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When it’s been quiet up above for a few minutes, Clint carries Loki up to check out the damage. He can see out the window that the fight ended up mostly in the yard, and does a quick headcount as he climbs. Everyone’s accounted for but Thor.

He has to climb awkwardly over what looks like the remains of the kitchen counter in order to get through the doorway. The kitchen and living room are now both emphatically open-plan, and bits of robot are scattered about and embedded in surfaces that are not technically permeable.

Thor turns as they enter, his face creased with worry. “Loki! Is he - “

“He’s fine,” Clint says quickly. “He’s asleep.”

Thor hurries over and then pauses uncertainly. “May I hold him?”

“Of course, Thor, he’s your brother,” Clint says, resolutely pushing away a pang of loss. Thor takes him gently, cradling his brother like he’s both fragile and precious.

“I remember him at this age,” he says quietly. “He was forever following me. I did not see it for the love it was, at the time. I was merely annoyed.” He gives Clint a guilty look. “I have spent much of my life being annoyed by my brother and it took me far too long to realise it was because of deficiencies in myself and not in him.”

Clint leans up against a giant robot leg. “Thor, what happened between you two? If you don’t mind my asking.”

Thor looks down, carefully brushing Loki’s hair off his forehead. “I think you have earned the right to that tale, my friend. It is long and complex and I promise to tell you the whole of it later, but for now - my brother had spent far too long forced into my shadow, and at an extremely inopportune time he discovered that my father had stolen him as an infant war prize from another realm with the intention of using him to later unite our peoples. The combination pushed him over the edge into a madness from which he has never really recovered.”

Grain of salt, Clint thinks dully. Won’t Bruce be surprised.

“It’s just his kid self in there, now,” he says. “The adult part is gone.”

Thor’s face twists with grief. “It may be for the best, but I will miss him terribly even so. Was it his choice?”

“Yeah,” Clint says softly. “He wanted what his kid self had here. I promised to have you swear to...” he pauses, rewinding the last half hour in his head, "protect, care for and support him, should you have to stand against Odin himself to see it done."

Thor takes a deep, shaky breath. “I would ask for your help in that mission, my friend. You have been an exemplary guardian for him, from what I have observed.”

Clint swallows down a lump in his throat. “Of course.”

A whine of repulsors and a clatter of rubble by the gaping hole in the living room wall announces the arrival of Tony and Steve. Tony’s armor is dented in a few places and a decent part of Steve’s shirt is gone, but they seem to be otherwise unharmed. Steve vaults over what Clint sincerely hopes wasn’t once a load-bearing section of wall and heads towards them.

“The yard’s trashed, but the last of them are down,” he announces. “Bruce and Natasha got the ringleader - “ he stops, spotting Loki. “Is he - “

“He sleeps,” Thor says. “He is a child once more.”

Steve’s eyes flicker over towards Clint. Clint crosses his arms, feeling exposed and weirdly empty.

“I’m glad he’s okay,” Steve says. “Thor, it may not be the right time, but I’ve got to ask - what is your father and the rest of Asgard going to think? We’ll give you all the protection we can, but we might not be of much use against an army.”

Thor blinks. “We would not hold a child responsible for the actions of an adult, even if they are technically the same person,” he says, sounding surprised. “My brother as he is now has done nothing wrong. There will be no danger.”

“That’s a relief,” Steve says, smiling.

“It will be very hard for him to be trusted, of course, since all of Asgard knows how he grew up the first time, and his banishment may be upheld, but he is in no danger,” Thor continues blithely.

“That’s bull - “ Tony begins, and is cut off by Steve’s shield cracking ‘accidentally’ against his shoulder.

“We understand,” Steve says. “I’m glad it worked out.”

Bruce, Natasha, and Coulson push their way through the doorway Clint used, having come up from the interior of the mansion. Bruce is in his typical post-Hulk state of dishevelment, but other than that seems fine. Coulson’s suit is torn, but he’s carrying one of the robots' giant blaster guns with a faint air of satisfaction. Natasha, of course, looks impeccable and gorgeous.

Bruce stops short. “Is he - “

“Asleep, all kid,” Clint says. “It’s okay.”

Bruce comes over to stand by him. “Are you all right?” he asks quietly.

“I’m fine,” Clint says shortly. “Glad to see you back in the right body.”

“Me too,” Natasha says fervently.

“Hello, brother,” Thor says softly. Clint looks over - Loki’s eyes are half-open, and as he watches Loki realises who’s holding him and smiles.

“Hello, Thor,” he says happily, and Clint nearly has to turn away. “Is everyone well?”

Thor smiles. “Everyone is well, and our enemies have been vanquished. It will be a day passed on in song and story long after we all have perished.”

It sounds morbid to Clint, but Loki laughs. It must be an Asgardian thing. Bruce leans sympathetically against Clint’s shoulder.

“Clint,” Loki says, and Clint looks up, startled. Loki reaches out one hand, grinning.

“The Force was with us this day. Give me five?”

Clint grins back, and complies.