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Gimli Takes a Whack

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Things looked extremely rocky for the Mirkwood Elf that day
The score stood two to four with but a few orcs left to slay
So when Lugblat fell by Gimli’s hand, and Shazbût did the same,
A pallor wreathed the features of the inventor of the game

Some straggling orcs were shot clean through, but Gimli axed the rest,
And Legolas, unflagging, felt just a bit depressed
Thought he: “If only Gimli would run instead of hack,
I could kill more and up my score when Uruks next attack.”

He soon spent all his arrows (it was his life at stake)
And had to use his knife which was as useful as a rake
When Gimli leapt from off the wall, and into the mêlée,
‘Twas even more depressing on this quite depressing day

And yet Gimli then disappeared, to Legolas’ surprise
It was quite hard to see him, even with his Elvish eyes
He gleaned some arrows from dead Uruks lying by his knee
And shot the ones by Gimli - twenty-two and twenty-three

Then from the angry Uruks, there rose a raging yell,
Like the Black Speech that Gandalf had spoke in Rivendell
The angry orcs upon the hill redoubled their attack,
There were more Uruks there than even nine Dwarf-lords could hack

There was ease in Lego’s manner as he raised his Elven bow
He scowled as he loosed it and he laid the Uruks low
Around Gimli dead Uruk-hai were piled in a stack
As Legolas above him shot an arrow with a thwack!

Ten thousand orcs besieged him as he fought upon the wall
Five thousand more were waiting should the other Uruks fall
Then Gimli in the midst of them let loose a fierce attack
While by Legolas the wall began to give a hideous crack

From the hillside, black with Uruks, there went up an awful roar
And by the lightning’s flashing there were seen Uruks galore
“Kill them! Kill the strawheads!” yelled the Uruks on the land
And it’s likely they’d have killed them had not Rohan took a stand

With their swords, all the Rohirrim fought the advancing waves
As Gimli tried to make his way into the Glittering Caves
The Elf drew back his bowstring and once more an arrow flew
But Gimli still was winning – the Dwarf had forty-two

“Arr!” howled the maddened Uruks, and the echo answered “Arr!”
All of this and more the Uruks shouted from afar
And with their Orthanc-fire, they split the wall in two
But the tide was quickly turning; this was not a big snafu

Legolas now glares in rage, he wants the Uruks dead
And Gimli in the Caves has taken a wound to the head
And now the Elven warrior has loosed his last arrow
And now Dwarf’s axe is notchéd by the force of Gimli’s blow

Ai, somewhere deep in Wilderland the sun is shining bright
And somewhere near to Gondor the beacons are alight
But in war-weary Rohan, ‘tis interesting to see
The score is: Lego forty-two, and Gimli forty-three