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Amateur Theatrics

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Clint wakes up the next morning crammed into the bottom corner of Loki’s bed with one of Loki’s feet planted firmly in his neck. Bruce is taking pictures.

Clint groggily gives him the finger. Bruce takes another picture.

“Fckoff,” Clint mumbles into a mouthful of blankets, but now that he’s marginally conscious he really has to go to the bathroom. Damn Bruce anyway. He eases his way off the end of the bed without disturbing Loki - face down with his hands tucked under his chest - and manages to get upright, more or less. Sleeping in his armor is never exactly comfortable, whether it’s on a bed or in a sniper’s nest.

Bruce finally puts the camera away, still grinning at him.

“Get his books,” Clint whispers, rubbing his face. “We can hold them hostage and force him to eat breakfast when he wakes up.”

Bruce does as requested, overbalancing twice but Clint manages to grab the collar of his shirt before he falls against the bedside table and wakes Loki, so it’s okay. They make their way upstairs with their loot. It’s a lot brighter than Clint expected - he and Loki must have been out for a while.

Tony, supportive friend that he is, cracks up as soon as Clint walks in. “Nice bedhead, man.”

“I’ve got pictures,” Bruce says, the traitor. Clint rests his head on the kitchen island as Bruce and Steve coo obnoxiously over the evidence. Tony earns his way back into Clint’s good graces by sliding a mug of coffee down the counter at him.

“This is better than usual,” he notices, halfway through the mug.

“Thank you,” Pepper says from right behind him. He jumps. She must have stayed over last night after doing Bruce’s Natasha-hair and makeup yesterday.

“Love that combat-trained hyper-awareness,” Tony says to no one in particular.

Clint just glares at him. If it was a situation, or somebody right now waved a knife at him, he’d be sharp and adrenalized in an instant. Being groggy in the morning is his little way of declaring he’s safe.

“How’s Operation We’re Totally Normal?”

“...For The Avengers,” Tony mutters into his mug.

“It’s calmed down a little,” Pepper says, shrugging. “I think you’ve bought some time. Plus Justin Bieber just got engaged, so the tabloids are all going to start running relationship features.”

Clint eyes her narrowly over the top of his mug. “Did Justin Bieber actually just get engaged?”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re insinuating, Agent Barton,” Pepper says demurely. Tony looks disturbingly proud.

It’s just shaping up to be a really classically Avengers scene of domestic bliss, and then Loki enters at a run, screeches “You stole my research!” and launches himself bodily at Clint.

Admittedly, the presence of violence does not necessarily rule out Avengers-style domesticity.

“Whoa!” Clint yelps. “Loki - hey!”

Tony rescues the cup of coffee, freeing Clint up to bend down and try to grab Loki’s hands. He’s too small to do that much damage, and fortunately it would seem that Asgardians don’t grown into their super-strength until they’re out of childhood, but he’s pummeling Clint’s legs with serious intent and he’s in worrying range of more sensitive targets if he calms down enough to act strategically.

“Loki - Loki, kid, stop for a second - “

“It was mine!” Loki shrieks. “I worked hard on it! Give. It. Back!

Clint captures one thin wrist and then the other. Loki immediately trades on the fact that Clint’s not going to drop him on his butt and uses Clint’s grip as leverage so he can kick instead.

Loki.” Steve’s command voice cracks like a whip and Loki freezes instinctively, panting. “Clint’s trying to explain. Let him talk.”

Loki tugs at Clint’s hands but keeps a hold on the all-out attack. Now that Clint can see his face a little better, he can see that Loki’s chin is trembling. He looks scared.

“Kiddo.” He waits until Loki’s looking at him - sideways, but it’s eye contact. “Bruce and I tidied up your research because it was all over the floor.” Partially true. “You can have it back after breakfast, okay?” Totally true.

“You... did not destroy it to be funny?” Loki asks in a small voice.

No,” Bruce says firmly, appalled on behalf of academics everywhere.

“I’ll let you see it if it will make you feel better,” Clint offers. “But you can’t have it until you’ve eaten breakfast. Deal?”

Loki nods, eyes on the floor. “Deal.”

Clint picks him up and walks him over to the living room. Loki’s stuff is stacked neatly on the coffee table. “See?”

Loki nods and buries his face in Clint’s neck. “You did not wake me as you promised,” he says resentfully.

“I fell asleep too, kid,” Clint says. He’d had no intention of waking Loki anyway, but saying that is hardly going to help the situation. “Bruce took pictures because he is a terrible person. You can see them if you want proof.”

Loki gives a long, trembling sigh. “I apologize for attacking you, Agent Barton,” he says, voice wobbling.

“I forgive you,” Clint says formally. “Do you have something to say to everyone else, too?”

Loki raises his head a little. “I apologize for my unseemly behavior and for causing such a disturbance,” he says. “Hello, Lady Pepper.”

“Good morning, Loki,” Pepper says serenely. Spending so much time around Tony has clearly inured her to emotional volatility - everyone else seems to be suffering from some degree of contact embarrassment.

Loki brightens up and stops clinging during breakfast, helped along by the fact that Pepper’s brought him a new Thor t-shirt (it has a picture of Mjolnir and the words ‘God of Thunder!’ on it in glitter) and an Iron Man hoodie that makes Tony look insufferably smug. Clint makes a mental note to replace it as soon as possible with the Hawkeye one he’s seen a few kids wearing; not only will it annoy Tony, which is always entertaining, but the Hawkeye version has a quiver of arrows printed on the back and is therefore awesome.

After breakfast Loki and an apprehensive Bruce retreat to the lab to try and come up with a plan of attack for the ruined device, and Clint goes off to lurk conspicuously in the background of Coulson’s rigged press conference. On his way back to the mansion he stops by a kid’s clothing store to try and find a Hawkeye hoodie. The Hawkeye merchandise usually isn’t as popular as the rest of the Avengers stuff, but they’re sold out of the ones in what Clint thinks is Loki’s size. Clint spends the rest of the trip home trying to figure out if he can blame Tony for it somehow.