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Displays of Appreciation

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They're lazily making out on the couch one evening, content to just take each other in and not particularly aiming to take anything further. Zhao Yunlan runs his hand through Shen Wei's hair like he's so fond of doing, and keeps smiling and humming happily into their kiss. He's giddy about something, Shen Wei can tell. It's painfully endearing. He leans back just enough to gaze down at Zhao Yunlan, takes it all in. The setting sun's orange-tinted rays shine over them through the window, the lighting making Zhao Yunlan look incredible where he's leaned back against the armrest, light refracting off his hair where it catches just right. His cunning smile is almost cat-like in nature, and his gaze is so full of affection it makes Shen Wei's heart swell.

"Xiao Wei, you're so perfect," Zhao Yunlan croons, "I love you so much."

Shen Wei feels his face turn a darker shade of pink. He raises a hand to cup Zhao Yunlan's cheek. "What has you so affectionate?" he inquires. It's not unheard of for Zhao Yunlan to speak his praises as such, but it's not as common that he does it so unprompted. He presses another short kiss to Zhao Yunlan's lips, and adds, "And I love you."

"Maybe I'm just thinking about you and want to voice my appreciation," Zhao Yunlan replies, turning his head to press a kiss to Shen Wei's thumb. "Is that so strange?"

Shen Wei strokes his thumb across the hair of Zhao Yunlan's beard, feels the stubble catch on the pad of his finger. "No, I suppose not," he murmurs. His thumb runs across Zhao Yunlan's bottom lip, and the man grins. "It's only fair that I show my appreciation in return."

"Well, how do you plan to do that?" Zhao Yunlan prods, voice low. His lip is plush under Shen Wei's thumb as he speaks. Zhao Yunlan's tongue peeks out to touch it, and Shen Wei spreads the saliva across his lip. The sight of it shining with wetness entices Shen Wei, makes him lean forward to connect their lips again. Zhao Yunlan kisses back slow and is surprisingly pliant underneath him as Shen Wei deepens it, seemingly content to let Shen Wei do whatever he wants. 

Shen Wei feels his blood heat in his veins, uses the hand cupping Zhao Yunlan's face to tilt his head and lets his tongue delve between Zhao Yunlan's lips. Zhao Yunlan hums into it, slings his arms over Shen Wei's shoulders to keep him close. Zhao Yunlan breathes out a moan as Shen Wei grinds a knee between his thighs, presses him further down onto the couch. Shen Wei dips his head to kiss the crook of Zhao Yunlan's jaw and hum in his ear.

"How many times do you think you can orgasm in one night?" Shen Wei asks him, and he can tell his voice has deepened with desire, low and dangerous like the voice he uses for the Envoy.

Zhao Yunlan breathes out a shaky laugh against his ear. Shen Wei can feel the way the sound quivers as the breath touches his skin. "Are you really asking, or is this your proposal for showing your appreciation?" he asks in return. Shen Wei can tell he's liking the idea.

"I would like to hear your answer if I said it was the first," Shen Wei murmurs, curious.

Zhao Yunlan huffs out a laugh, runs a hand up through Shen Wei's hair again. "I don't know for sure. I don't think I've ever had more than five or six, but it's so hard to keep track in the moment," he says, and pulls Shen Wei's earlobe between his teeth. Shen Wei sucks at the skin just below his jaw in return. "Ah… but you're very good at getting them out of me, Professor Shen. Much better than anyone I've had before. I'm sure you could go for more if you set your mind to it," Zhao Yunlan suggests, voice sultry.

Shen Wei lifts his head to look Zhao Yunlan in the eyes. He traces Zhao Yunlan's jaw with his gaze, watches the way it flexes with him biting onto his tongue, a sign of his arousal that Shen Wei knows well. 

"You'll tell me if it gets to be too much," Shen Wei tells him, furrowing his eyebrows.

Zhao Yunlan nods. "I'll push you away if I need to catch my breath. I know." The affirmation reassures Shen Wei. He feels himself relax.

"I… think I would prefer to keep my clothing on tonight," Shen Wei tells him. Zhao Yunlan brushes away the hair that's fallen over his forehead with a loving hand.

"Okay," Zhao Yunlan says simply. "Do you just want to use your hands and mouth?" he asks.

Shen Wei blushes. "Ah. I know that there's… the harness we purchased." It had been Zhao Yunlan's idea, a solution for when Shen Wei feels like this but still wants to perform penetrative sex. They have yet to use it.

"You want to use the strap-on?" Zhao Yunlan grins at him while he asks. "I can't wait." Zhao Yunlan sounds genuinely excited—Shen Wei feels heat rise in his cheeks at his enthusiasm. "Can I help you put it on?"

Shen Wei nods slightly. "When the time comes, yes."

Zhao Yunlan leans up to press a kiss to his lips. "You're gonna be so hot in it," he comments. Shen Wei's cheeks grow hotter.

"Yunlan…" he mutters in some weak parody of a reprimand, and the man snickers and kisses him again.

"What's your plan of attack for tonight, baobei?" Zhao Yunlan asks him with their lips still brushing. Shen Wei strokes a hand down his side and pushes up the hem of his shirt.

"I believe we should go one step at a time," he murmurs in response, trailing his fingers lightly over the newly-exposed skin of Zhao Yunlan's waist just to entice a shiver out of him. "I want to start slow."

Zhao Yunlan grins excitedly at him. "Okay," he agrees, and strokes a hand down Shen Wei's back. "Get started then."

