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The Fulcrum

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It had been three months since the Tom incident and things couldn’t have been better. She loved Red, but she still had some unanswered questions. She didn’t know if she could change things between them by asking. She also had the fulcrum, or what she thought was the fulcrum tucked away. If Aram, a computer whiz if there ever was one, couldn’t figure out what it was, could Red? She knows he has access to some of the best minds this world has ever seen.

They had also recently made it ‘official’ and told Cooper about their relationship status. His answer had surprised them both.

“I already know,” Cooper told them as he takes a seat at his desk.

“Sir?” Lizzie asks, seating herself across her boss’s desk.

“I’ve known since you got back from the hospital when you had your concussion.”

“How?” Red asks just as perplexed as Lizzie. He thought they had been so careful.

“I’ve noticed you are different around each other now. He has been more attentive towards you. You are always aware of him. When you think no one is looking, you stop what you are doing to take a look around. When you finally see that he is there, you smile and go back to whatever it was you are doing,” Cooper explains to them. “When there is a meeting, you two sit in the back. He usually takes your hand.”

“I'm impressed,” Red says with a smile. “I think Agent Scott is starting to rub off on you.”

“So, what’s going to happen now?” Lizzie asks, trying to wrap her head around what Cooper told them.

“Nothing. It seems that you can still do your job effectively. Being in a relationship seems to do you both some good. Even though it’s forbidden, I don’t have any problem looking the other way. Make sure it stays that way. If anything were to happen that would compromise this agency and the agents in this task force, you both would likely spend the rest of your days in jail,” Cooper warned.

Red nods his head in agreement. “Harold, you have been amazing. Thank you. I have to borrow Lizzie for the rest of the afternoon.” Cooper looks at Red sharply.

“Just because I am okay with this doesn’t mean you get to take Agent Scott whenever you want.”

“Relax, Harold. I have a new name from the blacklist for Lizzie. We won't be more than an hour.” With that Red guides Lizzie out of Cooper’s office.

~*~ TBL ~*~

“Lizzie, I had a thought,” Red says a few days after the meeting with Cooper. Lizzie looks up from where she was sitting in bed, looking over the case file on their blacklister. She smiles when she sees Red, standing in the doorway of the bathroom, a towel slung over his hips, beads of water running down his bare chest. She lets her eyes wander over his half naked form, naughty thoughts taking over her mind. “Lizzie.”

Lizzie shakes her head before looking at her not-so-secret boyfriend. “Red? You had a thought?” she questions.

“I still have that apartment.”

“The apartment that you bought for me?” she clarifies.

“The very one. So, I was thinking that we could move in together.”

“What about the ‘I don’t stay in one place for more than two nights’ rule?” Lizzie questions. They had either stayed at her place or whatever dwelling he was occupying at the time.

“Well, between Dembe taking the other apartment I procured there and you, well, I will be very well protected. And I am willing to throw that rule out,” he crosses the room and takes the file out of her hand, throwing it to the floor. She starts to giggle as he pushes her back and crawls over her, “if you say yes.” He leans down and captures her lips with his and she groans as his hands start to wander. What she quickly thought was pleasure, turned out to not be. She starts to laugh as he finds her ticklish spot on her sides.

“Red! Red!” she tries to yell.

“Say yes Lizzie.”

“Yes! Yes!” he finally stops his tickle torture before giving her another kiss. “I knew you’d see it my way.”

“Yes, okay,” she trails her hands over his still wet form before grabbing his towel and yanking it loose. Red smiles before kissing her once again.

~*~ TBL ~*~

“Liz?” she turns to see Dembe standing in the mouth of the kitchen. Red had been right, as usual, the apartment was amazing. The view spectacular. It had taken no time for the two to move into the apartment, since they both practically lived like nomads. Living out of suitcases and motel rooms. “What are you doing?”

“Looking for something,” she was currently standing on the counter looking in the cabinets. She couldn’t find where Red had put all of her kitchen stuff. The man was OCD when it came to kitchen cabinets, who knew? She closes that one and opens another one, going through that one as well.

“What are we doing?” Red’s voice came from behind her.

“She said she was looking for something,” Dembe explained.

“Do we know what she is looking for?” Dembe must have shook his head because she didn’t hear a response. “Sweetheart, what are we looking for?”

“What did you do with my kitchen stuff? I'm looking for a little box. It’s labeled recipes.”

Red walks across the kitchen and pulls open a cabinet and pulls down a plastic box. He turns and hands it to her. Her eyes light up, taking it from Red. “Sweetheart?” Red asks as he watches Lizzie sit down on the counter. She rummages through it before pulling a piece of plastic out.

She holds her hand out to Red. “I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s the fulcrum or what. Aram couldn’t figure out what it was. It was some sort of data thing. I found it in my bunny after everything went down with Braxton and that whole thing. I'm sorry for not telling you. I wanted to, but at the time, I didn’t know what your endgame was. Or why you wanted it. But now that we are doing this, making some sort of life together. Moving in together, we need to be honest with each other,” she was near tears at the end. “I don’t want to lie to you Red. I love you and I want this to work.” Red still hadn’t said anything. “Ray?” she turns to Dembe, who had a disapproving look on his face. She grabs Red’s hand, placing the device into it before walking past the two men.