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it's for charity (i swear)

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“Those remind me of how we started dating.”

Jimin hands Namjoon a can of beer from Yoongi’s fridge before taking a seat next to him on the couch. He tucks his feet under him and curls into his boyfriend comfortably, feeling the pleasant buzz of the alcohol running through his system. They’re currently at a house party Yoongi and Hoseok are hosting, and the atmosphere is dying down to an amicable vibe. Not everyone knows each other but they all have the same interests in liberal arts, and they’re all really nice and friendly.

The younger boy lazily glances at the coffee table Namjoon’s gesturing towards, where a mason jar of long, spiral lollipops is resting. He smiles at the flashbacks of their first meeting, and snuggles deeper into Namjoon’s warmth.

“Yeah, lets not talk about that,” Jimin laughs, but they catch interest from Seokjin, Taehyung’s new boyfriend, who looks at them.

“How did you guys start dating?” He asks, honestly curious, and Jimin shoves his face into the crook of Namjoon’s armpit.

Nooo,” he whines, but he’s already smiling uncontrollably at the fond memories.

“Come on, you helped me get together with Taehyung. I want to know how you two met.”

Jimin doesn’t know if it’s because he’s tipsy, or if it’s because Seokjin emits such a natural motherly aura that he can’t help it—but he looks up at Namjoon and the older man clears his throat.

“Well, I don’t know if I remember all the fine details since it was two years ago, but I guess we can pass the time with the telling of this fairytale.”

“Fairytale?” Taehyung asks suddenly, popping out of seemingly nowhere and sitting next to his boyfriend. “Are they telling the story of how they made out for an hour?”

“This is so humiliating,” Jimin groans, and Namjoon chuckles at his adorable behavior. He’s fond of their story, but Jimin, for some reason, always gets embarrassed whenever it’s brought up.

“I’ll tell it quickly, baby,” Namjoon grins, rubbing Jimin’s arm and kissing the top of his head. He turns back to Seokjin and takes a sip of his beer. “It’s actually not that long—pretty straightforward, really.” He pauses to gather his thoughts. “Two years ago, when I was just about to graduate uni, there was this fan of mine named Park Jimin—”

“Hyung!” Jimin frowns, pushing himself off of the laughing man and grabbing his own beer. “I’ll tell it. At least it’ll be accurate then. I was not his fan, okay?”



Two years ago





Jimin is in the middle of defeating his all time high score of 79 million on Cookie Run when Taehyung comes barreling towards him, chanting "Jimin Jimin Jimin guess what Jimin." He shifts on the grass, bracing himself for the impact that he knows is going to come. And indeed, Taehyung hurls his whole body against Jimin, and his phone flies out from his hands. It lands on a patch of grass a foot away.

"Tae," he whines, scrambling for his phone and checking to see if he lost the game. He does, and he huffs in annoyance.

"Guess what?! Candy... you... $30… " Taehyung gasps, choking on his spit at one point.

"What? Tae, calm down."

"Kim Namjoon is having a candy kissing booth this Friday!"

Jimin's eyes widens before whirling his head to see if anyone heard. They are the only people in the courtyard so he lets out a sigh of relief, but not before turning to Taehyung with fear in his eyes.

"A… candy kissing booth… ?"

"Yeah. Do you know how candy kisses used to be a huge thing? Apparently he's doing one for charity and he's selling them for $30 each!"

Jimin blushes at the implications of that. He's had the biggest, most obvious crush on Kim Namjoon, two years his senior, for the longest time. The only person who knows is Taehyung and the younger has no trouble embarrassing him every chance he gets. He says it's because his crush is "cute" and that "hyung needs to get laid," which is usually followed by a "why are you hitting me so hard."

"All the girls are talking about it. Kim Seokjin was supposed to do it with him but he backed out last minute."

Jimin ignores the bitter tone in Taehyung’s voice to concentrate on the first part of his speech. He feels a deep pang of jealousy somewhere in his gut as he thinks of the line of girls waiting to kiss Namjoon. Out of all of them he is probably going to find a really pretty girl to ask out and get married to and—

"Are you going to donate?"

The older boy's head snaps up to meet Taehyung’s expectant eyes. "Are you kidding me?! No! Tae, please please please don't try anything, please Tae—"

"I won't, don't worry. But. But. I got you a form just in case! See, lemon candies are 30,000won but Yoongi hyung showed me the candies they are using and they're tiny. It's okay though because you can get the jawbreaker for 60,000won!"

