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Birth of the New Man

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The child clung to his mother
The one who he trusted more than any other
The one who raised him as her own
Despite him not being of her genetics

Valley of emptiness
It wasn’t a desert, but that comparison would be understandable
No, they were in liminal space
And, within this liminal space was a globe

The globe had patterns
A child of more intellect would’ve been able to recognize them
For they all were that of the continents
The continents of Earth

The egg began to crack
And the boy clung to his mother as it did so
He was afraid of what oozed out

Blood was what he saw
Dripping out onto the cloth below
Who had placed the cloth?
Was it the same being who had birthed the egg?

No matter

An arm broke free from the confines of the shell
The crack revealed a slender body
Though this thing was still less slender than the kid’s mother
Her ribs poked out, starvation taking its toll

The egg stretched bizarrely as the thing
Attempted to free itself
It was like the egg was made of vinyl
Or perhaps rubber

The kid could not bear to look at it any longer
He’d never wanted to witness such horror
Such struggle
And his mom did not force him to

She just continued to watch on her own
Taking some sort of joy at the chaos
She was always like that
The boy never understood

When he looked back, the thing was gone
It was now off on its own
Like the other distant figures in the space
It was unimportant now

All it left behind was the shell