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When Destiny Calls...

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Link was a bit tall for his age, and had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He had pointy ears and one of them was pierced with a small blue hoop. He wore a green t-shirt, jeans and a green beanie most days. Zelda was tall for her age, only slightly shorter than Link. She had long blonde hair that came down to about there middle of her back. She liked to wear pink t-shirts and skirts. She had blue eyes as well, the same shade as Link's.

They had been best friends since child-hood, and had done everything together. Now they were in high school, and they still did everything together. Zelda came over to Link's house almost every day after school and they did their homework together. They had a lot of the same interests, so they had a lot of the same classes. Everyone said that they were dating, but they weren't. Link was a little intimidated by Zelda's extreme smarts, and Zelda was embarrassed to say that she liked the greatest athlete in the school who also got pretty good grades.

Knock! Knock! Link raced to open the door. Zelda was there, per usual. "Hey, Zelda!"

"Hey Link! Are you ready to work on trigonometry?" Link groaned. Zelda giggled.

"Is no an acceptable answer?" Link asked. Zelda shook her head. Link invited her in. They set up base in the living room, Link taking the couch and putting his stuff on the coffee table, Zelda sitting next to him and arranging his stuff on the table.

"Hey, Zelda! Nice to see you again." Link's foster mom came in. She was used to seeing Zelda in the living room when she got home, and she bustled about in the kitchen making a snack. She came back out with a plate of chocolate chips.

"Yummy!" Link exclaimed. "I love it when Zelda comes over because you always make something super yummy!" Link told his mom. Zelda smiled. "So, you're on student council, right?"

"Yep! We've got a huge thing coming up! We're having so many meetings!" Zelda smiled.

"Oh? And what big surprise do you have planned for the mixer?" Zelda looked surprised. Link's ears turned pink.

"Link! I didn't think you paid attention to when mixers happened! You've always said that dances are stupid if you don't have anyone to go with! Yeah, it's going to be so much fun! We've hired a DJ and a caterer and we're going to decorate the gym with all sorts of party things like streamers and ribbons and balloons and," Zelda kept listing all the awesome things that student council had planned for the fall mixer, not paying attention to Link. Which was probably for the best, because he had pulled down his beanie over his now red ears and was regretting asking in the first place.