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It was close to night, and like usual for the parrot he was prancing around his room. He was waiting for his roommate Konijn to finally come back from dealing with his customers. While he technically was also one of the rabbit’s customers, the two had a sort of special relationship where they just shared their stash. Though, it was mostly just cocaine.

Papegaai was starting to sweat, and he had been shaking for a while already. Withdrawal has been kicking him in the ass for the past few hours, and it was kicking hard. He was addicted, needless to say. It was one of the few things that helped him not suffer from just existing. So without that he feels like everything is wrong with him, and everything around him.

Papegaai sat down on his bed and started trying to at least calm himself down. Albeit his way wasn't the best, he kept scratching into his arm which sometimes ended up drawing some blood. Not like the bird even cares, anything to distract himself FROM himself. But at the very least, he finally heard the door from the living room open up.

“Yo, Papegaai. I'm home now. Ain't dead yet.” The rabbit ended up shouting out slightly. He had a smooth voice with a hint of coolness to it. Albeit the parrot knew that it was mostly used as a facade. He knew what Konijn was like, and he appreciated him for it.

Without any second thought, Papegaai quickly shot off from his bed to quickly move out of his bedroom and get to the living room. Usually when Konijn finishes up his side job he comes back with more coke.

“Oh thank god. I’m practically a mess here heh..” The bird spoke faster than usual, given how in a panic he is during this withdrawal episode. He was just twirling his fingers around waiting for Konijn to give him what he needs.

“Well, you're gonna be stayin a mess then. I aint have any more coke on me.” Konijn shrugged, he didn't seem… Sorry at all! Rather he was extremely nonchalant. He just walked in and set his satchel on the couch and sighed.

“W-What? What do you mean?” Papegaai’s anxiety shot up. Was he… Not again. Konijn CAN'T be doing this again.

“Papegaai, you know what I mean. I'm gonna have to cut you off for the time being. Seriously, look at you right now! You're a shaking, sweaty mess who's reliant on coke way too much. I get letting loose every now and then and going wild like what i do. This isn't even the first time I've had to do this. Im worried.” The rabbit was skilled at giving a very stern tone and talking to. But his tone faltered at the end, showing his genuine concern.

Papegaai could only stand there and process all what was being said. Reliant?? He.. He wasn't reliant! He's not as bad as he was those other times… Right? Right. He totally wasn't! This is just… a misunderstanding.

“I… I'm not that bad, really! It's just warm and uhhh, I'm just hungry! Yeah, that's why I'm shaking and sweating!” Not a convincing liar during a time of high stress. Especially since he just said he was a mess not even 3 minutes ago.

“Dude. You know as well as I do that you're getting addicted again. It's like a goddamn yo-yo at this point. You’re lucky I even bring it back after I know you're okay again. I like getting all high and wild with you but i can't do that if you seriously hurt yourself with such constant usage!” Konijn just sighed in a disappointed way as he put his right hand to his hips. He didn't like doing this, but it was for the best.

“What? I don't use it THAT much! If anything, I don't use it often at all!” Papegaai immediately got into a defensive stance with a matching defensive tone. In his delusion induced mind he's perfectly fine, it isn't a problem. Sure in a few days he’ll look back at how Konijn was actually right like all the other times but he isn't able to think straight at the moment.

“Papegaai, you went through an entire 15 BAGS in like, what, a week? I barely even go through 10 bags in 2 months. Im surprised you havent seriously fucked up your naval cavities beyond repair by now.” Konijn was growing a little annoyed, Papegaai isn't usually this defensive. Did he end up in the peak of the irritability or something?

“Uh… but-” Papegaai was gonna continue to try and defend himself but Konijn immediately cut him off

“But nothing, Papegaai. You’re a mess right now. I dont want you to fuck yourself up any more than you have!” The rabbit swapped back to his stern tone, the one he was shockingly good at. He still had to lay it straight with the bird but the bird isnt letting it happen.

“Fuck myself up? Konijn you know that's NOT what i'm doing!” Papegaai just felt shocked at what his roommate was saying now. He was struggling to form any responses due to how much that was playing around in his mind.

“Yes it IS! You practically do it once a day, sometimes even more! That's just going on a fast track to straight up killing you!” Konijn almost started shouting, but he didn't want to risk angering the bird.

“No. it ISN'T!” Papegaai instead would be the one to shout first. It ended up like this multiple times, due to Papegaai’s withdrawal outbursts. But this time it sounded more desperate.

“The extreme fucking withdrawal youre clearly going through says it clear enough! It’s driving you crazy!” Konijn was close to exploding on him, barely being able to hold himself back. He's able to keep his cool well enough for this.

“If you want crazy, I’LL FUCKING SHOW YOU CRAZY!” Next thing the rabbit knew after hearing the parrot shout that was turning and falling right onto the ground, hearing his glasses fall away from him. He also had a horrible pain where his nose was and felt blood coming from it.

Instinctively, the rabbit just. Laid there. Covering his nose with his hand, but he eventually moved it away and looked at the immense amount of blood on his hand, and what was dripping on the wooden floor.

Konijn felt… shocked. Betrayed even. Not once has Papegaai laid a single finger on him in their entire time living together. Konijn couldnt process anything at this point.

However, he could process the bird's next words very closely.

“You’re always so worried about being abandoned when that's essentially what you're doing to me. You’re leaving and abandoning me with nothing. The fact i consider myself your friend is fucking sad.” Papegaai spoke with a piercing voice, this was the angriest he's ever gotten with Konijn.

He definitely didn't mean any of it, the two were extremely close otherwise. Papegaai gave Konijn one of his feathers, which is something he rarely ever does for anyone. Only to the closest people to him. However that wasn't in Konijn’s mind right now.

At this point Konijn just broke. Crumbled into pieces. He didn't know what to do. So all he did was just lay there as tears very quickly started to form.

It didn't take long for Konijn to get up and grab his bag again. He had tissues in there so he just grabbed some and covered his nose, doing a horrible job at holding any tears back. Doesn't help that he absolutely despises the smell of blood.

When Konijn eventually turned back towards papegaai so he could see if it was clear to run out of the house. He was met with seeing Papegaai just staring at his fist, having some of Konijn’s blood on it. He was still, an empty look on his face.

That look quickly turned to mortification as he looked up to see the current condition of his roommate. His look was short lived as he was shoved out of the way when the rabbit ran through to leave once more.

Without even any time to process it, the door was slammed shut and the bird was left alone. All he could do was stare at the door which now had some blood on it from Konijn opening it, and looking to the side he could see the drops of blood and tears. But most of all, Konijn’s glasses.

Throughout all the mixed feelings and constantly changing emotions, all Papegaai could feel now was regret. He just assaulted his roommate both physically and verbally. Drawing blood, even. Papegaai started to reason with himself, claiming he had it coming for taking away what he loved and being ignorant, but another part of him was screaming that Konijn was just looking out for him and didn't deserve anything that the bird did to him.

Papegaai just took a deep breath and sighed, walking back down the hallway to his room. Leaving the mess in the living room like it is. He needs to rest.