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Give This Wolf a Banana

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It's the first time in their lives that Subwoolfer had taken a visit to Eurovision. After their exciting MGP victory, they were ready to perform for Eurovision at Turin. It was time for the grand finale to finally start, after the EBU decided that Give That Wolf A Banana is too awesome of a song to perform, so they automatically qualified it for the final just like in MGP.

The day of the grand finale came, and Subwoolfer were ready. Keith and Jim, performing togheter infront of hundreds of thousands of viewers, inhabitants of this mere planet.
They had enough time to prepare, as they were second to last in the running order. Possibly the best position for a song to be in.

When their spotlight came, Subwoolfer completely decimated the entirety of Europe and left them speechless, with their song Give That Wolf A Banana. It was truly a magical moment Keith and Jim felt on the stage. A feeling it can never be described correctly in words, but only in actions. The audience kept cheering and cheering, even after douze seconds passed after the end of their song. As they should be.

As they were walking towards the green room, drenched in sweat from their performance, Keith pat Jim on his back, reassuring him: "Hey. You did a flawless job out there, buddy.". Jim was too tired to even mumble any word, so he just nodded his head in approval.

After several interviews, it was finally time to reveal the jury and televote points. Each country gathered up for the exciting reveal. Turns out, Malere won the jury votes, Romania's entry, with a whoppoing 267 points. Just behind them, you guessed it, Subwoolfer.

Now, it was time for the televotes. Both Italy and Moldova got 0 points. Poor Moldova! Anyways, we skip ahead and find out that Malere is currently in the lead, with 340 points. Every single country got their points announced, but one. That one being.. Norway, more exactly, Subwoolfer. Just in 6th place, with 192 points.

The excitement grows larger. Every single person watching Eurovision is at the front of their seats. Laura Pausini, building suspence, speaks out the following: "Subwoolfer, you need 149 points to pass Malere and win the Eurovision Song Contest."
"From the public, you recieved....


For the first time in Eurovision history, literally EVERYONE was extremely happy for this win. That moment of realization for Subwoolfer, felt.. surreal. It was beyond what they felt in any point of their lives. They froze for a moment, then realized what was actually happening. They both started hugging eachother and jumping around like little cute cubs. Then everyone in Normay's delegation joined in.

Finally, it was time for their winner's performance. You could hear the whole Europe shout: "SOMEONE GIVE THAT WOLF A BANANA!" during their interval.

Going back into the green room, they collapsed on top of the couch togheter, one on top of eachother. The sweat started stockpiling up while they could feel each other's heavy breaths.

"Jim, you're kind of--"

"Keith and Jim, we need you for the Press Conference. Quickly!"

"...Right" said Keith.

After a continuous night of lenghty events and a fuck ton of interviews, they finally went back into their hotel room, for a special reason, to throw a party with their delegation.

Before you know it, shit went down really fast in there. Any crazy thing that you could imagine probably happened. And yes, there was A LOT of alcohol. It felt like the best night of their lives. And who would blame them for doing this after winning Eurovision?

Morning came along and the two rascals were dragged on top of the bed, heavy sleeping until noon, after everyone left. Light reflected onto Jim's eye, making him heavely groan. He waked up spooning Keith both sharing the same bed. Then he realized he... wasn't wearing any pants. His tie was extremely loose, and his pecs were all the fucking way exposed. Checking his banana, it was completely hard. Both of them had no memories of what happened last night, but they could pretty much guess they went a little too wild.

"God it smells horrible in here." Jim whispered under his breath, trying his best not to wake up the sleeping Keith. The scent of the room was filled with sweat, saliva and cum, but mostly sweat. "Hnnnggggg..." Jim murmured as his dick started throbbing while looking as his partner. Jim sighed, then got on top of Keith.

"Shall we go for round 2?"

Jim pulled down Keith's of what remained pants, and he slowly started pounding his ass. Eventually, this made Keith wake up. Still being half-asleep, Keith said: "...Jim.....This isn't what we thought when......we wrote"

"Shut up and let me pound your little hole." Jim demanded from him. "I mean... I ain't gonna stop you, Jim. Do what you want to do, daddy." Keith smirked at him.

"Keith... your hole is so fucking tight, dude.. Must feel really good to wake up to this, right?"

"Mhmm... Keep going...."

Jim started smooching Keith while holding his hands against his head, obviously, still fucking him.

"Haaahhhhh...Haahhhhhh.. Keith, you're amazing. I feel like I'll burst any second into you right now. You're the best thing I've ever fucked in a long time."

"Thing? Oh, you little motherfu-"

With those last words, Jim moaned as hard as he could, thumping his dick extremely hard into Keith's hole, while his hot oozy liquid came out of it.

"My god, that felt like 3 rounds in one go.." said Keith. "Never pull out of me. Do you have more, master?"

"Yep, hold on, just give me a minute.." Jim said as they both chuckled.

Jim carried his lover near the balcony to close the blinds, dimming every single light possible. Keith started playing around with his pecs, pushing his hands against his whole body.

"We don't want to put up a show for what's about to come. Hehehe..." Jim said, as he threw him and Keith back onto their bed.

"Ptiuu.. Sorry, that was from last night...." Jim spatted out saliva, landing right onto his dick and Keith's hole. "On second thought... You ready, Keith?"

"Ready as always."

And before that wolf eats my grandma, give that wolf a banana. 'Cause that's what Keith really desired. A banana from Jim.

Jim started railing him, real good this time.

"I'm surprised you can handle this much, Keith." Jim remarked.

"It's just something that I've practiced. Your dick is so fucking wet right now, I love it."

"You little slut." Jim chuckled. "You think you're the one in control over here, huh?"

"I'll show you who's the master."

Jim pulled out, a hefty amount of cum started dripping out of his dick and Keith's hole. Jim pulled over Keith's head, making him suck his dick reaaaal good. Keith started gagging and tearing up, as his mouth filled up with Jim's love juice.

"I absolutely love it when you gag like that. It makes my dick feel so fucking great.."

Keith moaned in approval as Jim started smashing it into the poor guy's mouth. Cum started poking out of both his nostrils, while Keith could only sit there and enjoy it, making him a well behaved little slave.

Jim started alternating between his mouth and his asshole, load after load, while never getting tired of Keith's tight body.

They went on like this for an entire day.

Finally, Jim, in horrible exhaustion fainted on the floor, while Keith went on top of him and started cuddling Jim, falling asleep from the best day those two ever spent togheter.