Shen Wei hums in response and leans to connect their lips again. As he does, he lowers his hand to pull at the button of Zhao Yunlan's jeans, and Zhao Yunlan lifts his hips as if to let Shen Wei pull them down. Instead, Shen Wei just unzips the front and splays his hand underneath, caressing his front through the thin layer of his boxer-briefs. Zhao Yunlan makes an inquisitive, appreciative noise at the touch and bucks into it, and Shen Wei can feel that his dick is already edging toward hard, excited just by their talking and kissing. It pushes just against the front of the tight cloth, tenting it slightly, and Shen Wei rubs his thumb over the head where it's touching a seam from the front opening in the fabric, feels it jump under his touch. Zhao Yunlan moans into the kiss, his lip twitching, and Shen Wei surges to kiss him harder, wanting to taste the sound. He wipes his thumb back and forth over the head of Zhao Yunlan's cock, dragging the seam against the sensitive skin, revels in how Zhao Yunlan's breathing grows labored and interspersed with pleased noises.

"Are you gonna make me come with my clothes all on?" Zhao Yunlan breathes against his lips, half-moaning, and rocks against his hand eagerly.

Shen Wei presses his thumb harder, drags the knuckles of his hand down over Zhao Yunlan's entrance, where he's starting to wet the cloth with his arousal. Zhao Yunlan jerks in response, shivers, and Shen Wei tells him simply, "Yes." 

Zhao Yunlan shivers in response.

Normally, they're far too excited to get naked and take in each other's bodies to do something like this. But tonight—tonight Shen Wei can take his time. He grinds his knuckles against the increasingly wet fabric over Zhao Yunlan's hole, presses and drags the rough ridge of the seam over Zhao Yunlan's sensitive cockhead, back and forth, again and again. The direct-indirect touch, with a cloth barrier so thin and quickly becoming saturated with his own arousal, seems to drive Zhao Yunlan insane. He increasingly breaks into twitches and shivers, and Shen Wei pulls back from the kiss just enough to watch him, watch the way his hips involuntarily twitch with the stimulation, hear the way his breath starts to catch and break.

"Shit," Zhao Yunlan gasps against him, his hot breath brushing over the side of Shen Wei's face in frantic puffs. Shen Wei can see the way his legs are starting to tense and spasm in the way they often do when Zhao Yunlan is dangerously close, and pushes his knuckles harder against the man's hole, kneads at the soft, wet skin of his entrance through the soaked fabric, drags his thumbnail over Zhao Yunlan's cockhead through the cloth. 

Zhao Yunlan's groan chokes off into a whine when he falls apart for the first time that night, jerking strongly against Shen Wei's touch, secured only by the hand grasping his waist. His dick twitches under Shen Wei's thumb, and his hole clenches around nothing, grazing against Shen Wei's knuckles where they're pressed so close, hardly separated anymore by his slick underwear. Shen Wei worms his fingers up into the opening at the front of his boxer-briefs and digs a pair down to feel the wetness that has gathered inside the barrier, rubs his fingers against where Zhao Yunlan's hair and skin is slick-damp and still wavering with his orgasm.

"Ngh, Shen Wei…" Zhao Yunlan groans against his ear, nuzzling his nose against his cheek. "I'm gonna get so sticky if I come again with my clothes still on," he mumbles, twitching as Shen Wei caresses his entrance. Shen Wei presses a kiss to his cheek. Zhao Yunlan hums and strokes a hand down his back. "Not that it's not hot, but these jeans are seriously not fun to get off when I'm so sweaty."

Shen Wei laughs lightly and leans back, drawing his hand out of the man's underwear. "I know," he replies fondly, deeply familiar with his beloved's skin-tight jeans. He supposes it's best to remove his clothes sooner rather than later anyway, just to not soil them any more than necessary. He would loathe to be the cause of sweat stains on Zhao Yunlan's fresh white shirt. (He wouldn't, not really. It's nothing he can't remove with powers, anyway. But he will remove the clothes regardless.) Besides, they have all night to make a record, and he does want to see Zhao Yunlan's body unobstructed.

Zhao Yunlan helps by tugging his own shirt off over his head and throwing it on the floor as Shen Wei takes off his socks and sets them to the side. It takes both of them to wrestle his jeans off from his legs, but eventually they're fully removed, along with the soiled boxers, and placed to the side with his socks. Shen Wei leans to pick up the shirt off the floor, too, and asks Zhao Yunlan politely, "Would you prefer to move to the bed?"

Zhao Yunlan gives him a grin and pulls his arms above his head, drawing his body out long, slender, and enticing where he's laid out on the couch. "That's up to Professor Shen, isn't it? I'm just here to be a vessel for orgasms tonight," he says, sultry and false-sweet, and Shen Wei feels his face burn. He has to swallow the saliva that has gathered in his mouth, looks down and grasps at the clothes that he's gathered in his lap. He wills the clothes into the hamper, and they disappear from his lap in a wave of dark fog. He raises his eyes to meet Zhao Yunlan's again. He's studying Shen Wei intently with a half-smile still drawn across his face, working his lip in his teeth.

"I'll take you to bed," Shen Wei tells him decisively, and stands from his seat on the couch. Zhao Yunlan hums happily when he's picked up, and fixes Shen Wei's collar while he's in his arms. Shen Wei places him on the bed and immediately goes to ruffle through the nightstand, and Zhao Yunlan rolls onto his side to watch him. Shen Wei searches for several moments in the drawers and finds the lubricant, but doesn't find the harness nor the toy that would be used with it, and Zhao Yunlan makes a noise of recognition.

