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Kun nearly drops his phone when he answers the call. 

“Too loud!” He yells at the speaker, holding the phone an arm’s length away. “Stop screaming and use words!”

More screaming ensues. Kun leaves his phone on the berry shelf for now, going through the pantry for ingredients. When he returns, the screams have stopped but Chenle is as loud as ever.

“Can you believe it Kun?! Can you?!” Chenle laughs. “I’ve graduated! I’ve got my diploma!”

Kun smiles warmly. “Congratulations on becoming a full fledged mage, Chenle.”

“I can come work at WayV all the time now!”

“Wait, what?”



Ten hums as he mulls over the requirements for his latest commission. A tracking charm, one he’ll have to work on with Hendery.

“What is it?” Yuta asks. “Will it be difficult to make?”

“Hmm, no.” Ten answers. “Just that it’ll take a long time to work on. Maybe a year, even.”

Yuta visibly winces. “I don’t know if I could wait that long…”

“If you need one ASAP,” Ten says, tapping his pen on his sketchbook, “You could try asking Xiaojun.”

Yuta perks up, “You mean the pretty boy who can see souls?”

Ten smiles, mischievous. “The same one.”



The attic rumbles, like it’s amused. Jaehyun looks up at it warily.

“Bella must be doing something funny right now.” Winwin says, looking out the window. “Looks like it’s about to storm.”

The sun is shining; there’s not a cloud in the sky outside.

Jaehyun looks back at Winwin. “Storm?”

“Up in the mountains.” Winwin elaborates, eyes glassy; like frost in the winter. “Chenle’s bringing a new friend here soon.” Then tilts his head. “Something will happen to Yuta.”

Jaehyun frowns. “Good or bad?”

Winwin blinks three times before his eyes clear, his vision over.

“We’ll know in due time.”



“Bella!” Xiaojun yells.

The hellhound-beagle barks before scurrying away. Xiaojun groans.

He hears a tinkle of laughter. Xiaojun groans again. “Not helping!”

The laughter tinkles harder.

Xiaojun rounds around the corner of a shelf, careful not to slam into it. Last time one fell, Kun made Yangyang clean up the entire aisle himself.

“Bella!” Xiaojun grouses.

Said hellhound yips; tail wagging, hind shaking, hackles raised… as if she’s about to…

“No! Bella, no!”

She leaps forward before she morphs into her true form… and pounces on Xiaojun.

Xiaojun falls backwards, the demon dog licking him enthusiastically. Still, he laughs.

In a whisper, he hears: good girl, Bella.



Hendery's eyes light up like a will-o'-wisp floating in the dark.

"You found it!" He exclaims, holding his hands out, ready to receive his present.

Johnny smiles. "One diamond tear from a drake. Just as you requested."

He drops the leather bag containing said stone into Hendery's awaiting palms.

"Thank you! I swear to you Johnny, this ring will be one of the best items you'll ever need." The craftsman says as he turns away, already hurrying back into his workshop.

Johnny laughs and follows after him. 

"If it's yours?" He hears Johnny say, "It'll always be the best."



Baobei: Barf

Eyesmile: You okay?

Baobei: Unicorn poop

Sunshine: barf

Baobei: Barf

Tsundere: Jeno where are you?

QQ: Hey Yangyang! The quills have been delivered! 

Eyesmile: Otw! Meet you at the fountain?

Sunshine: Last drop done Yangs, clocking off now *finger guns

Tsundere: Here

QQ: Is Yuta still there?

Baobei: What does Kun even need unicorn poop for?

Eyesmile: Me and Jaemin are going back now

Tsundere: @QQ he was talking to Ten but think he's left

Eyesmile: think it's just a really good fertiliser

QQ: Okay! Going home too o/

Baobei: Gross, I'm going home to shower now

Yangyang: Safe trip home guys

Yangyang: Love you all 

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