Jimin watches in terror as Taehyung runs through the different types of candies available. There are fruity hard candies; minty ones that are only 15,000won but dissolve quickly; and the most expensive which are the different flavor jawbreakers. Jimin blushes as naughty thoughts make way into his head, infiltrating his typically clean mind.

Jimin snaps out of his daydream and snatches the form from Taehyung’s hands, shoving it deep inside his uniform pocket. "Tae, stop waving that around like it's some sort of prize," he hisses, checking to see if Namjoon had just happened to walk past. Fortunately, the courtyard is still vacant so he lets out a sigh of relief.

"Come on, hyung. You've been pining over him since, like, middle school. All just because he paid for your meal when you didn't have money."

Jimin shoves Taehyung onto the grass and jabs his fingers into the younger’s side, effectively knocking the wind out of the tall boy.

"Wait, hyung no—"

"Promise that you won't do anything! Promise!" Jimin screams, tickling Taehyung until he is positively shrieking from underneath him.

"Taehyung!" Jimin yells when the boy remains wordless.

“Okay, okay, I promise! But consider it, okay?” Taehyung asks, catching his breath and pushing himself up on his elbows.

“Maybe,” Jimin sighs. Even the mere thought of kissing Namjoon makes his heart climb all the way up into his throat. Honestly, he’ll probably chicken out find an excuse to get out of it, but the offer is so incredibly tempting.

“Alright. It’s this Friday, remember!”

“Whatever,” Jimin mumbles. He’s grumpy now. “Why is he doing this, anyway? Isn’t he supposed to have a ‘tough guy’ image?”

“Yeah, but apparently the school’s letting him use some of the money he earns to fund the music wing.”

Well, that explains that. Whenever Jimin has the honor to run into him in the hallway, it’s always near the music wing and he’s always talking to his music buddies.

“How… many girls do you think will sign up?” Jimin asks, trying not to look too interested, but failing miserably. He’s always been terrible at lying.

“I don’t know, but he gets a new girlfriend like every other week. He’ll probably get enough funds to buy brand-spankin’ new equipment for like, all the wings.”

Jimin scrolls down his Cookie Run friend list as he lets the words register in his head. Is it worth it to possibly humiliate himself in front of his crush? He doesn’t compare to the pretty girls on campus, and he’d just be wasting Namjoon’s time.

Taehyung, catching his friend’s sudden change in emotion, wraps an arm around his neck and noogies his head. “Don’t worry hyung. I’ve talked to him a couple times before and he seems like a nice guy. Actually, he’s really nice. Like a nerd.”

“You’ve talked to him before?!” Jimin exclaims, tearing himself out of Taehyung’s grip and staring at him with wild, disbelieving eyes. “When?”

“He’s friends with Yoongi hyung who’s in my political science class. We’ve done projects together and Namjoon hyung’s usually at his house.”

“Oh,” Jimin frowns. He can’t believe his best friend has never told him about meeting Namjoon.

“I told you I met him before, hyung,” Taehyung pouts, unknowingly answering his mental turmoil. “But it was during midterms and you didn’t even know I was in front of you half the time.”

Jimin ponders back to those days when he relied only on coffee and energy drinks to keep him up. He mentions an apology to Taehyung who brushes it off and suggests they play a game to kill time. The two best friends immediately commence a heated Cookie Run tournament where the winner buys a meaty dinner that night.

Taehyung loses by 13 million points.






“Of course you mention that part,” Taehyung grumbles. “It’s been two years! You can’t hold something that happened two years ago against me!”




Friday approaches and Jimin is psyching himself out. He hasn’t had the chance to get out of it because Taehyung sticks to him like glue the entire week, observing what he does and asking what he’s doing when they’re away.

The booth is on the third floor of the school in a classroom, and there’s a skinny guy sitting behind a desk scribbling things down on a clipboard. There’s no queue and he seems to be finishing up, packing his things into a neat folder and shoving his pens into a pencil case.

‘Cool, so my plan worked. It’s over!’ Jimin thinks, internally praising himself for lying to Taehyung and saying it got pushed back an hour. He saunters over to the desk and puts on his best-disappointed face before approaching the boy.