"Oh, the harness. It's under the bed. The box under there," Zhao Yunlan tells him, gesturing down with his hand.

Shen Wei lets out an "Ah," and sets the lubricant on the sheets. He kneels on the floor to look under the bed, and finds the aforementioned box sitting there. It's a half-open cardboard box with the toys sitting inside, each wrapped in protective cases, and the brand new harness sitting there in its packaging as well. He, of course, knows of the sex toys Zhao Yunlan possessed, as he'd enticed Shen Wei into using them on him a couple of times during their relationship thus far and has talked about using them himself, but Shen Wei hadn't known where the man stored them. He's mildly relieved they're not just in the box loose, collecting dust and who-knows-what from under Zhao Yunlan's cheap mattress. But he supposes Zhao Yunlan did talk very fondly of said toys, of course he wouldn't care for them so poorly.

"I'm unsure of which toy to use alongside the harness," he tells Zhao Yunlan.

"As long as it has some kind of larger base you can use it," Zhao Yunlan reassures him from above.

Shen Wei looks over his options and chooses a rather simple one, colored in pitch black with a flared base in a clear plastic case. It's rather similar to his own size, which makes him feel comfortable in knowing how to use it. He grabs it and the harness and removes himself from underneath the bed, places both on the sheets before kneeling on the bed himself, and receives a laugh from Zhao Yunlan as he sees the choice Shen Wei has made.

"I knew you'd pick that one. Fits your Envoy style, huh?" His love teases him, and Shen Wei sighs. The sound only makes Zhao Yunlan laugh again. "Do you want to put it on now, or did you have other plans first?" he asks, squeezing Shen Wei's hand with a smile. 

Shen Wei thinks for a moment. "We can put it on now," he decides, not wanting to have to stop later when he's really gotten Zhao Yunlan taken apart just to figure out how to put it on. 

Zhao Yunlan bites his lip and opens the box for the harness excitedly, sets it out on the bed, pulls out the instructions and barely gives them a glance before tossing them aside. Shen Wei is slightly amused at the way Zhao Yunlan seems so eager, but complies nonetheless when his boyfriend tells him to stand, step into the loops of the harness, and pull it up over the legs of his trousers. Zhao Yunlan sits naked in front of him on the bed, wringing his lip between his teeth as he fiddles with fastening the straps down, and Shen Wei feels his heart swell at the sight he makes, so gorgeous and open and focused all on him.

The harness fits over him comfortably, with straps and belts reminiscent of those he dealt with during the war and enough space left in the front to not dig into or sit strangely atop his own half-hard erection under the layers of his clothing. 

Zhao Yunlan leans back to take it in and grins up at him. "It fits you well!" he says, voice appraising, and Shen Wei smiles back. "Ah, but it's missing the important part," he calls, reaching back for the black sex toy and taking it out of its case. After some more impatient fiddling on Zhao Yunlan's part and patient stillness on his part, the toy is set securely in the harness, protruding out from his hips. Zhao Yunlan gropes it and grins lecherously at him. "You're so hot. It's all black, makes me wonder what if you wore this under your robes next time you're in Dixing…" Zhao Yunlan suggests this while leaning in to nuzzle the side of the toy, and Shen Wei sighs heavily and pushes him back to crawl onto the bed as well. He won't dignify that with a proper response.

"I believe I had a goal this evening," he reminds Zhao Yunlan, voice mock-stern, and receives a hum in response.

"Of course, of course," Zhao Yunlan assures, leaning back and wriggling to get comfortable on the sheets. "I wouldn't want to derail your plans of railing, Hei Lao-ge. I expect to be thoroughly disassembled."

Shen Wei knows that this time his sigh is audibly laced with affection, but he can't help it. He leans down to kiss Zhao Yunlan, lowers his hands to lift his hips and shove a pillow under them. Zhao Yunlan immediately lifts his hands to run through Shen Wei's hair and over his back, and Shen Wei can feel the sudden dig of his fingernails through the fabric of his shirt when he grabs Zhao Yunlan's dick and works it between his fingers.

"Oh, really jumping back in, huh?" Zhao Yunlan says, breaking their kiss, sounding half amused and half aroused.

Shen Wei huffs out a laugh in response, opening the bottle of lube in his other hand with a satisfying click. "You've only had one so far. If I want to get you to ten, we have a while to go," he murmurs, and takes in the way Zhao Yunlan visibly shivers at his words.

"You're so intense when your dick isn't involved, you know that?" Zhao Yunlan intones, voice pitched as if he's complaining, but Shen Wei knows Zhao Yunlan loves when he voices his desires. "Not that you aren't intense half the time anyway, but—Ah," he breaks off into a gasp as Shen Wei drips cold lube directly over his cock and spreads it over the head. 

Shen Wei strokes him firmly, tugs on him the way he likes and pinches the head between his thumb and pointer finger. He buries his head in Zhao Yunlan's neck to suck at the sensitive skin there and coax him along, relishes in the breaths and moans brushing past his ear and the hand clutching at his hair. 

"Everything else down there is feeling a little, ah, bereft, you know," Zhao Yunlan moans, complaining half-heartedly as his hips jump with the touch. Shen Wei increases the focus on the head of his cock.

"And everything else will get its turn. Shouldn't we vary the types of orgasms as well?" Shen Wei rumbles in response, nipping at the skin spread out in front of him. "I don't want you to grow bored," he replies, innocently.

