but also hoping that his question would distract Arcturus from his current dark thoughts.

“Jealous? Which girl doesn’t want to be fly on the wall when two attractive young man have sex?” she countered with a wink, making everyone laugh.

“I wouldn’t want to watch Draco with Blaise,” Harry replied when they stopped laughing.

“Or Harry with Hermione. Or worse, Weasley,” Draco threw in.

“I said girl, didn’t I?” Lisa countered. “I am sure your friend Hermione would love watching you two together.”

“You have me, but for completely different reasons than you may think. She is the studious type,” Draco gave in.

“Oh, you have to bring her with you next time you visit,” Lisa replied enthusiastically, always eager to meet someone who loved the theory behind magic as much as her.

~-~--~-~--~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~--~-~--~-~-

“Ernest and Lisa are great,” Draco said when they reached their room and took off their jackets. “Even if I rather not play twister with Lisa again,” he added as he put his jacket on his hook.

“Yeah. Choosing Kamasutra was definitely the right choice,” Harry agreed. “Though I hope you are still in the mood to play a round of twister with me?” he asked, using the blond’s scarf to draw him closer to him.

“Always,” the blond replied, enveloping Harry in his arms and kissing his neck before he moved up to the other’s ear. “Right now I’m in the mood for a round of tongue twister,” he announced with a seductive whisper into Harry’s ear before he assaulted the others mouth with his tongue and roughly let them in the direction of their bedroom.

Still not having lost his hold on the blond’s scarf, the Gryffindor tugged on it like it was a horse rein to change their direction. The bedroom was not where he wanted to play their private game of twister. “I have something else than just tongue twister in mind,” he stated

Now Draco was intrigued. He allowed Harry to lead the lead the way, but did not surrender the control over their kiss to Harry. When Draco’s back hit one of the living room chairs, they seemed to have reached their destination. They were both out of breath when they stopped their kissing to get some much needed air. “Happy White Day!” Harry announced, holding out a large box of chocolates that he got from the table behind the blond.

“Thank you. You’re the best,” Draco said between happy kisses, not having expected any presents today and especially not now when the day was nearly over.

“You’re welcome. But this is only one part of what I prepared. I mentioned a game of twister, didn’t I?” Harry said as he led his boyfriend towards the couch.

“Eat a chocolate with cherry-chili-filling from your chest, or maybe your mouth, or straight of your...” Draco trailed off, cupping Harry’s package though his trousers to make clear what other placed he would like to eat chocolate off of Harry’s body.

“That is a lovely suggestion,” Harry replied as he suggestively laid down on the couch, placing a pillow underneath his hips to raise his lower body up. “We can play this kind of chocolate twister tomorrow. For tonight I have planned something even better.”

“What can be better than eating my favourite chocolates right of my favourite person?” Draco asked, leaning over the brunet.

Finally freeing the Slytherin from his scarf, Harry said in challenge, “unwrap me and find out.”

Draco did not hesitate for a moment, starting with freeing Harry of his jumper and undershirt. For a moment he expected that the Gryffindor painted some twister dots on his chest, but only clear skin met his eyes. He moved on to the brunte’s shoes and socks, before he started to remove the other’s trousers by opening the belt and zip. Ah, there he has hidden the Twister game, Draco thought when he spotted yellow and blue dots through the gap of the now open fly. With a smile, he pulled down Harry’s trousers, taking in the underwear the brunet had chosen for today. The words ‘FINGER TWISTER’ were printed in blue and pink at the top of the white boxer shorts. Beneath them were four lines of green, yellow, blue and pink dots, covering Harry’s cock and balls and ending just before Draco knew Harry’s rosebud was.

“So, are you up for a round of finger twister?” Harry asked.

“Are you playing against me?” Draco asked, caressing the words ‘FINGER TWISTER’ with his right index finger.

“No, it’s your left hand versus your right one. I’ll be the spinner.”

“You’ll be a very impartial spinner,” Draco drawled.

“I am. I do not favour one hand over the other, as long as they are your hands.”

Draco laughed, Harry soon joined him.

“So, Mister Spinner, where shall I place the fingers of my left and right hand?” the blond asked as he settled down on Harry’s legs.

“Ring finger on yellow. Middle finger on blue,” Harry spontaneously decided the first two rounds. The blond quickly complied, staying on the topmost two fields for the start. “Thumbs on green,” Harry added with a smirk, confident that Draco now had no choice but to place his fingers lower.

“Next?” Draco asked, the smirk having moved from Harry’s face to his when he successfully placed his thumbs on the two upper green fields. His fingers were totally entangled now, so he knew that whatever combination Harry said next would make him lose this round, but since he was playing against himself and just won the unspoken sexual tension game he was playing with Harry, he did not mind at all.

“Pinky on green.”

Draco let his left pinky caress over the lower green dots before he announced in an overly dramatic voice, “Oops, I broke the rule.”

“You’re luckily then that we play best out of three.”