“Here for the candy kiss?” He asks, not even looking up while furiously crossing things out and jotting letters and numbers on paper.

Jimin’s feigned look of disappointment (which wasn’t all that convincing, honestly) falls as his nervousness takes over. “Y-yeah, it’s over, right?” He asks, and the boy, whose nametag reads Yoongi, checks the time on his phone.

“He has strep throat so it never started,” he says, bored.

“Oh,” Jimin frowns. Really? He should be relieved, but his heart sinks in utter disappointment.

Yoongi smirks. “Just kidding, you just missed the huge group, is all. Can I see your ticket?”

Oh. What a mean trick to play! Jimin scowls as he absentmindedly shoves his hand into the pocket of his uniform and pulls out the ticket Taehyung bought him.

“T-this is a dare, my friend bought this for me,” Jimin stutters, trying to save face. What if Namjoon doesn’t like boys? The thought has never occurred to him before and a shock runs through his entire being as he realizes that there’s a chance Namjoon doesn’t like boys.

Sensing his sudden state of terror, Yoongi smiles and leans back, stretching his fingers and arms.

“Really?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. “Well, here’s your 60,000won jawbreaker—have fun.”

Yoongi hands him a wrapped jawbreaker slightly larger than a marble, and gives him the most humiliating look as he waggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“R-right,” the poor boy says, grabbing the sweet and reaching for the door. He slides it over and steps into the room, taking his time closing the door behind him and turning around. He peeks over the corner and spies Namjoon, the 181cm blonde god that he’s been crushing on for so long, sitting with his legs up on the desk and fiddling with his phone. There’s a wastebasket next to him piled with empty candy wrappers and Jimin almost chickens out because the only way he can ever kiss Kim Namjoon is through charity work. But Namjoon looks too tempting to resist, waiting there with his school blazer off and his necktie loosened so it’s resting comfortable around his collarbones.

Jimin clutches the wrapped candy in fear as he tilts his head back to see if he can run away without making his presence known, but then Namjoon is taking his feet off the desk and putting his phone away.

“You can come in,” Namjoon says, and Jimin stills in complete terror.

‘Oh my god oh my god why did I ever agree to this oh my god Kim Taehyung I’m going to kill you oh my—’

“Hello? You don’t have to be shy,” he calls. “You can leave but you did pay for it anyway, so why not relieve my boredom?”

Jimin reasons that does make sense, so he fixes his black fringe and nervously clutches his backpack strap before stepping around the corner. Namjoon looks taken aback by the fact that Jimin isn’t another “bashful freshman girl with beautiful black hair and tinted lips.” However, he doesn’t scoff and turn away like Jimin thought he would.

“Hello,” Namjoon greets, smiling pleasantly and showing off his dimples. He pats the seat next to him and Jimin stumbles towards it, hesitantly perching himself on the chair and grasping his backpack straps even harder. In this close proximity, he can see every detail of Namjoon’s face that he’s always wanted to stare at: his slanted, soft eyes, his cute, curved nose, and his darkly hued, shapely lips. His blonde hair frames his face, and it would have been adorable if it weren’t so mussed up and tousled.

“What’s your name?” Namjoon asks, taking the candy from his clenched fist and unwrapping the crinkled plastic.

“Park J-Jimin,” he replies, heart dropping when he realizes he stuttered his own name.

“Oh, you’re Taehyung’s friend, right? I’ve seen you around. I always thought you were cute,” he grins, and Jimin melts in his spot. He thinks he’s cute?! Why hasn’t he ever told him this before?

“R-really?” He breathes, stiffening when Namjoon pops the candy in his mouth and starts moistening it with his saliva.

“Sure. Hey, why don’t you put your backpack down? These suckers take a while to melt.”

Jimin blushes intensely at the suggestion and he clumsily slips out of his heavy backpack, trying not to stare at the other’s mouth. If he does, he thinks he might just explode.

“Ah,” Namjoon chuckles. “You’re making me nervous.”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles, hardly audible against the thick nervousness numbing his tongue. He can smell Namjoon’s fruity breath even from that distance, and he vaguely thinks that if he keeps stalling, it will melt on its own. Unfortunately, Namjoon wastes no time and rests his large, warm hand over Jimin’s cold ones on his lap.

