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I Took Out Angst and Added Love

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The first day back at school after winter break was pretty normal, all things considered, other than Scott meeting his Juliet, making front-line, and Gabrielle giving him one of her silent, judge-y looks. Seriously, what had he done? Ok, so maybe dragging Scott out to the woods in the middle of the night wasn’t the best decision in the history of ever. But so what? Whatever bit him couldn’t have been that bad. Right?


Well, either way, Gabby was mad and that meant there would be problems later. Probably not words– since she would always have some trouble with those. You see: when Gabrielle was born, a year after Stiles, she was in a coma. The doctors took a look at her brain and found some “irregularities”. They doubted she would wake up at all and told their parents to prepare for the worst, but just when they were about to pull the plug and let her go, she opened her eyes. Stiles had always known that his sister had trouble communicating. She could very rarely find any words to say at all, but when she did, it was usually some piece of profound wisdom.


It was sometime around when Stiles was in third grade and Gabby was in second that he discovered his sister’s special talent. She was psychic!


Yeah, ok. He knew what it sounded like but that was the truth. She could look someone in the eye and you could just tell she was really looking into their soul. It was downright terrifying and, at the moment, it was focused on him.


It was her first year of high school and she had only made one friend, Erica, who of course, was the only epileptic kid in the entire school. Stiles knew that Scott would never complain if Gabby and Erica decided to sit with them but they never did. Instead sitting together on the other side of the cafeteria. While this didn't really affect Stiles and Scott’s non-existent popularity, it didn't hurt it either and Stiles was thankful for her thoughtfulness. Although right now he was just scared.


“What did I do?” He whispered to Scott. Or attempted to whisper really considering all of the surrounding tables could have heard it had they been listening.


“Huh…?” Sweet Christ Scott’s brain had been completely melted by the new girl.


“Gabby’s mad at me! What did I do?” He spoke slowly this time, hoping something would get through.


Scott turned to look at Gabby and saw her staring at Stiles so intently he was kind of surprised there weren’t lasers on him. “Dude, I don't know but it was probably pretty bad.”






Stiles had to help Scott find his inhaler. There was no way around it– this is the Bro Code we are talking about here ok? The only problem was that Gabby demanded to come with them, in so much that sitting in the back of the Jeep and refusing to get out was a demand.


Stiles knew that if there was any chance of his dad not finding out about the other night, he was going to have to take her.


“Just stay in the car ok? There are mountain lions out here. Please?” Stiles was not above begging his little sister. Gabby didn't reply, just looked out of the window as if she saw something beyond the trees. It didn't exactly fill Stiles with confidence but he knew when to save his battles so…




He was going to die a virgin. Killed by the hottest guy he had ever laid eyes on and– really brain? Really? Now is so far from the time it’s on a different planet! Hot, dark and terrifying stared at him for a moment before telling them they were on private property– which, rude– when a wild Gabby stumbled through the woods behind them.


Stiles was going to kill her as soon as he was done saving her from the probably-serial killer hottie. Goddammit brain again?


Gabby took one look at the guy and flung herself into his arms. He was so surprised by this apparently effective surprise-hug-attack that he didn't even try to dodge or dislodge her. He even lost the scowl for a moment– which somehow made him hotter– No! Bad brain! We are not having this conversation again!


After a few, ridiculously awkward, moments, Gabby took the guy’s hand and started leading him in the direction of the jeep. Stiles was never sure if the whole implicit trust from strangers had to do with her powers, her innocent demeanor, or just pure shock but right now? The guy was getting in the back of Stiles’ jeep, which was apparently now to be driven to the nearest diner.




It was probably the strangest day in Stiles’ life so far: he, Scott, Gabby, and Derek (apparently) spent a good two hours at the diner. They had dinner and drank milkshakes all while Stiles and Scott babbled endlessly about games and movies and how annoying Harris was. Neither Gabby nor Derek spoke a word, other than Derek’s name of course, during the entire ordeal. Derek paid with a credit card at the end, still silent and began to leave when he was once again grabbed by Gabby and practically dragged to the jeep and from the jeep into Stiles’ house. Which is how all four of them ended up watching stupid romantic comedies for a few hours before the Sheriff got home.


Seeing Scott, Stiles, and Gabby on the couch or the floor watching TV when he got home wasn't a strange sight to the Sheriff, but seeing a twenty-something year-old man sitting with them was. Before he could ask, however, Gabby was up and walking over to him.


“Dad,” She started in a tone the brokered no argument, “this is Derek. He lost his sister the other day and needs somewhere to stay for a while.” Really, it wasn't even hinting at this point.


“Well,” The Sheriff realized it was probably high-time he got used to this sort of thing, “I guess if he’d like he can stay here.”


The smile Gabrielle gave him could out-shine the sun. She gave the Sheriff a hug before wandering off– most likely to make up the guest room.