Zhao Yunlan shakes slightly against him, half out of laughter and half involuntarily from the stimulation. "Bored of coming. Ah!—Sure, baobei. You totally aren't just finding an excuse to fondle my dick," he says sarcastically, though the sentence is interspersed with several moans.

"I'd love to hear your commentary like this later on," Shen Wei hums against his neck, "I'm certain it will be riveting. I'll be sure to take notes." 

He bites down at the crook of Zhao Yunlan's neck and squeezes his cockhead hard simultaneously, and whatever faux-scathing retort Zhao Yunlan was likely planning falls apart into a punched-out groan as his dick twitches with orgasm between Shen Wei's fingers. Shen Wei uses his other hand to hold the man's hips still where they buck with the waves of it, and drops his hand from Zhao Yunlan's dick down to caress his hole, taking the drawn-out moan at the contact as encouragement to begin pushing a pair of fingers inside.

Zhao Yunlan makes an appreciative noise at the attention to his entrance and rocks down on Shen Wei's fingers through the waves of overstimulation the orgasm put him into. He's faintly twitching again already, seemingly drawn tight again so soon after his release just by the stark change in the location of attention. It's everything Shen Wei had hoped for by doing such a thing, and the satisfaction of it entices him to push the fingers in fully, in one smooth, quick thrust. Zhao Yunlan groans and clenches at the fingers now buried inside him, claws at Shen Wei's back through his shirt as if he'll be able to break through the fabric.

"If you're gonna—ah, make me come with just that, I need more, please," Zhao Yunlan pleads, voice low, and Shen Wei presses up hard on his sweet spot in response, just to hear his plea warp into a moan. He spreads the pair of fingers wide, stretching Zhao Yunlan's walls around him, presses a third finger in beside the pair with the space the stretching provided and strokes his insides intently. Shen Wei kisses below Zhao Yunlan's jaw sweetly as his fingers twist and press and spread and explore the warmth that takes him in so enthusiastically, hums pleasantly at the way Zhao Yunlan's voice wavers, the way his throat vibrates with the noises pouring out of him, the way his blood pulses strong under Shen Wei's lips.

He starts thrusting the set of fingers in and out aimed at Zhao Yunlan's sweet spot, battering the site determinedly. After a short while, Zhao Yunlan starts trembling hard, jerking with every thrust, undoubtedly close—Shen Wei lingers on every intake, rubs the rough spot in smooth, firm strokes between each hard jab, and is finally rewarded by Zhao Yunlan letting out a strangled groan next to his ear and clenching hard around his fingers. 

Zhao Yunlan's breathing is heavily labored and his body is quaking as he falls from his peak, and Shen Wei shushes him gently, runs a soothing hand down his thigh, letting him calm down slightly from the different types of orgasms so close together. Shen Wei gently pulls his fingers out, and Zhao Yunlan whines, tugs his hair weakly until Shen Wei meets his lips for a sloppy kiss.

"Ah-Lan," he murmurs into the kiss, stroking his thighs lovingly.

"Xiao Wei…" Zhao Yunlan mutters in response, squeezing his arm. "You have to—have to fuck me."

Shen Wei squeezes the skin on his upper thighs, hums as he connects their mouths again. "I was planning to use my mouth on you next," he protests, voice low, just to tease Zhao Yunlan a bit.

Zhao Yunlan groans and his lip twitches. "I don't care. You can—later, after, I don't care. I'm so empty now, you can't possibly leave me like this," he whines loudly, and clenches his hand where it's resting on Shen Wei's shirt, undoubtedly wrinkling it ridiculously. (He'll have to remember to iron that later.)

"I suppose I can reorganize my plans," He responds thoughtfully, as if he's planning for a meeting, which draws another groan out of Zhao Yunlan. Shen Wei has to suppress a smile at his reaction. It's not at all a hardship to save the oral for after, when Zhao Yunlan will be worn and pliant and fucked out under his ministrations, shivering at the slightest drag of his tongue… Shen Wei finds himself rather eager to get there, and sits up to find the lube again. 

Zhao Yunlan watches him lubricate the toy in the harness with lidded eyes, adjusts himself to spread his legs far apart, his leanly muscled thighs pulled up and out to expose his swollen dick, resting above his stretched entrance and among the slickened hairs of his groin. The sight makes Shen Wei feel a deep hunger in his stomach, handsome Zhao Yunlan spread out like this and ready just for him. It blows him away, time and time again. 

Shen Wei moves forward and presses the slick head of the dark toy at Zhao Yunlan's entrance, intently watches the way it gives and starts to stretch around the pitch black shape. Unclouded by any sensations from his own body, Shen Wei takes the opportunity to commit the sight deeply to his memory.

"Shen Wei, get on with it," Zhao Yunlan groans, throwing his head back and wiggling his hips restlessly atop the pillow.