“I-if you don’t want to kiss me, you don’t have to,” Jimin says then, breaking the slowly building awkward silence. “I’m only doing it for charity anyway.”

“Really now,” Namjoon muses. Jimin can feel the senior’s gaze on him as he stares holes into the hand covering his. The touch is electrifying and his already-soft hands are starting to sweat. “Do you not want to kiss me?”

Jimin frowns as Namjoon misunderstands his intentions.

“No! I mean, yes, or… no, I do… I just… don’t want to force you.”

I don’t want to force you into kissing a guy.

“Jimin,” Namjoon sighs, and said boy startles at the sound of his name rolling off of his crush’s tongue. He’s spent too many sleepless nights imagining how his name would sound with Namjoon’s deep, raspy tone bleeding into it. Hearing him say it in real life makes his head fuzzy. “I’m open to anything, and it really would be my pleasure to kiss you. So don’t be scared, okay? We can stop any time.”

‘I’m open to anything.’

The reassurance allows Jimin to finally lift his head up, and he finds Namjoon smiling sweetly at him, no traces of judgement in any of his features. Namjoon gives his clammy hands a squeeze and Jimin nods, giving the senior permission to begin. Namjoon’s hand slides up to rest on the nape of Jimin’s neck, and the skin there burns too. His thumb lovingly (as he likes to tell himself) rubs against his jaw before he pulls Jimin’s head slightly forward.

His breath catches as they close the distance between each other, and when they’re mere centimeters away, he can feel the tiny puffs of candied air against his lips. It feels like time has stopped, and he’s conscious of every movement—every blink, every intake of breath—he makes.

“You’re so cute,” Namjoon murmurs, and his mouth curls into a soft smile at the slight whine that escapes Jimin’s. Each and every second that ticks by feels like a million years, and Jimin just wants Namjoon to hurry up and get their first touch over with. The anticipation is quite literally killing him and he distractedly ponders if Namjoon is just stretching it out for the sole purpose of giving him anxiety.

However, Namjoon deems that he’s stared at Jimin’s face for long enough, and leans in until their noses graze against each other.

When their lips finally touch, Jimin doesn’t feel a toe-curling sensation of ecstasy like he imagined it to be. Instead, there’s a gentle thrum of giddiness at the pit of his stomach where dread used to sleep. It awakens into a thousand little butterflies that beat at his heart, causing it to race a mile a minute. As Namjoon presses into him and their lips coyly mold against each other, his heartbeat quickens and his hands start to shake. The feeling of satisfaction and adrenaline that he’s experiencing is the most potent of all caffeine, and the most addictive of all drugs.

Namjoon smells like candy, cologne, and the sweet scent of just… skin. He smells heavenly to Jimin and he can’t believe that he’s kissing Kim Namjoon, the man he’s been crushing on for six years.

He lets out a breathy sigh when Namjoon engulfs his bottom lip between his two, and the senior gently sucks at the thick flesh. The bit of saliva that Namjoon coats his lips with tastes tooth-achingly sweet, and Jimin cracks open his mouth a little wider to allow further entrance. The elder travels up and kisses into his upper lip, giving Jimin the chance to shyly nibble at the bottom. There, he tastes even more of the sweet fruitiness, and he wants more.

Jimin’s hands unknowingly fist into the collar of Namjoon’s shirt as the elder pushes into him, making him lean backwards into his seat. Namjoon has both his hands around Jimin’s face now as he keeps pressing into him, and Jimin gasps at the intensity of it all. As soon as Jimin’s mouth opens ever so slightly in sweet exhale, Namjoon takes advantage of the opportunity to barely touch their tongues together, and Jimin blushes at the slimy, yet intimate feeling. Namjoon tentatively licks into Jimin’s parted mouth, brushing against his tongue again. Jimin welcomes the intrusion and closes in on the muscle, gently suckling on it. The feeling of a foreign tongue trapped between his lips is weird to the novice kisser, but he decides that he quite likes the sensation, especially after Namjoon groans when he flicks at it with his own tongue.

