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Resourcefulness vs Consistency

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Naruto's sexuality was about 5% decidedly one way, 5% just-as-decidedly the other, 20% flail, and the remaining 70%... was all curiosity. Really.

Well, to be quite honest, hormones probably made up a good chunk of that 70%.

Hormones, and...

...and people.

Person, actually – no, wait, people.

Person, though, if he excluded himself.

(...What? Curiosity. Kage Bunshin. He's just being, um, resourceful! Yeah!)

Oh. Well.


Kakashi's sexuality was about 10% Icha Icha, 20% confused denial, and 70% focused on either nothing at all...

...or on a single target.

(Kakashi was many things, but fickle was never one of them.)

In other words he was a huge perv and a bit of an emotional retard, prone to braincrash if caught off-guard by said target.

—quoted verbatim from aforementioned target after one of those aforementioned braincrashes.

(It's called consistency.)