Shen Wei belatedly recognizes that him lingering like this would of course come across as teasing to Zhao Yunlan. He makes a soothing noise and eases forward, pressing inside smoothly until their hips make contact, Zhao Yunlan's hot skin warming his legs through the fabric of his slacks. He places a hand low on Zhao Yunlan's torso and presses him down to hold him still as the man jerks and groans in relief at the full penetration, eagerly rocking down against him. Shen Wei again observes the stark darkness of the toy spreading Zhao Yunlan as he pulls back and pushes forward again, feeling as if the pitch black of the rubber is a natural extension of him, of his dark energy. He feels calm, collected in a way he doesn't get to be when his own erection is involved during sex. He idly considers Zhao Yunlan's earlier teasing about wearing the harness with his robes as his hips rock Zhao Yunlan on the sheets, and finds that the idea doesn't feel as ridiculous as it had before…

Perhaps, he thinks to himself, trailing his hand further Zhao Yunlan's torso to grasp his dick—a movement that prompts Zhao Yunlan to loudly moan an obscenity—I could surprise him sometime after I finish a task in Dixing. I'm sure he would appreciate it. Shen Wei sets the thought aside to better focus on what Zhao Yunlan would appreciate at this moment.

Zhao Yunlan is rolling his hips lazily into each thrust, laying back with his eyes closed on the sheets like a cat in the sun as Shen Wei brings him pleasure. Shen Wei notes that he's only had three orgasms yet tonight, and bucks into him harder on the next thrust. It startles Zhao Yunlan, who has a moan punched out of him from the sudden change in pace and lifts his eyelids slightly to meet Shen Wei's gaze.

Shen Wei continues the harder pace, furrows his brow, keeps his gaze firmly on Zhao Yunlan's. He moves forward on his knees to angle Zhao Yunlan's hips back farther, pushes one of his thighs back toward his chest until Zhao Yunlan's lower body is up off the pillow, until he's bent half in on himself. Zhao Yunlan cries out and trembles as the angle changes, the hard and shallow thrusts punching the head of the toy against his front wall in a way Shen Wei knows will drive him crazy. 

Zhao Yunlan is clutching onto the sheets desperately, fighting to keep his eyes from clenching shut—he manages to lift a hand and place it over where Shen Wei is pushing his thigh back, squeezes his hand like a lifeline, probably the only part of Shen Wei he can reach in this state. Shen Wei swipes his thumb comfortingly against the skin of Zhao Yunlan's thigh and roughly strokes his cock in time with the thrusts using his other hand, and it only takes a few short seconds of the combined rough stimulation for Zhao Yunlan to start wailing.

Shen Wei keeps up the pace, encouraged by Zhao Yunlan's hand weakly patting his in the way he does to urge Shen Wei on when he can't manage words. Shen Wei watches the way the immediate overstimulation wracks Zhao Yunlan's body—how his brow furrows tight with the intensity, how each of his wheezing breaths turns into a whine, how the muscles in his thighs don't stop jumping. He grinds his thumb over the head of Zhao Yunlan's cock once more, and the man whimpers as he peaks again. Zhao Yunlan lets go of his hand to throw an arm over his face, and Shen Wei slows, releases his hands where they clutched his thigh and dick, and lets Zhao Yunlan catch his breath.

He rocks slowly into Zhao Yunlan to prolong the waves, gently coaxes him into unfurling and resting his hips back on the pillow, and caresses his sides sweetly. Zhao Yunlan twitches under his hands, his whole body likely tender and sensitive, and so, so receptive to every little touch. 

"Xiao Wei…" Zhao Yunlan slurs, breath rough and uneven, words muffled into his elbow. "Ten is gonna be too—too many," he whines. Shen Wei hums low in his chest to soothe him, leans down to press a chaste kiss on the scars framing his chest.

"We'll see," he responds, and Zhao Yunlan huffs, buries his face further into the crook of his arm. 

"How can you be the greedy one when I'm the only person coming tonight? It doesn't make sense," the man complains, half-groaning, and Shen Wei notes that his breathing is starting to even out again. He rocks into him a bit harder in response to that.

"I'll stop at any time if it's too much," Shen Wei reminds him calmly, and Zhao Yunlan hums in confirmation. Shen Wei smiles slightly against his skin.

"M'glad you gave me a break, my lungs can't keep up with such strenuous activity anymore," Zhao Yunlan mutters, pulling his arm off his face to stroke down Shen Wei's hair. "Years of smoking and shitty binding does that."

"I could tell you needed a bit of time to calm down," Shen Wei responds simply, running his hands over Zhao Yunlan's waist.

"Know me so well, mm…" Zhao Yunlan murmurs, tugs on his hair to pull him into a kiss. Shen Wei kisses him sweetly and strokes down his hip to knead some of the tension out of his thigh. Zhao Yunlan moans faintly into the kiss, rolls his hips. "Go ahead, go ahead. I can take more."

"Can I move you around?" Shen Wei asks him, and Zhao Yunlan hums inquisitively in response. "I thought you may appreciate a different angle of penetration," he clarifies. Zhao Yunlan laughs.

"Manhandle away," he declares, and drops his hands away from Shen Wei to be out of the way. He makes a faint noise when Shen Wei pulls out, but remains pliant when he's coaxed up and turned around so that he faces the bed. 

They don't have sex from behind often, both of them always wanting to observe each other during the act, but Shen Wei knows the position will allow the toy to reach further within Zhao Yunlan, something the man has said he greatly enjoys. Zhao Yunlan leans forward at the gentle hand pushing at his back, rests his head against his crossed arms with his chest half-pressed against the sheets. Shen Wei grabs his hips securely with one hand and moves forward, slides the head of the toy against Zhao Yunlan's entrance and down between his thighs to rub against his dick. Zhao Yunlan moans and presses back, and Shen Wei hurries to find the lubrication and reapply some. 

Zhao Yunlan's hole splits around the dark shape once more, allowing it to slide into place with next to no resistance, aided by the fresh layer of slick. Zhao Yunlan visibly shivers when he hilts, and lets out a shaky breath. "It's deep," he groans, and Shen Wei strokes his back soothingly. 