Namjoon suddenly pulls his tongue out and encases Jimin’s bottom lip between his before shoving something round, hard, and sticky into his mouth. The young sophomore startles for a second, forgetting about the candy, but once it rests heavily against the side of his mouth, he sucks on it and swallows the warm saliva coating it. Namjoon continues to lick at his lips while Jimin tries to balance the jawbreaker on his tongue so it doesn’t accidentally slip down his throat and choke him. However, Namjoon is proving his task difficult as his ferocity doesn’t die down, and he’s sticking his slimy muscle in between his lips again. He tightens his grip on Namjoon’s collar as he slightly pulls away and tries to catch his breath, but the senior occupies himself by pressing fluttering kisses against his panting lips.

Jimin giggles then, feeling overwhelmed by the affection (no matter how fake), and Namjoon smiles as he kisses the corner of his upturned mouth. Jimin opens his eyes that he’s closed sometime during the process, and flushes red as he realizes that Namjoon’s staring at his lips while peppering smooches on them.

“We’re supposed,” Namjoon starts, pecking at Jimin’s swollen lips in between his stuttered speech, “to… be passing… the candy around.”

“Oh,” he blushes, before pushing forward the chalky jawbreaker and offering it to the senior. Namjoon takes it easily with his generously sized lips, but instead of continuing the makeout session in the position they’re in, he rests his hands on either side of Jimin’s hips and loops his fingers through the belt holes of his pants.

“Come here,” Namjoon says, straightening his posture on his seat and pulling Jimin up and out of his. Jimin lands on Namjoon’s lap with his legs on either side of the older man’s waist, and he almost chokes at the proximity. However, Namjoon wastes no time and reattaches their lips again, passing the slowly diminishing jawbreaker to the younger boy.

Jimin, getting the hang of it now, wraps his arms loosely around Namjoon’s shoulder and suckles on both the candy in his mouth and the elder’s tongue, letting Namjoon taste his sweet, fruity saliva. The angle that they’re in, with Jimin on top and Namjoon slightly below him, allows Jimin to shyly bump noses with his crush as the kisses become less forced, and more comfortable and intimate. Namjoon slips his hands underneath his blazer and starts running his hands up and down his back, and Jimin feels goosebumps trail at the wake of his fingertips.

If someone were to have recorded their little session, he would have turned tomato red at the obscene, wet slurping noises they are shamelessly making. However, Jimin pays little attention as he hungrily dips down even further, almost shoving the candy into Namjoon’s mouth and swallowing the hot puffs of air the senior releases. Namjoon’s hands still at the younger boy’s hips as he allows Jimin to take over, thoroughly enjoying the little whimpering noises the black-haired boy is unconsciously making.

Namjoon moves his lips to Jimin’s rhythm and sucks when necessary, but Jimin is doing most of the work now as he desperately tries to press his body closer to Namjoon’s. The senior feels so sturdy underneath him and he tastes so good and his kissing is excellent, so Jimin allows his years of pent-up frustration to overwhelm him. Jimin cups Namjoon’s face in his hands and sighs as he transfers the candy back into the older man’s mouth. It’s dwindled down to a piece the size of his thumb nail and there’s more saliva being passed around than actual fruity substance, but he finds that he doesn’t mind because he can feel every millimeter of Namjoon’s mouth without the distraction.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Namjoon asks suddenly, trailing down and kissing along his jawline. Jimin groans as Namjoon slyly licks at his earlobe, shivering at the wet sensation near such a sensitive area.

“No,” Jimin responds, small hands curling into the hairs gathered at the nape of Namjoon’s neck and trying to reattach their lips again.

“Oh? What’s his name?” Namjoon questions, and Jimin huffs in annoyance. The fact that they’re talking right now means they’re not kissing, and he wants to milk the candy for what it’s worth.

“I don’t have one,” he insists, baring his neck as the senior kisses down towards his Adam’s apple. He doesn’t have the guts to tell him that he hasn’t looked at anyone else since middle school.

“That’s hard to believe. You are just the cutest thing,” he grins, and Jimin pouts. Namjoon’s eyes hood at the thick, fleshy bottom lip jutting out into the most adorable frown he’s ever seen.

“I did not come here to be insulted at,” he sniffs, and Namjoon kisses his pouting lips.

“You’re right, you came here to make out with me for thirty minutes. Am I doing alright?”

Jimin’s hands slither around the back of Namjoon’s neck in hopes of distracting the senior from noticing his eternally blushing face.

“Just kiss me again,” Jimin says, and Namjoon complies immediately. The older man nips at the black-haired boy’s bottom lip, making it swell even more than it already has. Jimin returns the favor and pulls his lip out to nibble on Namjoon’s, sucking when he tastes the tiniest hint of metallic blood on his taste buds.

