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History in the Making

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The professor carefully sketched out a large palace-like structure with a large golden disk above it, appearing like the sun on the chalkboard and said to his class, "Now, the Shurimans received knowledge from the Targonians, which inspired them to build the Sun Disk that was on the capital of the empire. The original was considered a failure, but who helped them improve and build a newer version? Does anyone know?" 

He looked over the class: some students were either fast asleep, not paying any attention, or just glaring at their open books in boredom, except for one girl in front of the class raising her hand up high. She had blue eyes and wavy purple hair and she wore a lavender blouse with a brown corset that had gold buttons on it, a lavender skirt adorned with blue crystals, blue stockings, blue gloves, and light brown boots. 

"Yes, Miss Cadwalder?" the professor asked. 

"Mages from Ixtal helped the ancient Shurimans build their new Sun Disk and Ixtal became one of the first nations to join the Empire when it was formed." the girl said, much to the annoyance of her classmates. 

The professor nodded in response. 

"Of course, that's correct." he said before returning to writing on the board. "Members of The Ascended, Nasus and Renekton, were greatly familiar with the power of the Sun Disk and it was said that they used it to ascend to the power they were known for today. Then, the Icathians started a rebellion against the Shurima Empire. What did they do during the start of this?" 

The girl's hand immediately went up, earning groans once again from the classmates. 

"Why don't let Altair answer it? She OBVIOUSLY knows." one of the students asked. 

The grumbles of "nerd," "show off," and "know-it-all" filled the air, which made the girl, Altair Cadwalder, tense up slightly. 

"Feel free to answer, Miss Cadwalder." the professor said, ignoring his students' annoyed groans and grumbles. 

"The Icathians started by attacking the estates in the east before eventually knocking down half of a mountain and killing one of the Ascended." Altair said as she bit her lip upon seeing everyone around her glare or roll their eyes at her. 

"Yes, indeed..." the professor said. 

The lesson went on from there and Altair took notes while occasionally answering questions that the professor asked the class. 

Soon enough, the class was dismissed. 

"Here I go on my own again." Altair said to herself. 

Viktor examined his checklist from Heimerdinger as he walked down the hallways of Piltover Academy, muttering to himself over each task he had been working on or will do next.

"Let's see...that has already been done and all I have left is--" he said to himself. 

Suddenly, his train of thought was broken when he heard the groans coming from the students that he often passed by and saw the purple haired girl he always noticed whenever he was in the library walk by with her face buried in a book. 

She appeared to be a year younger than him, but it didn't bother him at all. Viktor knew that she was from Clan Cadwalder, which was led by the well known artist, Morgan Cadwalder, and his wife, Natasha, whose family had a strong grip in the field of invention, mainly in weapons. He had seen how impressive these weapons were, but knew that there could be a way to help people instead of just creating weapons of war. 

He could've sworn that the blue crystals from her skirt were glimmering under the ceiling lights and reflecting off of the walls in diamond shaped patterns. It was quite a sight to see that he found himself watching the way the lights ended up on the wall as she walked, but he knew that now wasn't the time to get interested in how jewels shimmer in the lights.

"Nerd girl!" he heard a student say under their breath. 

"Know-it-all..." another said. 

Viktor winced upon hearing their insults, knowing that the poor girl didn't deserve it. She was only an outsider, much like he was (and still happened to be) when he first arrived in Piltover to make a name of himself. In a way, he saw a little of himself in her, even if their pursuits and interests were different. He wanted to possibly speak with her if he wasn't too busy acting as an assistant to do so, but his intense shyness didn't really help much with his nerves. 

"Now then, it's time to get back to work." he said.

However, as he continued his tasks, he couldn't help, but think about how lonely she must've been feeling.  

Maybe it was possible that they could meet again?

After finishing her studies for the day, Altair stepped into her family's dining room where they were waiting for her at the table and briefly greeted her parents with a quick kiss on the cheek before sitting in between her older brother and younger sister. 

"We're glad you were able to finish for today, Altair." her father said. "We were discussing the recent heists that some Zaunites have been conducting." 

Morgan Cadwalder had blue eyes and wavy dark brown hair with grey streaks in it as well as a beard wearing a white shirt with a frilled collar, a brown vest with gold buttons, a blue jacket with yellow lining, white pants, and light brown boots. 

"Can't you possibly believe it? Ugh, what could be next? Those Chem-Barons could take over our pristine streets and...infect them with their horrid pestilences from the undercity!" her mother said in disgust. 

Natasha Cadwalder had green eyes and purple hair tied back in a bun and wore a white and blue dress with gold lining, a choker with a cameo on it, and brown heeled boots. 