The smooth lines of his shoulder blades, the alluring curve of his arched spine… all of it spread out so beautifully in front of him. The sight takes Shen Wei's breath from him, makes him long to just observe every part of Zhao Yunlan in depth, all day and all night. He sets a hand firmly on Zhao Yunlan's lower back and rolls his hips forward leisurely, remains buried deep and tries to push further still, as if to ensure every fraction of a millimeter is inside. The movement is slow and purposeful, deliberate grinds that push Zhao Yunlan's hips forward slightly, that press Shen Wei's clothing and the belts of the harness hard against the skin of Zhao Yunlan's ass and thighs. 

Zhao Yunlan lets out small noises below him, remains pliant and without complaint on the sheets in a way he wouldn't be if he hadn't already orgasmed five times that night. Zhao Yunlan normally quickly grows tired of such slow lingering, always goads Shen Wei to go harder or faster—and as much as Shen Wei loves taking him apart that way, loves bringing Zhao Yunlan what he wants… he longs for this sometimes, to linger and memorize every moment, to stay joined and appreciate every noise and tremor from Zhao Yunlan's body without fast movement or loud sounds or intense sensations muddying what Shen Wei can observe from him.

Shen Wei leans forward, braces his elbow beside Zhao Yunlan's arms and curls over his body, lets his breath brush the hairs on the back of Zhao Yunlan's neck. He grabs Zhao Yunlan's hand where it's resting on his crossed arms under his head, twines their fingers together and presses kisses on Zhao Yunlan's upper back. He continues his slow grinding and slides his other hand over Zhao Yunlan's hip, down below both of them, pulls his dick between his fingers and feels Zhao Yunlan's throat vibrate against him with the groan the man lets out. Shen Wei works him skillfully, tugs on the shaft and pulls back on the skin near the head. He drops his hand to where the toy is buried within Zhao Yunlan to slide against the stretched skin and gather some wetness with which to stroke him more smoothly, runs the wet fingers over his tip in broad circles.

"Hah… Shen Wei…" Zhao Yunlan moans, body trembling, and his hips arch forward into the touch. The movement pulls the toy out slightly, and Shen Wei shuffles forward, pushes back to the hilt, the action sending a whole new wave of tremors through Zhao Yunlan's body. Shen Wei kisses his shoulder open-mouthed and sweet, squeezes Zhao Yunlan's hand underneath his own, the comforting sensations so in contrast with the intense focus on Zhao Yunlan's dick from his other hand, worked between his fingers hard and purposefully. 

Shen Wei feels at peace, curled completely over Zhao Yunlan, bringing him pleasure inside and out, shielding him from anything but the sensations Shen Wei gives him. Zhao Yunlan shivers and gasps below him, rocks himself back and forth between the toy touching deep inside and the hand stroking his cock. Shen Wei rocks with him and increases the ministrations of his hand, pinches his cockhead between slick fingers, squeezes and pulls the shaft until Zhao Yunlan's thighs start to tremble against his own. 

Shen Wei strokes him harder, rubs quick, firm circles over the head all while pushing closer, caressing Zhao Yunlan's hand as his fingers tense and twitch, as he lets out sweet groans and whines muffled into the sheets. Zhao Yunlan grows jumpy, his legs jerking and getting pushed apart by Shen Wei's constant forward urging, the only thing stopping his hips from falling flat on the sheets being Shen Wei's hand underneath roughly stroking him, taking him apart as he's speared deep. 

Zhao Yunlan lets out barely a gasp when the orgasm claims him. Shen Wei can feel the convulsions of the muscles in his pelvis and abdomen under his hand, and once again slides his fingers down to where Zhao Yunlan is stretched to feel how the skin of his entrance clenches rhythmically around the base of the toy where it meets the harness. Shen Wei has to redirect the flow of his blood to quell the desire that fills him and tightens the harness uncomfortably against his hips, desperately wanting to focus on the task at hand.

Shen Wei removes his hand from under Zhao Yunlan's hips and they fall, unsupported, to rest down against the pillow resting underneath. The contact of his roughly worked dick against the cloth of the pillow and the slide of the length of the toy partially out of him after so long buried so deep sends Zhao Yunlan into a fit of strong shivers and whines. Shen Wei ushers close again, kisses his neck and hums soothingly, pushes their hips once again flush.

"Please, please," Zhao Yunlan is pleading desperately, rocking back against him minutely and squeezing Shen Wei's hand hard in his own. Shen Wei strokes his other hand down Zhao Yunlan's back, caresses the skin of his side reverently, breathes in the scent of Zhao Yunlan. Shen Wei had intended to give him another break, to let him come down fully so as not to overwhelm him, but… he can't resist Zhao Yunlan's pleas, he never can.

Zhao Yunlan jerks and groans when Shen Wei pulls back, his hips involuntarily chasing the movement. Shen Wei draws out slowly, leaves Zhao Yunlan almost fully empty, the drastic change undoubtedly a shock to the man's body. He pushes back inside swiftly, grinds deep, lets the weight of his hips push Zhao Yunlan's hypersensitive cock against the pillow. He continues the pace: slow, drawn-out withdrawals and purposeful pushes back inside, and Zhao Yunlan pants open-mouthed onto the sheets, faint groans and keens falling from his lips. 

