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Iruka wasn't having the best day at work. It was Monday, a day he'd planned to only be teaching theory; and when he'd turned up early to get organised, and wanted to start writing on the board, he discovered that he only had one piece of chalk left. He could have sworn he had a box with several spares left, but when he'd searched his drawer, he didn't see it, or any chalk anywhere. He was sure he would have remembered throwing out the box, and then writing a sticky note to remind himself to buy some more; but apparently he hadn't. Sighing to himself, he'd decided to get started on what he needed to prepare, and then at lunch, he would just ask another colleague if he could borrow more.

But as time passed, and he got through his morning lessons, luck was not on his side; and the piece of chalk he'd worn down to a third of its original size finally snapped, and crumbled in his grip. It had happened so unexpectedly that all he'd been able to do for a good twenty seconds was stand there and stare at it; but suddenly, a small figure leaping through his window distracted him from his problem, and he found himself staring at a dog. More specifically, Kakashi's ninja hound, Pakkun.

"P-Pakkun! This is a surprise." Iruka said, eyeing off the plastic bag in his mouth curiously. "Is there something I can do for you?"

Pakkun leapt up onto Iruka's desk, and gently placed the plastic bag on top, then looked up at him.

"Present." He mumbled. "You should open it now."

Before Iruka could comprehend what happened or even thank him, Pakkun disappeared with a poof; and, heeding Pakkun's advice, he decided to see what was in the bag. When he looked inside, a big grin crept on his face, and he pulled out a new box of chalk that had his name written on the top. It was exactly what he needed! But how did Pakkun know? Did Kakashi set him up for this? But how did he know he was low on chalk?

"Sensei, what was that about?" One of his students asked curiously.

"I don't know…" He answered truthfully.

Kakashi was a real mystery.




"Boss, I'm back."

"Well?" Kakashi asked hopefully. "Did he like it?"

"Yep. He was really happy."

"I knew it!" Kakashi said cheerfully.

"I bet he wouldn't be if he knew you'd asked me to get rid of all his chalk and replace his last piece with that prank one you made…" Pakkun grumbled. "I still don't get why you wanted me to do that. You could have just given him the box, anyway, and he would have been happy."

"You just don't understand love." Kakashi said. He clutched his chest dramatically. "The prince is in trouble, and a mysterious, handsome knight in shining armour saves the day. What could be more alluring and romantic than that?"

"Except it wasn't the knight, it was the knight's horse that saved the day… After being the villain that put the prince in trouble in the first place…" Pakkun pointed out, rolling his eyes.

"Ah, Pakkun, maybe you won't be as cynical when you find love, too."

"I'm not cynical, I'm just not an idiot."

Kakashi chuckled and pet Pakkun.

"So innocent." He teased.

"… Idiot."