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In a world where humans and creatures that were once only alive in books coexist, everyone is given the chance to learn each other’s sides in order to live in harmony. Academies that welcome both humans and magical creatures have been long established to give not only basic and necessary education, but also knowledge and skills from the two different worlds. With that, rivalry between students, especially of different kinds, is inevitable. And currently at Vision Academy, one of the infamous rivalries came from the 4th years.


“It’s so ridiculous. If I only knew that there would be bonus points for explaining stuff not in the question, then I would’ve done it too,” Kun huffs as he and Ten walked out from their class.


“Don’t stress about it too much. You still are pretty much one of the top students in our year. A five-point bonus does not really affect that, you know?”


“Yes, but-”


“Pride. I know.”


“It is not pride. I just want to show that humans are something even if we are born without magic.”

“Yeah sure. Talk as if you are still in the old old days where we thought we were inferior to those folks just because they have magic,” Ten sighs then continues, “I know you’ve had a bad experience with them but it doesn’t mean you have keep on hating and trying to prove yourself, especially to those who have done nothing offensive to you.”


Kun knows his friend is right. But he reasons to himself that he is naturally competitive and it just so happened that his competitor is a magical one, and with his history of being looked down before, it can’t be helped that he has this invincible fire in his heart to prove something.


“I’m heading to the dorms first.”


“But we promised to meet with Doyoung today?”


“I’ll make it up to you guys next time,” Kun ended with a tight lipped smile.

It’s already dark outside when Kun woke up from his nap after he got to his room. He checked his fridge to get something to eat then he settled at the dining table, zoning out while having his dinner.


Then there was a crash outside his room.


He slowly walked to his door and picked up the broom on his way, holding it defensively. He looked through the peephole and saw someone looking like the person he least likely would want to see.


“Winwin what the hell are you do-”


The elf suddenly fell on to him, cutting his sentence. It is only then that he noticed how the other is wearing.. not his usual outfit for sure. A white long sleeve shirt under a blue robe wrapped by a silver satin around the waist, and there’s blood on the chest part.


“What happened to you?!”


Winwin led them inside of his room and carefully closed the door instead of answering. Kun was about to protest when the younger put his pointer finger in front of his lips. He heard rushed footsteps outside followed by hushed whispers.


“We lost the prince.”


“You know we can’t go back without him, or without killing him. With what he knows now, it’s either his life or ours. Find him!”


With that, Winwin released the breath that he was holding.


“We have to get out of here.”


“Wait, we? I am not going with you. Are they talking about you? A prince? Why are you even running away and hiding? Who are those guys outside? Why do you have that cut in your chest and why are you even here?” Kun says while Winwin continues to ignore him as he goes to the window at the far end of the room and checks the outside.


Winwin opens the window and finally looks at Kun.


“Do you trust me?”




“We don’t have much time. Do you trust me?”




Both of them are shocked: Kun by his own answer, and Winwin with how the other answered without hesitance.


“I mean, since you are pressuring me and it doesn’t look like I have other options,” Kun defended when he saw Winwin’s small smile.


“I will explain to you when we get out and far from here.”


There are rushed footsteps again outside and this time, it sounds way louder than it was before. Before Kun could even notice, Winwin is holding his hand and is leading him to the window.


“Jump with me.”


Kun couldn’t even open his mouth to protest as he felt himself falling.

Slowly opening his eyes from its firmly shut state, Kun looked at the surroundings and realized they were in the forest near their academy, still holding Winwin’s hand which caused him to topple over as the younger fell down.


“Oh my god, are you still okay?”


Kun noticed how the other is struggling so much as pain colors his face.


“I’m fine. We still have to move. It will be a while before they can track me again but they will catch up at a point if we don’t go.”


“Can I have my explanation first? And can you at least let me tend to your wound, you are going to lose blood.”

“I was leaving to go back to the elf kingdom when this group of dark elves found and attacked me. I tried to get to this other elf at the dorms but I was pounced on and stabbed, and I was teleported to your room instead,” Winwin started after Kun gathered the materials for his cut and proceeded to take care of it.


“I’m sorry for bringing you into this, but I can’t leave you in your room. Not when you have my blood in you. They will know that I was just in your room and they will use you to find me, dead or alive.”


This is the first time they have talked and interacted this long and it is because they are running away from creatures that would not think twice to hurt them. Great. Kun thinks. As much as he doesn’t really want to do anything with the elf, he'd rather be with him than be in his room now where danger is for sure.