Shen Wei lifts his head to observe the profile of his face in the moment, takes in the way Zhao Yunlan's eyebrows are drawn tight and his eyes are shut, the way his beard has sweat and saliva caught in the hairs, the way his throat bobs and rumbles with his labored breaths and pleasured noises. The sight enchants him, tightens his heart painfully. Zhao Yunlan is so gorgeous taken apart like this, such an incredible sight when he's just feeling good under Shen Wei's touch. He pushes down harder on each thrust in, speeds up slightly, and watches intently how the sensations affect Zhao Yunlan in real time, how every minor change in angle or purposeful press down drives Zhao Yunlan higher, higher

His body is loose and pliant, twitching more faintly now—not out of lessened pleasure, and certainly not out of lessened sensitivity, but simply out of exhaustion, muscles worn and tired from the sex drawn out so long. Shen Wei is grateful for his Dixingren physiology, and the mindfulness to keep his own erection uninvolved, else he would likely be in a similar state. He stays hyper-conscious of Zhao Yunlan's body signs for any indication that he should wish to stop, but receives nothing, no pained sounds nor pulling away, no head shaking or slapping of the bed, nothing. Only Zhao Yunlan taking the pleasure, the overstimulation, with bliss in his expression.

Zhao Yunlan has started humming pleasantly, interrupted only by the faint hitch of his breath whenever Shen Wei's thrusting pushes the head of his dick against the bed. Shen Wei sucks a mark on the back of his neck, tastes the salt of his sweat and the flavor of his skin, feels the rumble of Zhao Yunlan's responding groan. Once he's started, Shen Wei finds it difficult to stop, trailing his mouth over Zhao Yunlan's neck, across his shoulder. 

Zhao Yunlan tenses and gasps at the sensation of his teeth dragging against the skin at the same time the toy grinds deep inside him, falls into an intense fit of quivers once more, and Shen Wei can hardly tell if he's come again or not when he's so quiet. He decides to himself that it's rather unimportant, so long as he's pleasing Zhao Yunlan so well. Zhao Yunlan squeezes his hand hard, cranes his head around toward where Shen Wei is and whines until Shen Wei rises to meet him in a kiss, sloppy and lazy and awkward in angle but so, so perfect in every way. Zhao Yunlan suckles on Shen Wei's tongue when it's pressed between his lips, breathes moans into Shen Wei's mouth and lets his body rock fully with each slow, deliberate thrust. 

The quakes and trembles rise again after a short while, and Zhao Yunlan whimpers shakily against his lips with what could be another peak. Shen Wei parts their mouths while Zhao Yunlan shivers below him, and pulls his hips back just enough to fully withdraw the toy on the next pull. His heart aches at the noise Zhao Yunlan makes at that, sounding bereft. He shushes him soothingly, hovers close over him and gently turns Zhao Yunlan around over onto his back again. Rather selfishly—perhaps Zhao Yunlan was not incorrect with his earlier accusations of greed—Shen Wei still longs to use his mouth on Zhao Yunlan, wants to observe up close how his body looks after so much continued attention. Zhao Yunlan's eyes flutter open after several moments and he blinks tiredly at Shen Wei, who is still hovering over him.

"Ah… are you… are we done?" Zhao Yunlan asks, his voice drawn-out and low, rough from disuse.

Shen Wei furrows his eyebrows, swallows heavily. "I would like to use my mouth on you still—if it isn't too much, that is."

Zhao Yunlan blinks at him slowly a couple of times, before his lips tug into a lazy version of his usual lecherous smile. "Go ahead," he responds slowly once the words register, voice knowing and fond. "Said you could."

Shen Wei smiles faintly back, dipping down to join their lips once more before he descends. He rights Zhao Yunlan's hips on the pillow once more, slides his hands down and strokes the soft skin of his inner thighs as he lowers himself to eye level with Zhao Yunlan's lovingly abused arousal. The man's erection is still mostly hard, flushed beautifully red, jumping slightly whenever Shen Wei's cool breath brushes over the wet, sensitive skin. Lower, his entrance remains slightly open, stretched and tender, wavering under his gaze. Wetness is spread over the surrounding hair and skin, smeared by the movement of the toy and Shen Wei's own exploratory hand. Zhao Yunlan lets out a faint noise when Shen Wei's hands drift to spread his front for a better view.

"Admiring your work, mm?" Zhao Yunlan teases from up the bed, gazing at him. Shen Wei huffs, the breath over his sensitive organs making Zhao Yunlan shiver once more under his hands. "Ah, Professor Shen is so dirty..."

Shen Wei retaliates his teasing by digging his thumbs on the edges of his entrance and pulling it open. He dives forward to taste inside, the press of his tongue drawing a tired groan out of Zhao Yunlan, who raises his hips slightly into the contact. One of Zhao Yunlan's hands falls to lazily card through Shen Wei's hair, the familiar weight of his hand inciting Shen Wei to rumble pleasantly and burrow his tongue deeper. Zhao Yunlan's fingers tighten in his hair and he whimpers at the vibration of Shen Wei's mouth against him. 