Namjoon’s hand suddenly slinks out of the confines of his blazer and creeps towards the front of Jimin’s crotch. The younger boy is about to protest when he moans, right around Namjoon’s tongue. He stills in shock at the sensual noise that just slipped from his throat, wondering where in the hell that came from. Then the realization hits him.

He has a boner.

He’s hard from just kissing Namjoon.

Jimin wrenches back as humiliation curdles his blood, and all the confidence he had earlier dissipates into nothingness. How long has he had this erection, and when did Namjoon notice it? He doesn’t meet Namjoon’s eyes as he wipes his swollen, wet lips with the sleeve of his blazer.

“I’m sorry, t-that wasn’t supposed to happen,” Jimin stutters, angling his face away when he feels it starting to get splotchy with red, hot blushes. ‘I’m so pathetic. Who the hell gets hard making out with somebody?!’ He angrily thinks to himself. Still not making eye contact with Namjoon, he climbs off his lap and straightens out his shirt.

“There’s still a bit left,” Namjoon points out, seemingly unphazed by Jimin’s inability to control his hormones. “Or… are you heading out?”

“I think I’ll go,” Jimin mumbles. He slings his backpack around his shoulder and finally glances up to find Namjoon fixing his tie. His eyes hood as he watches the man straighten it out with quick, deft fingers, but forces himself to look away when Namjoon peeks up.

Usually, this would be the time Namjoon says something along the lines of, ‘thank you for coming, I’ll see you around!’ but he doesn’t have the heart to recite it to Jimin.

“Are you sure you want to leave so early?” Namjoon asks, hoping the boy would stay and keep him company for a couple more minutes.

“I… there’s other people probably waiting for their turn,” Jimin says uncertainly, pointing at the door behind him. Namjoon closes the distance between them and holds Jimin’s chin in his hands again, but this time, since there’s nothing in their mouths to give them the excuse to be intimate, it feels real and not artificial. Like Namjoon actually wants to care for Jimin.

“They’re only doing it for charity anyway,” he grins, repeating Jimin’s words from earlier. Jimin’s cheeks flush in a natural rosy hue as Namjoon attaches their lips again, slipping the last bit of candy into his mouth. It’s warm and slippery, and Jimin relishes at the heat of the jawbreaker. “I’ll see you around, Jimin.”

“Yeah… good-bye,” Jimin starts, not quite sure how to address the senior. “—hyung.”

Jimin leaves with a nervous flutter in his chest, an erection straining against his pants, and a slowly disintegrating jawbreaker on his tongue.







“That’s so cheesy,” Yoongi sighs. The older man joined their little circle of friends a couple minutes ago, and Jimin giggles at his comment.

“Namjoon is such a romantic, you have no idea. He’s probably even sappier than Hoseok noona.”

“That’s not possible,” Yoongi frowns, shaking his head. “Sometimes I can’t stand Hoseok because she’s so goddamn lovey-dovey all the time.”

“Are you guys talking about me?” A voice calls from behind Jimin, and they all turn to greet Yoongi’s long-term girlfriend of four years. She plops down on Yoongi’s lap and tickles his chin in mock-affection, knowing he hates dramatic things the most.

“This oppa—he pretends not to like these kinds of things, when he does it even more when we’re alone!”

Yoongi brushes it off but Taehyung breaks out into guffaws.

“Yoongi hyung doing aegyo? I would pay to see that,” Taehyung laughs.

Hoseok grins as Yoongi pushes her up and out of his lap, feigning annoyance, but there’s a soft blur of love in his eyes that he can’t mask.

“Okay, so he didn’t even ask you out after the kiss, but you described it like you guys fell head over heels with each other,” Seokjin says to Jimin, bringing the conversation back to their story.

“We didn’t start dating until the next semester,” Jimin sighs. “Because he was too scared to approach me.”

“I wasn’t—“

“Ha! I remember that!” Taehyung blurts. “Namjoon hyung came after me one day and asked me what your favorite color was.”

Jimin remembers that also. Taehyung had immediately sent him a message after the senior received his answer and said his good-byes. Sometimes Jimin would ask if he ever felt bad for exploiting Namjoon’s deeds prematurely, but Taehyung never responds guiltily.

