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mythological beauty

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"Thanks everyone for listening! Ani, play us out," Mimi says, signalling to the morons that the recording session was ending soon. Though the last sentence was said with a slight reverb, and Lune, who had one scarred hand on the end recording hot-key for the entirety of the last few conversations, motioned for him to come aside. 

"hey, you're boostin' right now, and it's being picked up in the recordin'," they whisper to him. 

"Wait, really?"

"yeah, i had to lower you by about 50 percent because you kept peakin' your mic."


"yeah, you really need to keep that under control."

"Yeah, but I'm lazy."

At this moment, Ani walks over to the talking duo, her hooves clicking along the wooden floors of the house Mimi summoned for these recording sessions. She must've caught wind of the conversation, Lune thinks, looking at the demon's pointed ears. It must've been hell on earth for her whenever he subconsciously does that.

"bestie, my ears are hurting because you're talking like those 'be not afraid' bitches in heaven whenever they appear to you mortals. do you mind toning it down? just a little bit?"

Mimi takes a moment to ponder this, and after a bit of having to listen to the snakes in his hair slither in erratic lemniscates, he apologizes: "Look, I'm sorry I'm hurting you. I understand what you have to deal with as a fellow supernatural. However it's also kinda.. ableist to imply that I can just control it," he shakes his head slowly, sending his snakes into a frenzy. "It's easier said than done."

There is a bit of silence as the cryptids just stare at him. Brick, who was using the scale tool on the PS5 he usually brings to recording sessions so he could pack it away, pulls up the console and inputs a teleportation command to bring him closer to the rest of the morons. 

"I didn't catch the beginning of this conversation, but I still want to say that we all struggle with our uncontrollable urges as supernaturals," he begins. "Heck, I have to fight the urge to curse every time I open my mouth, and I'm sure that Lune and Ani get intrusive urges too. You said it yourself, it's hard, not impossible."


"Alright, I'll try my best to keep my voice lower from now on," Mimi eventually says.

Lune rubs a consoling hand on his shoulder. Even though the scars on their fingers catch uncomfortably on Mimi's scales, his shoulders drop as he sighs. "you know, i'm proud of you for taking the initiative to do better," they compliment.