“Well, at least you have the conscience to not leave me alone. Afterall, I am your academic rival.”


“I never saw you as my rival, so it is just natural for me to help you, or anyone who could’ve been behind the door where I was teleported.”


Kun obviously froze for a while, shocked at what he just heard. He doesn’t know what to do with the information that his rival doesn’t see him the same way he does, so he paid it no mind and continued asking.


“Yeah, true. So, you are a prince then?”


“Yes. That’s also why they are extra eager to catch me. They would dare to ask anything if they have someone from the king’s family.”


Honestly, this is getting too much to handle. Fortunately, Kun finished tending the wound after a few more moments and they started to walk.


“I just sent a signal to Yangyang, the other elf I was supposed to go to since he is the fighter my parents sent with me in the human world. Hopefully, he will be able to find us first before the dark elves do.”


“Where are we going now?”


“To the gateway to our kingdom. It’s within this forest. I’ll bring you to the elf kingdom and I promise to return you to your world once sure that no harm will come after you.”


And so they started to walk in silence.

The trail leading to the gateway is like an obstacle course with the additional fact that it is night time and the moon is not in its full light. Kun kept on almost slipping and tripping but luckily, Winwin is always able to catch him. At maybe the fourth time he stumbled on a rock and almost fell, he knows both of them are really frustrated already.


He started walking again but slowly, a small blue ball of light appeared by his feet. He looked back at Winwin with wide eyes.


“The moon’s light is weak and so am I, so that’s all I can do for now. Yangyang can improve that once he’s with us.”


Right. As a light elf, Winwin can do stuff like this. And it’s not even magic, it’s just really part of what they can do.


“Thank you,” Kun timidly replied as he started to ponder on why is he so repulsive of the other in the first place.

A few more minutes and Winwin declared that they are almost there. Thank god because he can feel his legs burning already. But then the elf stopped in his tracks, trying to feel the surroundings.


“They are near us already.”


“What do we do?”


Winwin used energy construct to create a weapon for Kun and handed it to him.


“You run and follow the trail. I’ll hold them off.”


“Are you crazy? You are the prince here who is not supposed to be caught but you want to be the one to hold them off? Without a weapon?”


“I fight better with my hands.”


“And get stabbed again?”


As the other turned silent, Kun used the opportunity to drag the other to walk the trail with him. They walked faster and faster until a creature blocked their path. A dark elf. Kun released his hold on Winwin’s hand to grasp the sword tightly and swung it to attack which was immediately dodged by the opponent. He charged forward and continued to strike. It feels just like in defense class, but with much more nervousness and is much more real. He tried to apply the techniques he learned and almost screamed in glee as he landed his sword to the dark elf’s legs, immobilizing it. He looked around and saw Winwin fighting one, with two more running towards them. Kun immediately went to help fend off the one against Winwin and they started to run again. But of course he has to trip at a crucial moment bringing down the prince with him. The dark elves were quick to catch up and are now looking down on them but they were caught by surprise when one of them suddenly fell to the ground, an arrow shot right through his head. The remaining elf screeched in anger and posed to strike his weapon, which Kun had blocked successfully. Another arrow was shot and killed the last dark elf.




A light elf holding a bow approached them and Kun thinks he might have actually seen him at the academy grounds. He walked closer and stopped in front of them.


“I didn’t know you brought your-”


“Kun, this is Yangyang,” Winwin introduced, cutting Yangyang off.


“Hello! I’m Yangyang and I have a lot to tell you but first, we should get to the gateway, then to the palace.”

They arrived at the palace without any more difficulties and they were promptly brought to the healers. However, Winwin is adamant to talk to the king first before anything else. And that’s how Kun was left with Yangyang.


“Hey I’m curious,” Yangyang told him after the healer left.


“About what?”


“Why are you with Winwin?”


“Well, he told me he was supposed to go to you, but then he was attacked and teleported in front of my room instead,” Kun said which made Yangyang suppress a laugh.


“What’s funny?”


“Do you know that when elves get distracted before teleporting, they end up at the place where the last person they were thinking about is?”


“Wouldn’t that be you?”


“Nope. We can teleport by thinking only of the place where we want to be. So if he wants to go to my room, then he can just think about my room.”


“Oh. Okay.”


“That’s your reaction?”




Maybe he is still in shock or something. But oh dear, these two still have a long way to go.