“Taehyung told me, you know,” Jimin smiles. He laughs as Namjoon shoots a glare at said traitor. “He texted me and said you asked about me. Don’t worry, I thought it was cute.”

“I can’t believe,” Seokjin laughs. “That Kim Namjoon was too shy to ask you out.”

“Why didn’t you then, Park Jimin?” Yoongi asks, slinging a casual arm around Hoseok’s slight shoulders and pulling her in close. “If you thought it was cute, why didn’t you ask him out?”

“How could I!” Jimin exclaims defensively. “I thought he was avoiding me so I was terrified that he changed his mind and hated me.”

Yoongi chuckles as both Jimin and Namjoon get red in the face, neither one of them wanting to admit to being the reason their first date was pushed off for so long.

“Well, I think I’m going to kick everyone out,” Hoseok declares, pushing herself off of Yoongi and starting to tidy up the stray cups and plates on the coffee table. “You guys are welcome to stay if you want, as long as you help us clean. Yoongi, come with?”

The group grumbles as they listen to Hoseok, and they do their best to get all the trash in the garbage bag, and the silverware in the sink. The rest of the partygoers are ushered out by a nagging Hoseok and a much more threatening Yoongi.

“Should we stay?” Namjoon asks, wrapping his arms around Jimin and swaying him around. The half-empty cup of suspiciously rank smelling liquid that Jimin’s holding sloshes as Namjoon kisses the back of the giggling boy’s neck.

“Shouldn’t we go home? I don’t want to be a bother to them.”

“Sleepover! I call the guest room. Seokjin hyung, lets go!”

Jimin and Namjoon watch as Taehyung speeds off into the only guest bedroom in the apartment house, with Seokjin begrudgingly following his partner.

“Taehyung and Seokjin are staying. We can make everyone breakfast tomorrow to make up for it,” Namjoon says, convincing the boy to stay for the night.

“Okay. But I’m getting the couch,” Jimin grins, tearing himself out of Namjoon’s embrace and throwing himself onto the one couch long enough to sleep in.

“There’s room for two,” Namjoon reasons, but Jimin spreads himself over the cushions to prevent the male of 181cm height to climb in. It doesn’t stop him, however.

“No! Stop! There’s no room! You’re squishing me!” Jimin cries, heaving underneath Namjoon’s weight. The taller man slinks to the backside of the couch, wedging himself between the cushion and Jimin’s tiny body.

“So you expect me to sleep on the floor? There’s enough space up here,” Namjoon fake pouts.

“No there’s not, you’re just going to push me off in the middle of the night.”

Amongst their bickering, a door opens from within the hallway and Hoseok steps out.

“Who’s washing up first?” She asks. They hear a muffled shout of, ‘Me and Seokjin hyung are going to shower together!’ before a noise of disgust follows.

“Twenty minutes! Other people need the hot water too!” Hoseok yells back, and Jimin props his head up on his palm as she enters the living room with a sheet mask on her face.

“You guys are gonna have to wait until me, Yoongi, and the other two are finished with the bathroom. I’ll be in my room if you guys need me, okay? Here are some of Yoongi’s clothes if you need something to sleep in.”

“Thanks noona,” Jimin says, eyes closing sleepily as Namjoon begins to pepper kisses down the side of his neck.

“Oh, and don’t make too much noise, we can hear everything from our room,” she warns, exiting the kitchen with a glass of water and not even sparing them a glance as she saunters down the hall.

Jimin blushes hotly as Namjoon’s hands playfully tickle the warm, soft skin underneath his shirt.

’Don’t make too much noise?’ Babe, you think we can do a quickie before Taehyung and Seokjin hyung come out of the shower?”

“Hyung!” Jimin gasps, feeling scandalized that Namjoon is requesting such a thing in the very living room of their friends’ house.

“Let’s revisit old memories, huh?” Namjoon grins. He climbs on top of Jimin and kisses him fiercely, with lots of tongue, spit, and biting. Jimin struggles to keep up, surprised by Namjoon’s sudden act of passion. The older man suddenly pulls away and reaches over to the coffee table to grab one of the lollipops from the jar. Jimin pants as he watches Namjoon unwrap the plastic of the long, fruity lollipop that’s about 6 inches in length.

“So, love, how long do you think those lollipops take to melt?”