“Very lucky indeed,” Draco replied. “Do I get a good luck kiss for the next round?” he asked, crawling up the couch to reach the Gryffindor’s lips.

“I don’t know. Is an impartial spinner allowed give good luck kisses?” he asked playfully.

“As long as he does not kiss the two competitors but an uninvolved party such as my mouth, he can,” Draco stated as he leaned down to collect his kiss. “Hmm,” the blond hummed when the kiss ended. “Now my hands are ready for round two. So, what’s first?”

“Index finger on blue,” Harry announced and grinned when Draco finally placed his left index fingers on the fourth dot, right where the head of his cock rested against the boxer shorts. The right one was placed on the second upper most dot.

Middle finger on yellow was next, followed by thumb on blue, ring finger on green and thumb on red.

“Impatient are we?” Draco asked.

“No, I just don’t want your hands to lose too soon this time,” the brunet replied. “Index finger on blue.”

Draco simply moved his fingers one dot down, not skipping the opportunity to stimulate Harry’s cock on the way down, loving to feel how Harry got harder beneath his finger tips.

“Middle finger on yellow.”

“I challenge the validity of the spinner and playing board,” Draco exclaimed, unable to place the middle finger of either hand on yellow from his current position. “They require a throughout check to ensure that they have not been manipulated. For example, this green dot looks way to small in comparison to the blue dot,” he said, placing his mouth over the green dot and then over the blue dot, which indeed was a bit bigger due to Harry’s hardening cock stretching the print on the cotton boxer shorts.

“And this yellow dot, it should be much lower, right around here,” he stated, moving his finger over Harry’s covered asshole. “Right with all the other dots in the line,” he added, moving once more over the other’s hole.

“And these two lines,” the blond stated, cupping Harry’s balls and massaging them, “they should be much farther apart from each other.”

“And not to forget, that this dot is getting a bit slippery,” he pointed out the dot where the brunet’s pre-cum had left a small stain on the outside of the boxer shorts. “We need to dry it, before we can even think about continuing the game.” And with that, he removed the boxer shorts and true to his word began to ‘dry’ the source of the wet spot by licking at the tip of Harry’s cock while his hands continued to play with the other’s balls.

“It seems I found a leaking pipe,” Draco joked. “I better repair it right at the source,” he said before he deep throated the Gryffindor’s cock.

“Ahh, mhmm,” Harry moaned, very much enjoying the attention he received from his boyfriend.

It was not long and the made-up story of inspecting the twister game was forgotten and both boys lost themselves into enjoying the blowjob Draco was giving. Harry’s hand finding its way into the blond’s silky locks as the other hand caressed his cheek.

When Draco’s throat started to cramp, he moved his mouth towards Harry’s balls, liberally placing kisses all over as he let his hand take over the stroking of the brunet’s penis. When his mouth trailed further down, he did not hesitate to lick over Harry’s hole. Once, twice, stroking his thumb over the slit of Harry’s leaking cock and crossing the hole for a third time was all it took to make Harry come.

“What a lovely White Day present,” he moaned as he licked the sperm from his boyfriend’s body and his hands.

“And there is more,” Harry said, his hands about to open Draco’s fly to return the favour.

“That’s all I need today. You already did more than enough,” the blond replied, declining the offer with a kiss to Harry’s pouting lips.

“So, where did you find these lovely boxer shorts?” Draco questioned, holding up said item, as they cuddled on the couch.

“Luna suggested them,” Harry replied.

“Are you sure Lovegood does not have an underwear fetish?” Draco questioned. It was strange how much she seemed to be involved in their choice of underwear.

“Do you really want to know? I, for one, rather much enjoy the perks of her input,” Harry replied. “And the perks of a real bed,” he added as an afterthought.

“Are you getting old? If yes, I’ll need to look for a new and younger boyfriend” Draco asked in mock concern.

Harry threw the blond off of him and thus of the couch. Draco groaned when his back hit the carpet. “Are you getting old Mister Malfoy? Your groan sounded like it,” Harry returned, but held out his hand to help the blond up from the floor as a peace offering.

“I am only getting old with you,” Draco replied. “Rocking chairs in front of a cottage and all that.”

“That’s good to know,” Harry answered. “Now shower and bed. We have a chocolate twister game planned for tomorrow.”

~-~--~-~--~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~--~-~--~-~-


White Day: An event that is celebrated in Japan. There, females gift chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and males say ‘Thank you’ a month later on March, 14th. As Draco likes the Jap a nese tradition Harry trie s to hono u r them.


~-~--~-~--~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~--~-~--~-~-


Credit: The idea of the boxer shortswith the Twister print is from ARDobby64. Thank you for the suggestion! :) If you want to know what it looks like just google “underwear finger twister” and you should find some picture of the panties that were my inspiration for the boxer shorts.


~-~--~-~--~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~--~-~--~-~-


Next: The first part of the pregnancy ritual during the vernal equinox on the 20th March. So some research is in order. Suggestions of fertility rituals/symbols are welcomed .