Shen Wei pulls back slightly to mouth at his dick, pressing a kiss to the side of the shaft and drawing his tongue against it before taking it into his mouth. Zhao Yunlan trembles and jerks under him, pets at his hair and makes lovely noises above him—Shen Wei looks up to his face as he circles his tongue around the head, meets his eyes from beneath his eyelashes as he presses Zhao Yunlan's dick against the roof of his mouth with his tongue. Zhao Yunlan wavers below him—Shen Wei feels his entrance tense against his chin, feels the way his dick pulses against his tongue—and Shen Wei hums around him, strokes over his entrance with his thumb until Zhao Yunlan's head tosses back and he lets out a low, broken groan. Shen Wei continues to suck as his cock twitches between his lips, rubs his thumb harder against his entrance as it clenches around nothing. Zhao Yunlan's grip tightens in his hair and he tugs until Shen Wei releases him from his mouth. Shen Wei nuzzles into his thigh, continuing to rub over Zhao Yunlan's entrance as the man jumps under his touch.

"Aiyo, aren't you tired at all?" Zhao Yunlan complains half-heartedly, sounding truly winded. Shen Wei presses a kiss to his inner thigh.

"I will never tire of you," he murmurs intently, and looks up to see how Zhao Yunlan's throat bobs as he swallows.

"You—ah, that's not what I meant," Zhao Yunlan laughs weakly. "Shen Wei. Fuck." He wheezes, drops his hand to bat away Shen Wei's thumb where it's still rubbing over him. "Stop it, stop it. I feel like a pile of jelly," he complains lightly, chuckling. Shen Wei removes his hands completely, lifts himself upright and leans in close to him. "You definitely broke the record, don't break my dick." 

Shen Wei ducks his head and laughs lightly, which prompts Zhao Yunlan to grin. "My apologies," he offers, kissing Zhao Yunlan's cheek. "I find myself so enamoured by the sight of you, I suppose I got rather carried away."

Zhao Yunlan huffs and turns his head to kiss him proper. "No more sweet talk, I can't take it," he grumbles amusedly, bumping their noses together.

Shen Wei just hums in response, pressing another kiss to his lips. He lingers for a minute, enjoying the pleasant closeness, until Zhao Yunlan shifts underneath him uncomfortably, his body undoubtedly feeling the effects of their eventful evening. Shen Wei maneuvers himself off the bed until he's standing, fiddles with the straps and fastenings of the harness to pull it off.

"Let me bathe you?" Shen Wei asks pleasantly, setting the newly removed harness back on the sheets. He'll deal with cleaning up later.

Zhao Yunlan laughs again. "Shen Wei, like you have to ask," he drawls. Shen Wei rolls up his sleeves, leans to gather him in his arms, and holds Zhao Yunlan close against him, heedless of the sweat and lube likely wetting his nice button-up. Clothes can always be cleaned or replaced, but having Zhao Yunlan in his arms is something Shen Wei wouldn't give up for anything in their worlds.

Zhao Yunlan sighs contentedly and seems to melt into the water when Shen Wei finally lowers him into the tub, after Zhao Yunlan had a chance to use the restroom and Shen Wei rinsed him off to get most of the sticky, unfavorable fluids off his skin. Shen Wei ensured the water was pleasantly hot, steaming slightly, enough to soothe Zhao Yunlan's tender muscles but not so hot as to scald or need adjusting to. Zhao Yunlan rests his head on the towel Shen Wei placed on the edge of the tub and smiles happily up at him with his eyes resting shut. 

"Xiao Wei, so good to me," he rumbles, relaxed, and Shen Wei strokes his wet hair off of his forehead lovingly. From his place sitting on a stool beside the tub, Shen Wei gathers the washcloth and soap, works it into a lather before lifting Zhao Yunlan's arm up out of the water and starting to clean his skin. 

Zhao Yunlan's pleased humming fills the air as Shen Wei works him over, first with the cloth and then with his hands to knead the muscles under his skin until they're worked pliant and loose. He continues the process over the rest of Zhao Yunlan's body, moving him gently in the water to access every part of him until the bath is full of light suds from the soap and Zhao Yunlan's body is utterly relaxed and soft under his hands. Zhao Yunlan grins stupidly when Shen Wei takes to washing his hair, leans back into the touch fully until Shen Wei is the only thing holding up his head. Shen Wei chuckles at the sight and works his hands through his hair, massaging his skull. He pours handfuls of water over his head to rinse out the shampoo when his hair is thoroughly clean, careful to keep the water from running over Zhao Yunlan's face. 

When Shen Wei gently pulls him up to sit on the edge so that he can drain the tub, Zhao Yunlan sways sleepily and leans against him heavily. Shen Wei keeps an arm around his midsection to support him, wet clothes be damned, and wills a towel over from the cabinet rather than leaving his side. He dries Zhao Yunlan off with care, swipes the towel over him gently, dries the remaining moisture off from his hair with an abuse of a power so that he won't grow cold.

Zhao Yunlan is half asleep by the time Shen Wei brings him back to their bed. After a moment of setting aside the mess waiting there and pulling a pair of loose boxers on Zhao Yunlan—his usual sleeping attire—Shen Wei brushes the sheets aside and lays him out on the bed. He murmurs a quiet apology for needing to clean up before he can lay down as well, and Zhao Yunlan just hums faintly in acknowledgement. Shen Wei tosses the top sheet that got soiled during their evening into the laundry with his own clothes, changes into the nice silk pajamas that Zhao Yunlan says feel good against him, cleans the toy in warm soapy water and puts it back in its case, repackages the harness, and places them both back in the box under the bed.

When he finally returns to sit on the sheets beside where his love is dozing, he strokes a hand over Zhao Yunlan's cheek. Zhao Yunlan's head turns into his touch and his eyes slit open.

"Xiao Wei…" Zhao Yunlan mumbles, smiling drowsily, opening his arms. "Come to bed."

How could Shen Wei ever refuse him?