"Well, if we could just make the arrests of Zaunites quicker, we wouldn't have this problem!" her brother said as he pounded on the table. "I plan on changing that once I become an enforcer." 

Orion Cadwalder had green eyes and messy dark brown hair with purple bangs while wearing a white shirt with a frilled collar, a brown vest with blue buttons, a yellow jacket with blue lining, white pants, and dark brown boots. Altair jumped at her brother's reaction. 

"Well, it would also work if we put them through a court of law and decide what would be a proper punishment for criminals." her sister said. 

Charline Cadwalder had blue eyes and straight dark brown hair with purple streaks and wore a dark blue blouse with a brown corset that had gold buttons on it, a dark blue skirt with gold lining, lavender stockings, lavender gloves, and dark brown boots. 

"What do you think should be done about this growing problem, Altair?" Natasha asked her oldest daughter. 

Altair felt a tinge of fear as her family stared down at her for any possible answers. She wasn't too fond of talking about politics like the rest of her family... 

"Why don't we solve the problem by teaching the people of Piltover and Zaun about their history?" Altair asked. "Both cities were together at one point and the air spirit, Janna, protected them from the Great Darkin War. We even both celebrate Progress Day! If we can make sure these conflicts don't happen again, the best solution isn't putting them behind bars, it's teaching them what happened in the past to make a better future." 

Charline scoffed and said, "Don't be dumb, Alt! Teaching them would probably only make them fight more since they just don't like us!" 

"Charlie's right. They get bolder and bolder by the day and Gods know that they've never given up without a fight..." Orion said. 

Altair sunk down in her seat, unsure of what to say before she stood up. 

"The sun's starting to set over Piltover, so I'm gonna go watch it." she said before stepping outside. 

Altair went out to the balcony, resting her arms on the awning to watch the zeppelins zip by across the orange and pink sky that illuminated the entire city in a golden glow. She always admired a Piltoverian sunset and felt incredibly alive and calm just watching the sun slowly, yet surely go down in the horizon. Who knew what unknown historical discoveries were out there? 

Altair closed her eyes to take it all in. Once she was out of the Academy and graduated, she was finally going to achieve her biggest goal to record as much as history as possible and to find anything new...unknown to her, her family were keeping an eye on her. 

"She's just like you in your determination, Morgan." Natasha said while shaking her head. 

"And Altair is as stubborn as you can be." Morgan said with a laugh. 

Charline and Orion looked at each other in disgust. 

"Ugh, whatever, guys." Charline said. 

"You know we take after them too." Orion said, elbowing his younger sister in the side. "I'm determined like dad and you're stubborn like mom, so's not just Alt who is like that." 

She rolled her eyes. 

"If you say one more thing of how alike we are in comparison to mother and father, I'll throw up." Charline said as she crossed her arms. 

He laughed in response before giving her a pat on the head. 

"The people in the academy refer to her as 'odd' and a 'know-it-all,' but she's excellent in her studies." Morgan said, watching his oldest daughter. "However, I believe she should not waste her breath on any fantasies of trying to attempt unity. It's just...unrealistic." 

Natasha nodded, putting a loose strand from her bun back in place and said, "I must continue my weapons business though. Yes, there are still enforcers that need to be supplied with weapons, but if there are no conflicts, how will it work in any possible prevented conflict?" 

"But here's the other thing: how do the political side of things factor into this? What happens with me since Councilor Medarda is teaching me to be well versed in politics?" Charline asked.

"And do enforcers still go after criminals?" Orion asked. 

Natasha looked over at her husband. 

"Dear, don't you think Altair is perhaps a little too ambitious for her own good?" she asked. 

Morgan shrugged in response.

After locking up for the day, Viktor knew it was time for him to return to his apartment. There wasn't like a glass of sweet milk and some work on small inventions after a long day at the academy to him, so that was exactly what he did. 

He then took some notes in his journal related to the inventing he was doing before looking out the window. The sun had long set and the lamp posts illuminated the dark streets of Piltover, yet there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. 

The stars were scattered all over the skyline as if someone took a paintbrush and dotted the sky with white paint. One of these stars, however, was the brightest of all of them.

”’If you see the brightest star in the sky, be sure to wish on it for it’ll surely come true.’ No offense, mother and father, but those fairytales are nonsense.” Viktor said to himself. 

He knew he was right about it being ridiculous since where was the scientific proof behind wishing on stars and said wishes coming true. Yes, magic existed, but it wasn’t like the wishes were going to come true overnight. 

Shaking his head, Viktor grabbed onto his crutch and made his way to his book shelf to grab a book.