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Color Me Blue

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"Hell Knight! Stop this instant!"

Grisia bellowed loudly, finally able to catch up with one of his brother knights. Roland stiffened before he could even dare to make a sharp turn away from Grisia. But it was no use, no one can escape Grisia, well maybe except for Cloud.

The dark suspicious man who was blatantly wearing dark leotards at the Holy Temple could hear the footsteps getting closer. Then with a grave voice, Grisia commanded for him to turn around.

Not wanting to defy Grisia's orders, Roland turned, but his movements were so slow he seems as immovable as a statue.

"Roland, I am not playing around. Hand it over now!"

The sign for Grisia's seriousness was blindingly obvious. Sun was angry, he has no choice but to give up and with that settled, he finally faced the head of the Twelve Holy Knights.

On his gloved hands was an ominous jar of blue concoctions. He handled it so carefully that he seemed to be holding a bomb. Grisia inched closer to the expressionless knight, aware of the jar's contents and how expensive *cough ahem, precious it was. But there was a determination on Roland's eyes as he said a clear resounding "No."

Roland normally obeys Grisia's orders, and those few incidents that he doesn't, Grisia was actually grateful in his heart that his friend didn't, but this time was definitely not one of those.

Plastered with his usual mask of benevolence that can rival a saint, Grisia smiled, put his hand on his heart and spoke with a voice that could calm even babies unto sleep, "Roland, brother," he dropped his sun-speech, knowing that time was of the essence. "I have little understanding of the situation or the reasons behind them, but I beg you, put back Storm's hair dye, now!"


Seriously, really, annoyingly stubborn. Did Roland somehow break? Can't be, do undead even care about their hair!?

Exasperated, Grisia can't help but remember his awkward friend's actions lately. Just last month Roland have been asking around about hair colors, hair dyeing techniques, and even devices that could change hair color just like the St. Brigandine. He also started studying hair care and maintenance, always leaning to the natural oils essences and raw materials. He even started creating his own formula!

An undead, expert on hair beautification. He shuddered inwardly.

Okay, okay, so a Sun Knight who could memorize every health and beauty products in existence (and even recite the prices from three different kingdoms) is also an anomaly of its own, but this is just not right. This is Roland, for God for Light's Sake!

There was even a phase in their childhood when Roland want to shave his head because 'it is in the way'. Obviously talking about his sword fighting. Everything about him was all about his swordsmanship.

Grisia sighed deeply. Is his grudge towards his brown hair and not-so-Sun-Knight features so deep that even in his deathly state Roland still wish to erase it?

Somehow Grisia was assaulted by melancholic nostalgia as he stares at Roland. And to think that Sun even made him wear the black-haired Supreme Dragon alter ego which was the opposite of the trademark look of all Sun Knights in every generation.

But that doesn't justify Roland's actions. This has gone too far, Sun cannot believe it at first, but the evidence was staring right at his face. Roland has been stealing Storm's hair dyes.

"If you continue this behavior, Storm might die!"

Shocked, Roland's eyes widen in horror that his grip on the innocent jar tightened, creating a crack at the glass from its side. Grisia panicked, almost having a heart attack.

Grisia tried to ease in slowly, beckoning as if trying to pet a dog that might bite his hand any moment now. "S-so be a good knight and p-put it down."

They both know that the Warm-Kind Faction was on the brink of poverty. Grisia with his essentials, Leaf with his seasonings, Blaze and his never-ending repair expenses for broken-down doors, Cloud with his books (the library was not enough for him), and Earth and his stupid handkerchiefs. And of course, we have Storm's hair dyes.

The only one under his jurisdiction (and he was officially in the Cold Faction) who was not having financial problems with his retirement plan was Hell! Not to mention he's an undead so he has not spent a single copper!

"S-Storm...will die?"

He nodded, "Yes, yes, Storm will, unless you give it back."


The word hit the mark. He has been lying for all his life, but this was the first time he heard it from Roland, and this time, he's not even remotely lying! But Roland's next words shut him further.

"This...this is killing him. Storm Knight is dying because of this, so I'll make him stop."

What?  Ah, I see, so that's why.

'That' was what eating Roland for months now.

"Roland, that is not for us to decide. Storm accepted his position just like any of our brothers. It is his burden, not yours."

"But you don't understand, Grisia. If he uses this, he will be the first one to disappear."

And you would be the last? Grisia finished for him in his mind.

All of the Twelve Holy Knights have expected their deaths. And by almost all accounts, it was the Storm Knight who dies young. Every knight-candidates knows this, that's why only a few went and apply even how great the benefits may be.

Sun was going to ask Roland why he was so stubborn in prolonging Storm's lifespan when someone shouted.

"As if I'll die from dyes!" A man came running through them at a speed that Hell Knight could not follow and a sharp kick came rushing through his left torso.

The jar was flung in the air and caught neatly by the attacker. "Roland, come. We need to talk." Storm said grabbing the dark monarch on his collar and dragging him from the corridor towards his room. His fair blue hair whipping in the air as Storm continued in his tirade calling out to Roland with mostly how this sword-head was already beyond hope.

Everything happened so fast, leaving a stunned Sun Knight to gape at the scene.