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Gensokyo Festival 2022 Compilation

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~A Fresh new Day to be Happy and Gay~

"Aaauuuun..." Aunn's yawn sounded much like her name as she sat up and stretched, curly green hair flowing down over her tummy. "Good morning, world!"

It was cosy in the nest of mismatched pillows and colourful quilts, and the still-slumbering Mike was a warm presence beside her. Aunn leaned over, brushed a strand of white hair off Mike's face and kissed her soft, pale cheek.

Mike's nose twitched. She groaned softly, blinked herself awake and shut her eyes again. "What time is it?" she mumbled, her voice strained and weary.

"Just gone..." Aunn yawned again. "Sunrise," she finished, sliding out of the covers and standing up. The tatami mats were rough under her feet. "What's for breakfast?"

"Too early..." Mike arched her back, stretching her arms over the pillows. Her arm hair was thin and patchy, but Aunn could see bands of white, orange and dark red stretching down from her shoulder to curl past her elbow.

"I'll make breakfast, then. How about that?" Aunn retrieved her baggy shirt from Mike's dresser and pulled it on. "D'you want eggs and bacon or bacon and eggs?"

"Both, please," drowsed Mike.

Rolling her eyes, Aunn slid her shorts up over her plump thighs and padded into the kitchen. "I'll surprise you! Don't sleep too long, though, or I might eat it all...!"

Mike stayed silent for a few seconds, then she sat bolt upright in a flurry of blankets. "Aunn, don't touch the cooker!" she screamed. "They haven't come round to fix the gas yet! It might explode if you-"